At Least Nigeria Writes Brief Letters (compared to Australia girl)

T.A.B. Owoyele 2, Inasa court, Lagos, Nigeria
February 1965
Dearest Ilona
Don’t think that am a poor or lazzy Pen-Pal I have no time to write to you because I went to Ibadan to visit my brother, and I think that you school is going on well and you are in good condition & health as am here today.
Ilona if I want to by good and lastable camera from your country how much it will cost me.
Please don’t forget to send me one of your picture and send me more pen-pal I will sent my picture as quickly as possible.
Please don’t forget me about the book. Wish I told.
Thank you
TAB Owoyele

Sometime in 1965
Tajudeen Owoyee,2, Inasa court, Lagos, Nigeria
Dearest Ilona,
Don’t think that am a poor pen-pal, the reason why you don’t see my letter is that, I went to IBADAN to take Examination of Trade Centre because I want to go to Secondary School. Please don’t forget about that Camera which I ask you to find out for me, and me more about your Country. The music that I like best is Twist record. I am very happy to tell you that I want to celebrate my birthday Ceremony wich is on 8th of December.
I stop here – you faithfully


Different Cultures – Understanding Indonesia and Nigeria

Idjen 45 – Phone 4544
MALANG (Indonesia)
Malang, April 22, 1964
My dear Ilona,
How glad to received your first letter, and honestly you are the first pen pal of mine. I live in Malang of East Java, it is a mountain 444 meters high about the level of the sea. Malang is a small town but we can get everything we wanted, such as schools, movies, swimming pools, shops and sightseeing places and the climate is always cool.
I have 3 small sister named Fei Ling, Siu Ling and Han Ling, they are 8, 6 years and 3 month old, and don’t forget my lovely dog, named Lessie with white fur.
I send 2 photos to you which I hope to get your family photos later on. I collect many stamps especially overseas stamp all over the world. Don’t you like stamps?
My father have a modern home-furniture industry. Which he draw and produce it in the town, sometime I shall send you some lovely photos of it kind. Now, Ilona, my name is AyLing not ay Hing as what you write on your first letter, please remind it. Thanks to you for your kindness and greeting to your sister and parents.
Sincerely yours
Go Ay Ling

T.A.B. Owoyele, 2, Inasa court, Lagos, Nigeria
September 1964
Dearest Ilona
I am very suprice when I saw your letter on Monday, and I had in the letter that you have wrote it since APRIL 18th 1964.
Please don’t think that am a poor or lazzy pen-pal I don’t know that you wrote a letter to me. I have passed out my first school leving Certificate in 1963. But know I am Eletrical, so if you have any book in Eletricen please sen it to me. Know I am 15 year old. The meaning of T.A.B. is TAJUDEEN ALANI BHBATUNDE My father had died but my grandfather is a DROMER.
Please if you have more pen-pal send it to me
Thank your faithfully TAB Owoyele


Indonesia and Nigeria – English is not their First Language

Miss: Go Ay hing
Djl Idjen 4
Malang Indonesia
Dear Ilona,
Some days ago I got your address from my cousin.
She says that you are looking for a pen friend and I will be glad to write you.
My name is Ay Ling I am ten years old and I am in the fifth class of the elementary school of the sisters I am a girl.
My hobbies are drawing, collecting stamps, souvenirs and pictures
I like christmas cards and pictures Jesus and Mary
Where do you go to school? In which class are you?
Where do you live in big or small town?How many season has your town? I live in Malanga cold town in eastern Java.
We have two seasons a day and a rainy season
Now we are in the rainy seasons.
How many sisters are you? And
How many brother are you?
I have three sisters Her name is Elfe, Sive hing, Han hing
I think I have written enough.
Will you write me soon?
Ay hing

T.A.B. Owoyele
2, Inasa court
Lagos, Nigeria
April 1964
Dearest Ilona,
I am very surprised when I see your letter and the greatting card which you put in the letter, and I got it on the 5th of april 1964 and as soon I got the letter and —? To post office to buy Airmail to reply it. I hope that you are in good condition of health. Hope your work is going on well
Please when you want to reply this letter send me some name of yor friend and your picture as quickly as possible.
Tank You
I am you faithfully


Oh no! A Nigerian Letter!

T.A.B. Owoyehl 2, Inasa court Lagos, Nigeria
Nov. 1963
Dear Sir
I got your name and address from one of my borther and I will very happy if you can take me as your penpal.
I will very happy if you can tell me more about you and your hobbies. My own hobbies is table tennis. Please if you want to reply this letter send me more penpal which I can give to my friend
I am 16 years old and I attended Tama-at-ut-Ulango School Lagos the muslin school at 41/29 Patey Street
I will be glad you can reply this letter as quickly as possible
Thank his your Faithfully Owoyehl