February 10 & 11

I forgot to write in my diary yesterday. Today I will write what did happen.
Lynn D. and I has a missunderstanding. I called up Lynn to go see if she could go skating on the river in 5 min. She came in 15 min or at 4:45. I decided to go for a walk. She came & went down to the river. I told her I would get my skates. Maybe she didn’t hear me. She went home. I saw her so I went home.

I went to orchestra as usual.
In school while in instrementel the notes on the page blurred. We took 3 more Iowa tests.
Lynn D. and her mother say that Lynn is going to the same jr high that I am. If I go to Taft and Lynn is sent to Murphy, her mother is going to put up a fuss so Lynn goes to Taft. vice versa. I don’t care if she does or not. I splashed mud all over Lynn L. coat.

February 7, 8, 9

We took two Iowa tests today.
I went to take playroom suty at 12:45, Patrice came with me. Sinic the kids are a little mentalyill, we had a little trouble. There are 12 & 1 was absent. We had free play, played some games. After that we went to instrumental. I slid on the floor a couple of times. Hurt my knee a little.
Tomorrow’s the big day.
Ya-who boy-o-boy

Today I went to the Henry Ford Hos..
I missed homeroom & homemaking. We had fun. There wasn’t enough cars so I called up daddy and asked if he could drive. The elevators were murder. We went from the 1st floor to the 17th. Our guide o-o-la-la. Hes no Richard Chaimberland but good enough. We stayed in the center part. The two sides housed patents.
We didn’t see an operation.

Lynn K. got balded out in Art. It was Sec. 13 last class. I was cleaning up. Miss Kazakos yelled at him for asking why he should do something she told him. He looked a sight. I almost burst out laughing. It was funny. This happened yesterday.

February 5 & 6

February 5

In school I went to the College Pep Club. I got the permission form. Momy says I can go to the Ford Hostipal Fri.
Mrs. Solum the Gym teacher asked me if I wanted to have room duty Thursday afternoon 2 period. I can. Patrice is going to help me. The kids are going to be the ones who are mentally ill.
I wrote Aunt Helen the Thank you letter.

February 6

After Math Doug L. marked up my coat with chalk marks. I scratch his hand so it almost bleed.
M. Stevens played on our vollyball team.
Vaughn is on the same vollyball team. So it Floyd R. Lynn K. is on team 2. Barbara is on team 1.
We filled out the test sheet for the Iowas. Tomorraw we are going to start taking them.

February 3 & 4

February 3

I went to church today. I have to write my life history for tomorrow. Might as well get started. Got to go eat now.
Mommy got mad at me for doing my homework so late. Started at 9:00 finished at 9:50.
I went skating at 1:00 came home at 3:30 with Lynn D.
I’m on page 46 in my 1963 alamanac.

February 4

Mrs. Marks asked me to join the College Pep club. Momy said I could if I did my homework after school, not at night. Lynn D. look sort of surprised when I told her.
I went to orchestra as usual.


1963 Background

What was the world like in 1963, the backdrop for this girl’s life? Likely she was oblivious to these events, but the same can’t be said for the adults who controlled her life. This helps puts her life in the context of bigger events going on in the world. Of course events of note are determined by me, likely in the context of what I personally find significant.
“Credibility gap” becomes evident between the truth and official reports of events in Cuba, Vietnam and elsewhere.
Books published:
Hannah Arendt, “Eichmann in Jerusalem” (The Banality of Evil)
John Le Carre, “The Spy Who Came in From the Cold”
Death of Aldous Huxley
Tom Jones gets Academy Award
Irma La Douce
Dr. Strangelove
4,000 die in hurricane in Cuba and Haiti.


February 1

Lynn D. gave me a sweater clip for my birthday. Barbara and I got in a fight. She hit me with some snow. Then I ran after her and she ran around a car. Davey tryed to help me get her. Finally I got her and she started to hit me with her fists. I got her good with my fist and ran. Barbara got mad at David and put snow in his face.