February 10 & 11

I forgot to write in my diary yesterday. Today I will write what did happen.
Lynn Deidrich and I has a missunderstanding. I called up Lynn to go see if she could go skating on the river in 5 min. She came in 15 min or at 4:45. I decided to go for a walk. She came & went down to the river. I told her I would get my skates. Maybe she didn’t hear me. She went home. I saw her so I went home.

I went to orchestra as usual.
In school while in instrementel the notes on the page blurred. We took 3 more Iowa tests.
Lynn D. and her mother say that Lynn is going to the same jr high that I am. If I go to Taft and Lynn is sent to Murphy, her mother is going to put up a fuss so Lynn goes to Taft. vice versa. I don’t care if she does or not. I splashed mud all over Lynn L. coat.

February 1

Lynn D. gave me a sweater clip for my birthday. Barbara and I got in a fight. She hit me with some snow. Then I ran after her and she ran around a car. Davey tryed to help me get her. Finally I got her and she started to hit me with her fists. I got her good with my fist and ran. Barbara got mad at David and put snow in his face.


Found Treasure

Found diaries and journals of a young girl. They run intermittently from grade school to university. Brings back so many memories of childhood and the traumas of high school. Then there are the difficulties of just plain growing up, finding a place in the world. And for us, dear reader, reliving the 1960’s! See how she does..