New Brunswick – English & French

74 Derby Street, Moncton, N.B.
Oct. 1965
Dear Ilona,
Hi! Sorry I took so long to write but I have been this busy. Each night we have piles of homework. Tonight however, I am baby-sitting & all my homework is done.
I like a guy whose name is Bernie Hebert. He is French. He is really sweet. He has brown hair (Beatle cut) and blue eyes, stands about 5’8”. Not too tall not too short. I have gone out with him practically all summer. Now I go to the dances with him (sometimes) on Fridays at Vanier High School. It is a French school. We have a real ball there. My cousin goes also, with Reggie, the guy she went out with when I went out with Bernie. He is a very good friend of Bernie. He too is French. We have so far had a blast with them. Reggie worked, in the summer, at a place where they sell cars, so he had all different kinds of cars each night & my cousin & I went out with them, in the cars. Ever fun. On Saturday nights we sometimes go to the Assumption Youth Centre, a Catholic centre & dance to the music of the Customs, a very good band. My sister goes out with the drummer, Roger LeBlanc. Am I giving the impression that I am French and Catholic? Well, I’m not. I am English & Protestant but I like to go out with French, Catholic boys as well as English boys.
At Queen Elizabeth School, I am Secretary of the Student Council. Man, what a lot of writing. As you probably know, we, the Secretaries, have to write down all that goes on at the meetings. I met some nice kids through it, though I am also on our school volley-ball team. I just love it. We played three games last week and won two. The scores were 15-8 when we lost and 15-5 and 15-1 when we won. It really keeps you moving. This Saturday, the 23rd we are going to another city to play. Boy, we’ll it ever be fun.
Finally, I have, well almost, a picture of myself. It is still on the film, not yet developed, but when it is I will send you a pic of myself, but please, when you see it, promise you won’t stop writing, O.K.!??
I heard a real cute joke. Here goes

  1. What did the dog say when he sat on the sandpaper?
  2. Gr-r-ruff!

Got it? Hope so O.K.? O.K.!
Well. I have run out of things to say so before I bore you to death I had better sign off.
Bye, Write soon.
P.S. Send me a picture of yourself
P.S.S. As I don’t have your letter here with me I cannot answer any questions you asked in your letter so in the next letter, I will try to answer them.

74 Derby Street, Moncton, N.B.
Dear Ilona,
Hi! Well I finally have a few minutes to spare to write to you. I was busy studying for exams and doing numerous other things so I couldn’t write but now it is 10:15 P.M. and I have just come home from a get-to-gether at my uncle’s & aunts home. I am the only one here; the others are staying for a while longer.
Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Thanks for the card. It was sweet of you. How did “Santa” treat you? He was very good to me. I got many cloths, some jewellery & a ring from the guy I am going out with Bernie Bourque. Bernie Hibert & I broke up just before the exams started & so his friend, Bernie Bourque, asked me out & I have been going out with him since. He is also like Bernie H., very nice. My cousin is still going out with Reg.
Speaking of my cousin, Today she & her mother, left for Montreal at 5.30P.M. She has to go there for an operation on her jaw. Last summer while she was riding a horse, some boy were teasing it & it reared & she fell off, damaging a bone in her jaw. She has had different treatments for it but they have not done any good, so she is to have an operation. She was always fainting because it pained her so. She was hardly able to open her mouth for the same reason. She will be gone for two or more weeks. Man! She just left a few hours ago & I miss her already.
When is your birthday? Is it in November? I am mixed up! Please set me straight.
Have you got the L.P. by the Beatles? “Rubber Sole”? I am going to get it soon.
Well, I have run out of things to write so I had better go.
Bye. Write Soon (as if I do).
Your penfriend, Wendy
P.S. I haven’t got a descent pic of myself but I’ll send one when I do.

Lots of Fun in New Brunswick

Miss W. Stallybrass, 74 Derby Street, Moncton, N.B.
April 22, 1965
Dear Ilona
Hi! I received your name from my friend’s penpal. My name is Wendy Stallygrass. I am fourteen with blond hair and green eyes. I am 5’2”. I go to Queen Elizabeth School and I am in the grade eight. My home room teacher is Mr. Whiteley. I have one sister, Pauline. She has long brown hair and blue eyes.
My last name is German. In English it means Armstrong. However my parents are English. My father’s grandfather was German.
How old are you? Please, in you letter give me some information about yourself.
Well. I must go. Please write back. I will be glad to have you as a penpal.
Your penfriend
Wendy S.

74 Derby Street, Moncton, N.B.
May 11, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Hi! Nice to hear from ya. Sorry I didn’t write sooner but I had no stamps. First, I shall answer your questions.
Yes, I like you have a few other penpals. My birthday is March 14. I am in 8D at Queen Elizabeth School. As of yet I have not thought much about my future. I want to be either a nurse or a stenographer. What course are you taking? My sister takes Commercial as she wants to be a stenographer.
I am not sure of the part of Germany my dad’s grandfather is form ‘cause ya see, my mom & dad have been separated since before I was born. My dad’s mother is Danish so I am a very mixed breed. My mom is English. (From London, England). My dad is part German & Danish so I really am a mixed up kid aren’t I?
As for T.V. I like Frank’s Bandstand, Patty Duke, Bonanza & Ed Sullivan (sometimes). I think Bewitched & Petticoat Junction are nice also. A for actors & actresses I like Elvis & Cliff R. as weel as Annette & Frankie A & Haley Mills. I enjoy all English groups as wel as American or Canadian one. I really have no favourite singers. I like them all as I have quite a few of different singers’ records.
Well, I like to ride, read & play badminton (on Tuesday’s) We have one dog, Mr. Smith (dig name). He is 9 years old. Cocker Spaniel. We also have 3 budgies (I’m not sure of spelling) they are Timmy, Mike & Joe. We also have fish Tropical ones. We have about 1 or 2 hundred. Mom keeps children from the Welfare. We usually have four children but now we only have 3. Kim, 2 years; Bobbie (Roberts) 3 months & Shelley 2 months. We keep them until they are adopted. We’ve had Kim since she was 10 months. We have a baby, Doug, 6 months, but he is a private case, which means we only keep him form 8 am to 5 pm. We are keeping him for 3 weeks ‘til his grandparents come back from a trip. His mother works.
I have only been to N.Y., N.J. & Mass. In the U.S. I (we) went to Niagara Falls last summer. Boy, what a view, eh! It really is beautiful.
The top song in Moncton, I am not sure of, but the one in Fredericton is Ticket To Ride by the Beatles. No. 2 is Count Me In by Gary Lewis. I have both these records as well as Mrs Brown’s Daughter mot to mention the others.
Well, I have to depart & do my homework. Ug! Well ‘bye. Write soon. Etc. etc.
P.S. Know any good jokes? Here’s a couple of rib ticklers:

  1. What is grey, has nig ears and a trunk. Elephant? No. A mouse going on vacation.
  2. There was girl whose name was Virginia so they called her Virgin for short but not for long. Get it? Hope so

Au revior

74 Derby Street, Moncton, N.B.
July 31, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Hi! I am very sorry I didn’t write sooner but when I got your letter, I was writing exams & as soon as school stopped, our family went for a 2 & ½ week holiday at Prince Edward Island. It was our sixth time going. I hope you will forgive me.
I had a wonderful time there. I met lots of people. (Boys). I was out with 4 different guys. Not bad for me. We did lots of things like horseback riding, swimming, skimming, dancing, driving in cars, & having parties. It was a ball & I hated to leave.
Around here (Moncton) there is not that much to do. On Tuesdays & Fridays we go to a dance, sometimes we ride on Honda’s or just walk around. We meet different people almost every day. What I just told you is what we do at night. In the morning we help around here & in the afternoon we mostly go swimming at an outdoor swimming pool. Boring eh? Well it is something to do
While we were camping we met some boys who said they were going to come over some weekend. We didn’t think they would but laxt weekend one boy came over & this weekend 3 came over. Oh boy are we ever going to have fun.
I have misplaced your last letter & therefore I cannot answer your questions but I will look for it & answer them in my next letter.
Well I must go. I have nothing interesting to say.
Bye for now,
Your penpal,

74 Derby Street, Moncton, N.B.
Sept 12/65
Dear Ilona,
Hi! How is ya? Gr-r-r-eat I hope. Well how is school? Ours is not T-bag but it could be better. For home-room I have Mr. Wheaton, the principal. He has a very distinct English accent. Do you have school colors? We do. They are royal blue & white. Oh yea, before I forget, my birthday is March 14th. What’s yours? (I’ll be 15)
Boy, have I had a great summer. I met lots of people (boys). My cousin & I met different boys each night. Real nice, descent boys. Not the kind that would pick up any thing waling along the street. Ya know the song “The Boy Next Door”? Well the boy that lives next door but one has a friend & is he ever sweet! Boy! Currazy! My cousin goes out with my neighbor & I go out with his friend. My neighbor is Reggie & his friend is Bernie. They are a lot of fun. They had a great deal to do with out summer.
Did I ever tell you about the dances we go to? Well, all through the summer, they were on Tuesdays & Fridays until school started & now they are on Fridays until about the end of October as the dances are at the Stadium & in winter, it is all ice for skaters & hacky players. Well, back ti the dances. My aunt works at the canteen in the Stadium & most of the dances we help her. What a ball! We meet all kinds of people. When they say they want a pop & they don’t ask for or care what kind they have we give them “Dishwater” a mixture of all kinds Coke, Orange, & Sprite. It is really good. No fooling. We have a local band “The Customs” to play for us. They are really great. In fact, at one of the dances a man from London Records heard & liked them. He might get them to make a record. I sure hope so. I like the drummer Roger Leblanc. He is sweet. He used to go with a friend of mine. My sister likes the singer & the cousin I hang around with likes the lead guitarist & her sister likes the rythem guitarist. There are only four in the band. But they are terrific.
Well, I guiess I have bored you for long enough. Agreed? Agreed! Well, see ya. Etc. Bye, write soon.
Luff n’ stuff