Foreign Exchange Student Visits

5          We went to pick up Kerstin Jonson or Katie today, at the Community house in Rosdale. She is from Sweden. Shes 18 has 2 brothers 23 Bjorn and 17. Her father is a import export man. She smokes about 4 between the hours of 7 and 9:30

8         Yesterday, July 7, when we were at Aunt Marie’s I drank some whiskey that Uncle Franz gave me. Daddy told me not to drink any!
I played with Ronnie Kathy and all the other kids at Dials. Ronnie climbed the place where we burn our trash and it caved in. I told him not to step there. We quickly built it up before anyone saw us.

9          Yesterday I finished reading The Dark Frigate. Yesterday I & Ronnie was shooting caps. We light matches to them, pounded rocks on them. I had 20 rolls 2 packs.
I started reading The Mutineers also by Hawes. Played Monopoly with Karen and Ronnie. I and Dillnars are going cherry picking

6          Today we went to Green Field Vilage and Henry Ford Museum, with Katie. It was fun. We left at 8:15 a.m. Ate lunch at the garden terrce. I had a beefburger potatoe salad blueberry’s , and cherry pie. We met four other german students Hardy, Luise and Arnold. One was from Austria Ilona. I liked Arnold. About 6’ and real good looking We left about 2:00. I/we don’t like Katie to much. She treats her self to everything is sloppy leaves Beany’s room so messy. Bah!

7          Mommy and Daddy drove Katie, at 8:00, the the bus.
At about 3:00 we the family. Went to a party at Aunt Maries. Elenor’s  baby was baptized We gave Leesie a fork and knife and spoon

Sweden? That’s Cool, Isn’t It…

Malmö den 8/5-63

Dear Ilona,
Thanks very much for the letter. It’s time to have a girl as a pen-pal. I have only got letters from boys.
I am in public school of the 7th grade. Schooltime from 8AM to 3PM except Fridays when we exercise cooking at the school. Do you take cooking lessons? I study Swedish, English, German and could have chosen French but I decided to wait. We even take a lot of general lessons as History, Geography, Mats and so on. Our gym lessons do we mostly spend in the swimming-pool, we even practice soccer. In about fourteen days we will go to Norway and stay there eight days It will be a kind of camp-school.
Have a brother with the name Johan and a nine years old sister with the name Marina. My father is at sea as a radioperator on the passenger ship “KUNGSHOLM.”
I send here a few Swedish stamps to you will you please send a few American stamps to me? Which countries do you collect? I have to say good-bye for now. Have so many other letters to replay.
Your friend
Björn Herder
PS Write soon DS.

May 1-4 Pen Pal -Sweden Discovered

1st Beany takes the Christian Science Monitor for school. In it I found a 14 year old boy who lives in Malmo Sweden who wants a pen pal. Sounds interesting.

2nd I left for school at 8:15. Today is the day College Prep goes to Northville State Hospital. It was worth missing half a day of school. We got back at 12:30. Ate lunch, then Patrice and I took Playroom duty, then went for our violin lesson I wore my easter suit and nylons.

Finished Minnetonka Summer.

3rd In homemaking I sewed my first pocket on. Now I have the other pocket to do. It was almost perfect.

Mommy made Beany a wraparound skirt. I liked it, so Mommy is going to make me one of blue material, and a blue and white checked blouse.

4th Hauptmann’s had to go to a wedding, and couldn’t take Monica. So, they bought Monica over here. I baby-sitted her. I went to the mail box with her to mail my letter to Björn. Later we went down to the river to pick violets. Mr. Hauptmann gave me a dollar for baby-sitting her.

I went to the library. Now I’m reading Girls, girls, by Ferris.