Indonesian Flood Gates Are Open!

Miss: Yoko, Marlissa, 12 Bontomaranu, Mahassar, Indonesia
18, July 1965
Deal Ilona K—-,
Hallo Ilona, how are you,? I hope that you will quite well. (parts missing where stamp cut out) I’m certain it’s very wonder ____________ got my letter, and funny indeed _________ Because you got a letter from __________ unknown person, don’t worry me__________.
May I trouble you for an ________ I like to have communication by _____ you, I have got your address from my friend.
So I like that you will write me back, when you have received my first letter promise me than.
For all you kindness and attention many thanks for you.
Sincerely yours
Yoko Marlissa

Miss: Yoko, Marlissa, 12 Bontomaranu, Mahassar, Indonesia
Malssar 10 August 1965
Dear Ilona,
First thanks a lot for your kindly letter and I’m very glad by receiving your letter. I have got your address from my neighbor friend and she got also from her friend, and his name was Lesly Mantiri.
I’m 18 years old and I was born in Macassar, April 14th, 1947.I have two brothers, on older than I, the second is younger and one older sister is Flora.
My father is, the chief of the Telegraph office at Macassar
Now some thing about my self:
I’m studying in the top class of the high school and you? What are you grade now?
Do you know I alve also two dogs, Tobby an Bello.
I have many pen-pals, for instance in: Japan – Portugal- Canada and two in U.S.A
You ask about my collecting stamps, I am so sorry is not my hobby, but I shall send to you next time one series of Indonesian stamps.
Further about exchange postcards I am aggrement.
I like so much, for music – movies and reading.
But I can’t play any instruments.
If possible would you send me a picture of you or your family.
I promise you to send my picture next time
Good bye until I hear from you Very soon.
Sincerely yours
Yoko Marlissa
At Indonesia
Good Night

Sender Rianti Ojafsi
Address Hadji Ball 40
Mahassar, Indonesia
August 19, 1965
Dear Ilona K——,
I got your name and address from my friend Yoke Markissa. I am writing a letter for you because I wish to become one of your friend. I am agirl of 17 years old.
I was born on 22 March 1948.
I go to the high school in the city of Mahassar and am sitting in the to pclass.
My hobbies are: swimming, collecting photos and stamps, correspondences overseas, basketball. I am staying with my parents and I’ve five brothers and one sister.
And when your birthday?
Now we are having summer in my country. How about yourself?
I would like to hear something about you too. Hoping your letter.
I send best regards to you and you familys. I like correspondences with all over the world.
Thanks you very much, I can acquaintance you.
Good Bye.
And meet again in the next letter.
Respectfully yours,

Salanah Gosse, Djl Sawerigadmg p5, Makassar – (Sul-Sel) Indonesia
Mahassar Nov 18. 65.
Dear Ilona K—-
The first I hope, that you will forgive me for writing to you suddenly
Don’t worry me, may I trouble you for an information and I like to have communication by letter wish you.
I like to write the people overseas and find out more about other countries.
I have got you address from my friend Joke Markisa
If you will accept me as you pen-pal I will be very glad
I like that you have received my first letter, promise me than for all your kindness and attention many thanks
Until I hear from you soon
Sincerely yours.
Salanah Gosse

New Friend from Indonesia Likes Volley-ball

Fr: Letsy Mantiri
Djl: Amana grappI Mahassar (Sulawesi) Indonesia
Mohassar, Januari 8th 1965
Dear friend Ilona Klemm
You are surprised when you received a letter from somebody you don’t know before.
That’s why as for me also will be much surprise too, when I get more friends to correspondence. That’s the reason when you receive my letter because I like to get many friends.
Also with foreigners. Also as you know I have many friends In Indonesia t whom I make acquaintance, so we write together and told about the situation of each other.
May I have the pleasure to introduce my self.
My name is “LETSY MANTIRI” and are now at the first class S.M.A. of the Sister school of “RADJAWALI”.
So let me have an answer if you will make communication with me so I may my letter mot solong because that’s only our first introduction.

Fr: Letsy Mantiri
Djl: Amana grappI Mahassar (Sulawesi) Indonesia
Mohassar, Maart 17, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Thank you for your letter of the 17th of February I was very much obliged for it. Write now about your questions. I have 2 younger brother and 1 younger sister. The one is 15 years old and the other is 10- years.
My younger sister is 13 years olf their name are Henry, Tonny and Meike. You asked me about my hobbies My hobbies is: playing Volley-ball and Tennis. But Ilike more to play Volley-ball. I like to write you more about this game in my next letter, do you?
And don’t forget I am also found of correspondence. You asked me about stamps. I also collect stamps and for your information We collect stamps from all the world.
I also would love to exchange stamps with you; and with this opportunity I encloseded some of Indonesia stamps. Of course I like picture of Detroit, because I haven’t seen this place. And I make my apoligice when I write you in next letter with in a postcard of Indonesia. You asked also about my English, where I learned it. I thinkg my English is not so good as yours. I am very much oliged for this attention.
Our classes in school are Indonesian-English and German. You asked about other penpals if I have. I have many of them in Japan, German, Canada, U.S.A., Indonesia, Rusia/U.S.S.R, Argentine.
If I like to read you asked, of course, so you see I can write something, by reading much.
I like hot music: My sport is Volley-ball and Tennis. I finish my letter and I hope soon to hear from you.
Love to your family and you, Good Bye!!! Letsy Mantiri

Different Cultures – Understanding Indonesia and Nigeria

Idjen 45 – Phone 4544
MALANG (Indonesia)
Malang, April 22, 1964
My dear Ilona,
How glad to received your first letter, and honestly you are the first pen pal of mine. I live in Malang of East Java, it is a mountain 444 meters high about the level of the sea. Malang is a small town but we can get everything we wanted, such as schools, movies, swimming pools, shops and sightseeing places and the climate is always cool.
I have 3 small sister named Fei Ling, Siu Ling and Han Ling, they are 8, 6 years and 3 month old, and don’t forget my lovely dog, named Lessie with white fur.
I send 2 photos to you which I hope to get your family photos later on. I collect many stamps especially overseas stamp all over the world. Don’t you like stamps?
My father have a modern home-furniture industry. Which he draw and produce it in the town, sometime I shall send you some lovely photos of it kind. Now, Ilona, my name is AyLing not ay Hing as what you write on your first letter, please remind it. Thanks to you for your kindness and greeting to your sister and parents.
Sincerely yours
Go Ay Ling

T.A.B. Owoyele, 2, Inasa court, Lagos, Nigeria
September 1964
Dearest Ilona
I am very suprice when I saw your letter on Monday, and I had in the letter that you have wrote it since APRIL 18th 1964.
Please don’t think that am a poor or lazzy pen-pal I don’t know that you wrote a letter to me. I have passed out my first school leving Certificate in 1963. But know I am Eletrical, so if you have any book in Eletricen please sen it to me. Know I am 15 year old. The meaning of T.A.B. is TAJUDEEN ALANI BHBATUNDE My father had died but my grandfather is a DROMER.
Please if you have more pen-pal send it to me
Thank your faithfully TAB Owoyele


Indonesia and Nigeria – English is not their First Language

Miss: Go Ay hing
Djl Idjen 4
Malang Indonesia
Dear Ilona,
Some days ago I got your address from my cousin.
She says that you are looking for a pen friend and I will be glad to write you.
My name is Ay Ling I am ten years old and I am in the fifth class of the elementary school of the sisters I am a girl.
My hobbies are drawing, collecting stamps, souvenirs and pictures
I like christmas cards and pictures Jesus and Mary
Where do you go to school? In which class are you?
Where do you live in big or small town?How many season has your town? I live in Malanga cold town in eastern Java.
We have two seasons a day and a rainy season
Now we are in the rainy seasons.
How many sisters are you? And
How many brother are you?
I have three sisters Her name is Elfe, Sive hing, Han hing
I think I have written enough.
Will you write me soon?
Ay hing

T.A.B. Owoyele
2, Inasa court
Lagos, Nigeria
April 1964
Dearest Ilona,
I am very surprised when I see your letter and the greatting card which you put in the letter, and I got it on the 5th of april 1964 and as soon I got the letter and —? To post office to buy Airmail to reply it. I hope that you are in good condition of health. Hope your work is going on well
Please when you want to reply this letter send me some name of yor friend and your picture as quickly as possible.
Tank You
I am you faithfully