June 14-17

Yesterday I went to the library with Lynn. I got six books 4 of folk songs etc., etc. 1 on the opera. Lynn and I thought it would be nice if we tried ballet. 1 on ballet.
Glee club met today I got about 100 complements on my dress. Pattern o^o^o^o^ Miss Kasakos is getting married Sunday. 1, 4 and 7 grade will only go half days in Sept. All extra activities will be cut off

Yesterday I finished Angel on Skis. Started A girl can dream. Both by Cavanna.
Today I finished A girl can dream. And started A scarlet sail also by Cavanna. Went up Redford and to the library and got Nattie and the Beckoning Road by Weber.
David McGlue is mad at me. I was chasing him and he fell of the fence. I slipped and now have a sprained ankle.

Karen Crossman, Beany and I went down to the dairy queen. I got a 10 cent dairy queen and had it dipped 15 cents. We saw so many police cars around there. One police car a police man almost fell out of the window looking at our dairy queens.
Two and a half more days of school. I’ve got an autograph book.

Patrice wore her dress that she made in homemaking. She looked like a cow. Everybody looked at her.
I got in trouble today. A teacher misunderstood something Patrice and I said. Polish it must of sounded like Polly shit. She said she is going to talk to Mr. Langen.
I went to the library with Patric Finished The Scarlet Sail

April 29 & 30 Mumu

29 I got a 76% on a test in Social Studies.

I drew a monogram. Its something like this

I got a EC in English. I got the E ‘cause I forgot to hand in a paper, the C I got on my one week diary.

30 In homemaking I sewed the seams on my mumu.

I went to glee club. Tonight I asked Mommy If I could stay in glee club if the was a meeting while I was in homeroom I wouldn’t go. She said yes. Yipee!

I started reading A Minnetonka Summer by Dahl.