City Kid Asks What is 4-H?

R1-Box 109
Twin Brooks, So. Dak.
Sept 2, 1963
You asked abot 4-H well it is for Boys and girls from the ages of 9 throw- 21 years of age. And it teackes you to be better citizens And we take stuff in on Acheivement day No matter what you take in you get A Blue Red or White ribbon. And what I ment by 4Hs was I blong to a girls and a Boy club in the firls club we make table clothes, place mats, Aprons, cookes, and crafts of all kinds and then we enter them an achcevement days. On My stuff in the girls club I got 4 Blus ribbon and one green ribbin for participateing in the jr dress reved. And a white.
What kind of Magazines do you get? I get American Girl it is a real goo magazines. And some other ones.
I wore glasses I spoke over the radio once. I haven’t had no pictures taken scince I had long hair. But in my next letter I think I will send a picture. I am not to smart. I got to a country school. Write Back
Yours truly,
Jean Brandt

Very Busy in Vernon, British Colombia

2505 -27 St.
Vernon, B.C.
Thur. Aug.29

Dear Elena,
Thank you so very much for your letter. I like people that write interesting, lenghthy letters. I am beginning to think that I write to too many people, because I can’t remember what I’ve said already, in my letters. So please excuse me if I ask the same questions. Now I have a system of carbon copy imprints and hope it won’t happen again. I write to about five older couples, many cousins, aunts and uncles, and numerous penpals and close friends that I have met.
I am very happy that you enjoy music. I was born musical., I think, and have much to tell you about my musical background.

P.S.      We are getting company for dinner to night so I have to help Moms.

Sat. Aug. 31
Hi! From a two day break! Yesterday I went to see Walt disney’s show the Miracle of the white Stallians. Have you seen it? I didn’t think it was as good as others – like “In search of the Castaways”. Or “Pollyanna”, Parent Trap” & “Swiss Family Robinson.”
Now back to music. Yes I do play lots of instruments – er-not very good though! I play piano at home; in elementary school – the flutophone, autoharp. Now at Junior High – I take band. I am in the percussion section, which includes a great variety of rhythmetic things. Here are some of them. Drums – (snare, tenor, bass, timpani), glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba. I’ll tell you more later. I got to go again! Too busy!

Mon. Sept 1/63!

Boy am I ever busy! Yesterday we had a farewell party at O.K. Lake for one of our square dancers. It was lots of fun and lots of kids! This morning I went horse back riding at a friend’s. He’s a real “duck,” but he’s pretty nice once you get to know him. I love horses. Do you? That adds number 4 to my lists of things that I love. Boys, babies, dogs & horses! Have you got any foreign stamps? I have started a collection, but it’s not much to speak of! I also caollect pennants from different cities I’ve been to. I sure am looking forward to be going to school tomorrow, (grade 9). New teachers & all. I am telling you, you just about die of suspense to find out who is in your class! What kind of dog is Teddy? I bet he’s cute! I’ll have to sent you a picture of Penny. I took a few snaps of her but they’re still in the camera!
Yes my parents were born in Canada. Dad in Victoria, and Mom is Manitoba (near Winnipeg). I was born in Vernon in 1948. Dec. 14 to be exact. When is your birthday?
No brothers and sisters. I wish Richard Chamberlain was my big brother. I just flip when I see him play Dr. Kildare. He plays his part so well. Don’t you think? I would like to tradepictures of your favorite stars with uou, would you? I have lots of “Dick”. I like movie books better than comic books!
My Dad is an assistant accountant for a Ford Motor Company in Vernon.
What church do you go to?
I am quite German myself, you know. I can speak a little bit but not write. My maternal grandparents were born around there, too, and my grandmother lied with us till two years ago. ) She died.) My other grandparents and grandfather died before I was born. My full name is Joy Mary Anne Hopkins. My mother’s is Gerda and my father’s is Eric John! My dog’s is Sunnyvale’s Gold Penny, and my cat is Puffy!
I will be more “busier” when school comes but I write letters in study periods. So ‘bye for now.

All my love, Joy

July 16-22 At Least a Beach Trip

16       Went to the library with Lynn Deidrich. I stopped at Hinkles and got some mixed green yarn for a shawl. Nattie has to have a special order made for her yarn.

17       I finished the Three Mussketeers by Dumas. I then started Turn around twice by Oglivie. The shaw I’m making is 30 stiches long. I do one row knit & one row pearl. Nattie finished the back to her sweater.
I think that I am started to get my days.

18       I finished the book Turn around twice by Oglive. I then started Midshipman Quinn.
Karen came home from her vacation.

19       Karen and I went to the Mai Kai to see the longest day. It was good. I might buy a recording of the theme song.
Later about 7:00 o’clock I got my things and went to Dails to spend the night there. We went to be about one o’clock
Karen has this paint like pen in red and green and with it we painted this on pillow cases

20       We got up about 10:30. We went up Redford to loft around. We each had a cake. Today there was an eclipse. I missed it.
Todays Diane Hauptmann’s birthday Barbara took some chocolate out of my purse. Steal. Nattie got Diane a pair of pants & blouse and sheap ring.

21       Today we went to Point Pelee. Daddy, Mommy Nattie, me and Beany’s firlfriend Sally. Dillners, Hauptmans and Misumers were there. I got a very bad sunburn. We played ball, floated on rafts. After we got home we each had corn. Mom Dad Nattie and I. Two ears each

22       I getting blisters on my face. I hope it doesn’t get serious.
Karen and I went up Redford to see up the Record Shop had the record The Longest Day. They didn’t have it. We went to Woolworth’s and had a milk shake. 30 cents + tax 31 cents

July 10-15 Summer Fun?

10       I got up at 8:00 o’clock to go cherry picking with friends. No cherrys. Came back home. At 12:00 oclock Kathy McGlue and I went to the movie to see A gathering of eagles with Rock Hudson and Rod Taylor. Also Mystery Submarine. I have to pay adult price – 90 cents.
They were lousy Lynn & Barb Laforest Martha Shurmers and Dede Laphem were there. Every time Kathy and I went up or down the isle Dede whistled at us. I gave them the thumbs down with you. Later I played with Ronnie & Kathy. Pottsie was over. She had supper with us.

11       Visited Hinkles – Dusty & Pepper. Played monopoly with Karen. Ronnie went home this morning.
Finished The Mutineers, started Shadows on the Moor.

12       Today, they are fixing the sidewalks on Beaverland. We have 3 ½ pieces. By mistake they broke another piece. They are doing that one free
Went and saw Dusty.
Later about 6:00 o’clock Karen and I went up Redford to Hinkles. I got to skeins of yarn and a pair of knitting needles.

13       Mommy and daddy went away today. Renee went to see Bye Bye Birde with Dennis. I got to stay home. So Karen came over. Earlier today, We, Karen and I went to Hinkles to get some yarn. We knitted, have some pop. We had a blast.
I finished Shadows on the Moor by McLelland.

14       Yesterday I started reading The three Musketeers by Dumas.
Today we planned to go to Point Pelee. It rained. So we just stayed home. Kathy and Karen came over.
Renee and Sally went to see Mutiny on the Bounty. Boy am I mad at her. She knew that I really wanted to see it and just forgets about trying to get me in.

15       I went to Hinkles with Karen and got a one ounce skein of yarn. I decided to make it a pillow case. I finished it this evening. Karen finished her shaw. Its ok. Renees going to knit her self a sweater. The color is a sort of dark red.

Foreign Exchange Student Visits

5          We went to pick up Kerstin Jonson or Katie today, at the Community house in Rosdale. She is from Sweden. Shes 18 has 2 brothers 23 Bjorn and 17. Her father is a import export man. She smokes about 4 between the hours of 7 and 9:30

8         Yesterday, July 7, when we were at Aunt Marie’s I drank some whiskey that Uncle Franz gave me. Daddy told me not to drink any!
I played with Ronnie Kathy and all the other kids at Dials. Ronnie climbed the place where we burn our trash and it caved in. I told him not to step there. We quickly built it up before anyone saw us.

9          Yesterday I finished reading The Dark Frigate. Yesterday I & Ronnie was shooting caps. We light matches to them, pounded rocks on them. I had 20 rolls 2 packs.
I started reading The Mutineers also by Hawes. Played Monopoly with Karen and Ronnie. I and Dillnars are going cherry picking

6          Today we went to Green Field Vilage and Henry Ford Museum, with Katie. It was fun. We left at 8:15 a.m. Ate lunch at the garden terrce. I had a beefburger potatoe salad blueberry’s , and cherry pie. We met four other german students Hardy, Luise and Arnold. One was from Austria Ilona. I liked Arnold. About 6’ and real good looking We left about 2:00. I/we don’t like Katie to much. She treats her self to everything is sloppy leaves Nattie’s room so messy. Bah!

7          Mommy and Daddy drove Katie, at 8:00, the the bus.
At about 3:00 we the family. Went to a party at Aunt Maries. Elenor’s  baby was baptized We gave Leesie a fork and knife and spoon

Yorkshire England A Real Christian Scientist

“Cross Gate”
Shute Hill,
Nr. Teignmouth

Dear Elena,
Thank you for your letter. I’m so sorry I’ve not written to you earlier but we have been on our vacation to Harrogate. (which is in Yorkshire)
I have no other penfriends except you but I would like to correspond with a Swedish one as well.
I am a Christian Scientist and I put an advertisement in the Monitor about desiring a Swedish penfriend, but so far I haven’t heard about one.
My dad is with the Prudential Assurance, He is manager of Newton Abbot. My mother used to work in a bank but she doesn’t now.
There is no shorter way to write my address. When we were on holiday we went to a lovely big old house tht was open to the public, & it was really lovely. The family that last lived there was Lord Halifax’s, wife & children.
On Tuesday we went to the Harrogate gardens, and they were really lovely. There were lovely flowers there as well as tea rooms, and a stream with lovely water lilies in it. One day we went a walk through the Pine woods and a walk to Berk Crag. On Saturday we went with my cousin, uncle and auntie to Ormscliff Crag. Which was a big rock on which we climbed on to, and saw a lovely view of the countryside round about.  I haven’t seen my cousin (Sue) for 3 yrs. and she is now 16 yrs. old, so she has changed a lot.
We first had a border collie crossed with a terrier dog but he died at 16 yrs. old. Then we got a Welsh collie but she had to be put to sleep, and so we are looking for another dog. A Welsh collie I think.
We have loads of flowers in our garden. Our house is about 200 yrs. old. Is your house old or modern? We used to have an old coach house in the garden but there wasn’t enough room to park the car so we had it knocked down and a new modern garage built which holds 3 cars. We have two cars, (or rather one is my granny’s) one is a “Renault” (which is a French car.) (which is  sort of a van) , the other one is a “Vauxall cresta” (the new model that has just come out) Have you a car? If so what sort is it? And what colour is it?
My little sister Peggyanne (who is 4 mths. Old) is growing sweeter everyday. She has big brown eyes and fair hair (but dad thinks it is growing darker) rosy cheeks, and sweet little rosy lips. She is rather funny in the bath because she splashes so much and when mummy wants to turn her over on her tummie she grabs hold of the side of her little bath and won’t let go.
My sister had her German penfriend over for 2 wks. I saw her and she was awfully nice.
How do you wear your hair? I have a long plait & when I’m older I will be wearing it in a bun on top of my head, until I cut it off.
On Sunday we went to Church and then had to go to dinner with one of mummy’s school friends who was very nice.
Can you swim? I can & it is lovely to go down to the sea in the evening or in the morning at 6 o’clock. Mind you I haven’t got up a 6 o’clock in the morning, but I have got down to the beach at about 6 o’clock in the evening with one of my girl friends.
I can’t think of anything else to tell you. Hoping you will write soon.

Love from,
P.S. I will try and send a photograph of me with my hair up sometime in the near future.
P.P.S. Sorry for the crossings out of words.


July Summer Fun on the Fourth

July 1  I went to the library. I got five books and two Vogue magazines. I finished Fifteen today, also got it today. So I’m now reading Jean and Johnny.
Nattie and I slept in the basement. It was 100 degrees yesterday.

2           Dials’ grandchildren were over. Their daughter is going to live there for a while till she & her husband find a house for them and their 5 kids. Karen and Ronnie his mother diverced Dial’s son, and I might go to to the movie tomorrow. We might have to take Karen’s two younger sisters Christine and Bernice.

3          We didn’t go to the movie. There is not matinee. Nattie said that the movie Call me B’Wane with Bob Hope isn’t that good.
I finished Jean and Johnny by Cleary So I started The dark frigate by Hawes.

4          We, the family went to see fireworks at Bell Creek Park First we went to Aunt Maries and Uncle Franz’s house. Elenor and Roy and their two kids are there. The fireworks were nice. Some kids were throwing sparklers in the crowd.
Some others kids try to steal some of the cotton candy and popcorn Nattie and I bought. They got some of my cotton candy.