April 1,2,3,4


Saw a newsreel in SS. Went to orch stra. No longer desk 5, #10, but desk 4 #8. We’re going to start testing first violins soon.

I slipped on the rug and my sore which I got Saturday started to bleed. Puss is coming out too.

Mommy & Daddy, Nattie and I voted today. We all voted for no on millage & bonds, & I think we all voted yes on New Constitution.


Bonds & Millage was voted no. The new constitution is yes. Just as I said.

Went to Catechism. Aunt Marie & Uncle Franz came over, so I took Teddy for a walk. While I was I six  mile I saw Dennis P. & a friend of his. Some teen-agers in a 62 or 63 chevy whistle at me trying to get my attention.

I think Lenard Miller is a very nasty boy. vice-versa.


Yesterday a man from Det. Edison came to Science. Talked about the power plant.

Section 18 went on a trip so we took their place. Our classes in the morning were Homemaking, Homemaking, Gym, Lib. I have almost all my pattern pieces cut out. Did 5’3” in Standing Broad Jump. Today we had our last Math Class. I got a certificate. Mr. Stevens, the teacher, his wife is going to have a baby some time this week.


Went to the Detroit Edison Power Plant in Delray, on the Detroit River. It was so noisy, you couldn’t hear the person next to you unless he or she shouted. Our class wass split up into four or five groups. I was in a group with: Bonnie Hartlee, Lenard Miller, David Miller, Ronald Meyer and Mrs. Meyer. We got stuck with a fat guide. Bonnie and I were hoping for the cute one.



February 19, 20 & 21 Boys Like Girls?


Today in Sci., Lenard was trying to lift up my dress with his foot. He wouldn’t stop it, so I started hitting him with my fists. He quit. After he slamed the table on Patrice’s fingers. She said it hurt.

I’m in the Glee Club. I just found out today. Mommy says I can’t go. In a way I don’t want to go.

I said the second article in Catechism.


Lenard & I were fighting as usual. I’ve got one bruise feom yesterday, and one from today.

I saw Vaughn in Gym. He’s on my volleyball team.

Went to Modern Math.

O, Lenard started to call me Elsie. So, I’m going to call him Leonardo. He said his middle name is Eurnust. I’m going to call him Eurnusteen.



Lenard & I fought as usual. He’s calling me Oga. I just ignore him..

I said the second article Tuesday, and the third article today.

I got a new bridge on my violin yesterday.

In library, at school I am reading “Black Forest Summer”, by Mabel Ester Allan. At home Im reading “Betsy Napoleon” by Eaton.


February 17 & 18

Feb 17th

Mommy’s making me go to Dillners. I don’t want to go. I also have homework. At Dillners , Karen and I were talking about some very nasty things. We ate dinner in the basement cause there were so many people. Karen and I sat on the couch. Mommy gave us some balls to sit on cause we were so low. Karen was rolling off hers. Bernard didn’t give me any trouble.


Feb 18th

Nothing real good happened. I got 75% in Arithmetic. Mr. Langer said that wasn’t good! In Music I noticed Lenard looking at me. When I was going to orchestra, some teenagers in a car went right thru a puddle and got me wet on my right side. I had water all over my violin case, some on me.
Lynn D. and I aren’t friendly. I am reading “Black Forest Summer”.