More News from Tawas – School‘s Out

Tawas City, Mich

June 5, 1963
Dear Elena,
I’m so very sorry I didn’t write sooner. I’m just so very busy.
We get out of school Friday June 7. When do you get out. We are having half days now till Friday.
The weather is really nice up here now It’s supposed to get up to 92 today.
We can go swimming in about a week, if the lake warms up. Lots of people have been swimming though.
Does Tina Brandt still go to Houghton? If she does tell her “hi” for me.
I’m a Girl Scout now, and we are going on an overnight at Silver Valley on the last day of school. We sure are going to have fun. Well I have to go now.
Love, Cindy
P.S. I miss you so write soon! (even if I don’t)


June 20, 1963
Dear Elena,
No, I didn’t hear about the milage. Does it go on in all Detroit schools?
The night before last we (my girl friends and I) slept in a tent. We got up about 5 o’clock in the morning.
The weather is odd here now. Yesterday it was pretty hot, and today it’s cold. Also we had tornado warrening yesterday.
No, I don’t have any pen pals. Where do you find out their addresses? If you could would you just send me the name and address of a girl, about 12, from another country?
Do you still have your dog?
Ask Lynn if received my letter.

Yours truly,
Cindy Hemphill

P.S. Don’t forget to send me one of your pictures when they’re taken.
P.S.S. I miss you.

June 12-13

12    Glee club meet today. We’re getting ready for the graduation. We’re singing “This is my country”, “Gloria halliuia,” and Climbing up the mountain children.”
I finished A date with Diane by Cavanna. I started Angel on Skies also by Cavanna. I’m getting a BA in Social Studies.
Mr. McGlue isn’t taking anyone else to the parish picnic. I might get a new bathing suit

13     I got a 76% in arithmetic. Yesterday was the last day Houghten served hot lunches.
Murphy might not have violin lessons.
I took playroom duty with Patrice, because Joy went on a picnic. The kides were happy to see me. One kid said he likes me better then Joy.
Renee got me an autograph book. She is the first one to sign.

Nancy from Stow, Mass. Writes

Stow, Mass.

May 31, 1963

Dear Elena,
I was very happy to get your letter. Please excuse my not writing right away but I have been trying to find a picture of myself. No success. I will send one in my next letter. Would you send me one of you?
I am 5” 4” tall. Grey blue eyes, dark blonde hair etc. What do you look like?
You say that you are German. Did you ever live in Germany? If you did, what was it like over there?
Do you have very many pen pals? I have one in Japan, one in Indonesia, and 5 in the U.S. including you. Quite a few, huh? Tonight I am going to get up the nerve to write to all at once. That will be some trick, huh?
Well tell me about yourself. Please write soon.
Your Pen Pal,

June 6-11 Lightening & Thunderstorms

6     I finished Pick a New Dream by Weber.
Today is the last meeting in catechism. We started to play baseball but it started to rain,  So, we went inside and played kick-ball.
Next year I’m going to have Pastor Wescott Jr. as my teacher.
I got a letter from Nancy Thorburn.

7      My mumu is finished, except for the belt, so, I have to go over the pockets.
I’m mad at Martha. She just gets on my nerves.
I started reading The Boy Next Door by Cavanna. Its good.
Doug Crossman came over. He gave me a piggy-back ride. It was fun.

8        I finished The Boy Next Door by Cavanna.
About 1 o’clock Sunday morning, I woke up. It was lighting out. Both my window were open. I called for mommy. Nobody came. Nattie finally came. I slept with here.
I went to the library. Asked then to reserve the book Renee and the Beckoning Road by Weber. It costs ten cents.

9         I finished Spring Comes Riding by Cavanna.
At McGlues we played Mr. Rainman. David Sue and I. There were two umbiralls. One person had the hose, and squirted the two other people.
It rained tonight. All the dirt on the lawn swan away. I really lighting & thundered.
Teddy was really scared.

10       This morning mommy cut my bangs. I put in a piece.
I’m going to get a BB in Social Studies. Almost good.
I wrote Nancy a letter.
Doug Crossman came over. He had something for daddy to translate.
It rained today. The trees were really swaying.
Mommy talked to Mr. Ritter. I might get a new violin if Murphy gives lessons.

11        This morning Bill Willurd. & Lenard Miller. were picking on me. They were hiting me, you know where! I really clawed Bill up.
Today Mr. Langen told us our marks. I got: English-A, Spell.-B, Hand.-A, Read.-A, Arith-CB
I got an A on my speech on the Aborigines. Mr. Langen said quote “A very high class report”, unquote
I went to glee club We rehearsed for the graudation.

June 1-5 School Kids Behaving Badly, 60’s style

1    I went up Redford this morning. While I was up there, I bought some radish, cucumber and lettuce seeds. My watermelons are growing pretty good.
I finished reading A Bright Star Falls.
Kathy M. came over. I have a blouse and top to give to her. We went around the block with daddy, I wrote on her back “Kick ME” in chalk. I put an X below that.

2     I cut my finger on a pin on one of my dolls. The one praying, to be exact.
We, mommy, daddy and I went to Dillners. I brought some mosquito chasers at the store there.
We played a game called “lemonade”. 1.-Here we come 2-where from 1-(a place) 2-whats your trade 1- lemonade 2-show me some you dirty bum 1-pick a trade, act it out.

3      We’re starting to give our term reports.
I handed my reports on Tippecanoe and Tyler too! Its about William Henry Harrison. Mrs. Marks has a piece of pizza pie on her desk. Don J. poked his pencil in it, smashed it and spat on it. Marks ate it, and said it tasted delesous. She didn’t know.

4       Yesterday I started reading Pick a New Dream by Weber. I’m half way through.
Today Nattie got her pictures. Two 5×8 in color Six pictures black & white in folders, and 50 walet photos. I have a photos and folder picture.

5        This afternoon one of the retarded children, Tommy, was chasing Arlene, Sally, Patrice Kathy and I. He was trying to kiss us. He tried to kiss me on my boobs.
I got a B on my Social Studies report.

May comes to an End 29-31 – What’s an ‘Oliver’ haircut?

They took Charlie away this afternoon.
In homeroom I got a double A on my report on the Aborigines.
Got my hair cut. I wanted to get an Oliver; but the lady said my face is too round. The haircut I got is like a shaggy dog. Boy, did those ladies have hairdos. (Drawings of big puffy hair compared to my ‘real shaggy’ look.)

Today is Memorial Day. No school. Daddy painted the porch and garage door turquoise. Renee doesn’t like it. Teddy caught his nail on my basket again. It pulled off, I found it but I dropped it in front of McGlues yard. We had a barbeque in the back yard.
After mommy & daddy went to Aunt Dora’s.
Mr. Dial talked to me. He says I look like mom more & more each day.

          My mumu is almost done. The hem is too big, so I’ll have to cut some off. It looks pretty. I might make two belts.
Mommy bought nine tomato plants at some nursery.
I started reading A Bright Star Falls by Weber.


Jan 29 1963

C. Hemphill
RR2 Box 45C
Tawas City, Mich

Dear Elena,
Tina’s lucky to have her horse. Have you seen him? (or her). Do you still have your dog? What’s his name again? Do you still skate at Redford Golf Course.  Do you remember the time I lent a nickel to you to call your dad because you fell. We have a Siamese kitten. He sure bites. (playfully)
Hepatitis is a disease. The German girls name is Elvira Lepard. I think she speaks a little German. And I think she was three when she came to the United States. I think Lynn is nice. I’ve got to go