Nov 20 – 22 Pen Friends and Kennedy Died

Nov 20 We have a cat. Having trouble with Biddle and Juilians. So far it seems to be ours. It gets along with Teddy just fine.

Nov 21 7 pen-pals –
Canada – Joy Hopkins
England – Jenny Dean
Poland – Anna Ur.
Nigeria – ??(Not sure)
Aus – Linda Stevens
South Dakota – Jean Brandt, Nancy Brown
Indonesia – Ay hi —-

Nov 22 The President, John Fritzgerld Kennedy died. He was shot in the head and someplace else. (See Scrapbook)
I was in Math when it was announced on the P.A. Many girls were crying. It was in gym that they said he was dead. I just can’t believe it. It seems like a dream; not true. Mommy cried, or almost did. I didn’t cry cause it didn’t seem true.

Australia and South Dakota – new Pen Friends

Beverley Hall,
Elizabeth Bay Crescent,
Elizabeth Bay N.S.W.
Aug. 7, 1963

Dear Ilona,
In reading the Christian Science Monitor, I saw you letter in the Mail Bag, and decided that I might like to write to someone in the U.S. of my own age. I am a 13 year old Australian girl who is 5’2”, has brown hair, blue eues & has not weighed herself for ages but is about 90lbs.
Like you, I am in my 2nd year of high school (I hope I am right in assuming that you are) and like school (believe it or not) – do you?
I was born on May 1, 1950 in Brisbane Aust., but moved to Sydney some 3 years later. However we went back (to Brisbane) a year later, but owing to business reasons only stayed a year & have been in Sydney ever since.
I went to a state school in 1956 & in 1957 went to S.C.C. G. G.S. (Sydney Church of England Girls Grammar School). & haveremained there since. It is known as a Church school like so many here in Sydney & all over Australia. Elizabeth Bay is a suburb of Sydney which as you can see is on the water front.
Enough about me! How old are you & where abouts do you live (if you get what I mean) etc. etc. Well, if you can tell me all about yourself & environment I shall be most satisfied.
I suupose I written enough & had better let up to let you have a chance to say something. Okay. Hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Truly
Linda Stephens
P.O. Please send a photo Linda.


Aug 14, 1963
Twin Brooks, So. Dak.

Dear Ilona,
I got your name out of the Christian Science Monitor
I live on a small farm.  We raise cow, chickens, pigs. We have four dogs three cats. I like dogs, cats and horses. I have a calf of my own. I have a pen pay in California. The color of my hair is light brown my eyes are light brown.
I took piano lesions for six months I like some sports. I like bike hikes. I take it you live in a town or city.
I like to sew clothes I blong to two 4-H Clubs I am 12 years old. I have a brother 16 teen His name is David.
Hope to hear from you soon.
P.S.   I like cooking too.


2505 -27 St.
Vernon, B.C.
Aug. 10

Dear Ilona,
I am fourteen years old and would very much like to correspond with you.
My interests are very similar to your. I love music. Listening to popular records, dancing of all kinds, singing, and the high school band.
I baby-sit and adore little kids and babies.
I like “Hollywood” stuff. My favorite actor is Richard chamberlain (Dr. Kildare), actress: Hayley Mills. Who are yours?
I love writing letters and collect almost anything. E.g. – stamps, picture postcards, serviettes, etc.
I will be in grade 9 this fall and attend Vernon Secondary School. It is about a mile from my place.
I have light brown hair, blue eyes; am 5’31/2” tall and weigh 102 lbs.
I like travelling, too. I have been to Alberta, Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho.
I also love animals. I have a dog – white toy Pomeranian, and a car – tabby. Dog – 41/2 lbs., cat- 12 lbs! Do you have pets?
My favorite subjects at school are: band, art, English, & French. I detest Math. & Health!
Please tell me all about you. I would like to become good friends with you, through our letters.
Yours sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                           Joy Hopkins

Warsaw Introduction

Warsaw, August 11. 1963r.

Dear Ilona,
My daddy has read in “the Christian Science Monitor” that You would like to have a pen pal anywhere in the world.
I would like also to write-to any girl abroad and I am very iglag to find Your advertisement.
I am Pole, my name is Ania Urbanowicz, I am eleven years old, and I live with my parents in Warsaw – the Polish capital.
I should like tp present my country to You it is very old In these times we Celebrate thousandth anniversary of our country.
In Warsaw they are many beautiful relics and monuments. One of the most beautiful is a palace named “Lazienki”. It was our last King August Poniatowski summer residence. In other part of our city is other palace “Wilanowski”. It was built by our Kind Jan Sobieski, who conquered in ancient times Turkish army in Vienna.
I will send You post cards with photos of these two palaces and a few cards with drawings of our national dances.
Please write to me about Your Contry and about City in which You live.

Yours very truly.


More News from Tawas – School‘s Out

Tawas City, Mich

June 5, 1963
Dear Ilona,
I’m so very sorry I didn’t write sooner. I’m just so very busy.
We get out of school Friday June 7. When do you get out. We are having half days now till Friday.
The weather is really nice up here now It’s supposed to get up to 92 today.
We can go swimming in about a week, if the lake warms up. Lots of people have been swimming though.
Does Tina Brandt still go to Houghton? If she does tell her “hi” for me.
I’m a Girl Scout now, and we are going on an overnight at Silver Valley on the last day of school. We sure are going to have fun. Well I have to go now.
Love, Cindy
P.S. I miss you so write soon! (even if I don’t)


June 20, 1963
Dear Ilona,
No, I didn’t hear about the milage. Does it go on in all Detroit schools?
The night before last we (my girl friends and I) slept in a tent. We got up about 5 o’clock in the morning.
The weather is odd here now. Yesterday it was pretty hot, and today it’s cold. Also we had tornado warrening yesterday.
No, I don’t have any pen pals. Where do you find out their addresses? If you could would you just send me the name and address of a girl, about 12, from another country?
Do you still have your dog?
Ask Lynn if received my letter.

Yours truly,
Cindy Hemphill

P.S. Don’t forget to send me one of your pictures when they’re taken.
P.S.S. I miss you.

Sweden? That’s Cool, Isn’t It…

Malmö den 8/5-63

Dear Ilona,
Thanks very much for the letter. It’s time to have a girl as a pen-pal. I have only got letters from boys.
I am in public school of the 7th grade. Schooltime from 8AM to 3PM except Fridays when we exercise cooking at the school. Do you take cooking lessons? I study Swedish, English, German and could have chosen French but I decided to wait. We even take a lot of general lessons as History, Geography, Mats and so on. Our gym lessons do we mostly spend in the swimming-pool, we even practice soccer. In about fourteen days we will go to Norway and stay there eight days It will be a kind of camp-school.
Have a brother with the name Johan and a nine years old sister with the name Marina. My father is at sea as a radioperator on the passenger ship “KUNGSHOLM.”
I send here a few Swedish stamps to you will you please send a few American stamps to me? Which countries do you collect? I have to say good-bye for now. Have so many other letters to replay.
Your friend
Björn Herder
PS Write soon DS.

You Have Mail – Pen Pal from Poland!

Anna Urbanowicz
Ul. Swierczewskiego 64 m 102.
PolandDecember 19, 1963

Dear Ilona,

Thank You very much for Your letter and beautiful postcards. They enjoyed me and I am glad, that we may write one to another.

In this month (January) you are your birthday and of cause I wish You many happy returns of the day, good luck and (god) good health. With this letter I send You a little keepsake It is a little wooden doll in our national dress and Polish chocolate to taste.

About two month ago I have receive from my friend-girl a little white mouse. Her name is “Gryzunia”. (that means “to bite” or “to gnaw”) She is very funny. When she is anger she hits with her tail on floor and when she is excited than her tail stays straight or whole length. She gnaw all on her way. You asme when is my birthday. I was born on January 4, that is, on the same month as you. I was in all those places which are on the postcards that you got from me.

On the end of my letter I will tell you about the death of Your President Mr. Kennedy. The people of Poland was very sad and desperate. In Warsaw, in our cathedral church there was a mass for his soul. There were a great crowds before the church, because there was no place within. It is a damage that such a great man is dead

That’s all
Yours very truly

PS. Kind regards to Your parents and sister.


May 1-4 Pen Pal -Sweden Discovered

1st Beany takes the Christian Science Monitor for school. In it I found a 14 year old boy who lives in Malmo Sweden who wants a pen pal. Sounds interesting.

2nd I left for school at 8:15. Today is the day College Prep goes to Northville State Hospital. It was worth missing half a day of school. We got back at 12:30. Ate lunch, then Patrice and I took Playroom duty, then went for our violin lesson I wore my easter suit and nylons.

Finished Minnetonka Summer.

3rd In homemaking I sewed my first pocket on. Now I have the other pocket to do. It was almost perfect.

Mommy made Beany a wraparound skirt. I liked it, so Mommy is going to make me one of blue material, and a blue and white checked blouse.

4th Hauptmann’s had to go to a wedding, and couldn’t take Monica. So, they bought Monica over here. I baby-sitted her. I went to the mail box with her to mail my letter to Björn. Later we went down to the river to pick violets. Mr. Hauptmann gave me a dollar for baby-sitting her.

I went to the library. Now I’m reading Girls, girls, by Ferris.