City Kid Asks What is 4-H?

R1-Box 109
Twin Brooks, So. Dak.
Sept 2, 1963
You asked abot 4-H well it is for Boys and girls from the ages of 9 throw- 21 years of age. And it teackes you to be better citizens And we take stuff in on Acheivement day No matter what you take in you get A Blue Red or White ribbon. And what I ment by 4Hs was I blong to a girls and a Boy club in the firls club we make table clothes, place mats, Aprons, cookes, and crafts of all kinds and then we enter them an achcevement days. On My stuff in the girls club I got 4 Blus ribbon and one green ribbin for participateing in the jr dress reved. And a white.
What kind of Magazines do you get? I get American Girl it is a real goo magazines. And some other ones.
I wore glasses I spoke over the radio once. I haven’t had no pictures taken scince I had long hair. But in my next letter I think I will send a picture. I am not to smart. I got to a country school. Write Back
Yours truly,
Jean Brandt