New Friend from Indonesia Likes Volley-ball

Fr: Letsy Mantiri
Djl: Amana grappI Mahassar (Sulawesi) Indonesia
Mohassar, Januari 8th 1965
Dear friend Ilona Klemm
You are surprised when you received a letter from somebody you don’t know before.
That’s why as for me also will be much surprise too, when I get more friends to correspondence. That’s the reason when you receive my letter because I like to get many friends.
Also with foreigners. Also as you know I have many friends In Indonesia t whom I make acquaintance, so we write together and told about the situation of each other.
May I have the pleasure to introduce my self.
My name is “LETSY MANTIRI” and are now at the first class S.M.A. of the Sister school of “RADJAWALI”.
So let me have an answer if you will make communication with me so I may my letter mot solong because that’s only our first introduction.

Fr: Letsy Mantiri
Djl: Amana grappI Mahassar (Sulawesi) Indonesia
Mohassar, Maart 17, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Thank you for your letter of the 17th of February I was very much obliged for it. Write now about your questions. I have 2 younger brother and 1 younger sister. The one is 15 years old and the other is 10- years.
My younger sister is 13 years olf their name are Henry, Tonny and Meike. You asked me about my hobbies My hobbies is: playing Volley-ball and Tennis. But Ilike more to play Volley-ball. I like to write you more about this game in my next letter, do you?
And don’t forget I am also found of correspondence. You asked me about stamps. I also collect stamps and for your information We collect stamps from all the world.
I also would love to exchange stamps with you; and with this opportunity I encloseded some of Indonesia stamps. Of course I like picture of Detroit, because I haven’t seen this place. And I make my apoligice when I write you in next letter with in a postcard of Indonesia. You asked also about my English, where I learned it. I thinkg my English is not so good as yours. I am very much oliged for this attention.
Our classes in school are Indonesian-English and German. You asked about other penpals if I have. I have many of them in Japan, German, Canada, U.S.A., Indonesia, Rusia/U.S.S.R, Argentine.
If I like to read you asked, of course, so you see I can write something, by reading much.
I like hot music: My sport is Volley-ball and Tennis. I finish my letter and I hope soon to hear from you.
Love to your family and you, Good Bye!!! Letsy Mantiri