Journal 1965 Starts – Feb 19 to Mar 17

That little kid who wrote diary entries in 1963 has changed – adolescence has hit, perhaps?

Feb 19 Here we go. My starting entry. Those who don’t like the sound of vulgar language stop here. This contains a lot of hot air.
Today I go to the dentist, I’m missing ’bout 3 fillings! I’m not too sure I want to go.
Beany’s a little bitch. She had to go and bring up the subject of my Latin test. I got a D on it. Another lecture. At times I hate her so much I could – (we’ll leave that part out).

March 6 I had so many ideas ‘cept I fotgot them all.
School isn’t goint to good. Mommy and I had an argument. I’m scared I wont make it too good.
Shelly becoming cheap. She’s oing to those dances at Hubert. All the greases go. She says she didn’t see not greases, but if the kids in her class went they were greases there. We had fun before we had the argument.
Gotta go

March 17 They put Dusty to sleep. I knew something was wrong. A dog doesn’t limp for two months if everything is OK! God damn Hinkles. The seem so high and mighty since they’ve moved to the house across the street. They didn’t care one damn thing bout that dog. Then they go and say how they much they love dusty. Any bastard could tell something was wrong with Dusty. I just hate to think of the pain. Dusty had cancer. The doctor said if she had gone any longer, the leg would of crumbled. I hope Hinkles are satisfied. Every since that night I felt the bumb on Dusty’s back Iknew something was wrong. I hope HInkles love themselves for the suffering they made dusy go through! I hope they never forget it! I used to like Hinkles, but now as far as I’m concerned they can go to hell!

March 17 Next time Mrs Hinkle calls me up to babysit I’m gonna say “Isn’t Shelly home?” And if she asks me to come over I’ll say “My parents won’t let me.” Kristen was baptized last Sunday. They spent most the day away. Without the baby! Who did they get for a babysitter! Not the babysitter who “is so good” and who “they could never do without”, but that asshole shelly?
I hope they never forget how Dusty suffered!

Feb 1965 Is This the Last South Dakota Letter?

N. Brown Rt. 2 Millbank S.D. 57252
Feb 18, 1965
Dear Ilona,
I am sitting in school waiting for school to be let out & I don’t have anything to do so I better write you a letter.
We had six weeks test this week. We have them every six weeks. We have twelve weeks of school to go.
Do you babysit? I do every Thursday might & then sometimes on other nights. The people I babysit for bowl on a league every Thursday night. My mom & dad bowl on the same league.
Do you have any girl friends that would like to write to me? I would like a couple more penpals.
What kind of weather have you been having? We have had srewrvy weather. One day its nice. The next day its cold & windy.
When is your birthday? I lost the letter you told when it was.
School is going to be let out now so I better quite. Please try & send me a picture of yourself.

Love Nancy

Christmas In Australia

Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
January 6, 1965
Dear Ilona,
It didn’t take long for us to finish with ’64 did it? Thanks for your letter and card – I received them on Christmas Eve – well timed. What did you get for Christmas? We open out presents on Christmas Day, and I got a 35mm camers (Canon) from Dad, 2 silk blouses and a makeup purse from Mum, some beach clothes from Michele and from various other people. I got stockings, perfumes, handkerchiefs, scarves and a few other odds and ends. From my boyfriend, Ron (did I tell you about him?) I got a set of perfume, talc and hand lotion. Its divine.
Time sure has passed. Sorry I didn’t finish the letter sooner, but time has flown. Before I started writing this letter, I spent a week in hospital – appendicitis. However, I’m all recovered now – but it really wrecked my Christmas- New Year, as well as the rest of my holidays. As I couldn’t surf much, I went to the movies a lot. I saw – Goodbye Charlie – very very good – The Pink Panther – better than previous one – the Unsinkable Molly Brown – good – I’d Rather Be Rich – very, very good, and today I saw Good Neighbor Same with the girls from school I liked it a lot. Two more movies I want to see Get Yourself a College Girl and Bedtime Story. Have you seen any of these?
I went to the beach last Sunday, first time, and yesterday (this Sunday) I went to the Zoo with Ron, and had a very good time – but there were hardly any animals from the U.S. I went back to his place for dinner and we found out about the death of Sir Winston Churchill. Wasn’t it sad. I’ve gone back to work – and have been called upon several days to go and work.
We didn’t get to got to Melbourne this year – on account of my trip to hospital – however, we went to a resort on the north coast for the day, and also up to the mountain resort of Katoomba for another day.
Ron swam in the State Championships and on Friday week is going to Melbourne to swim in the National Championships. My girlfriends boyfriend is also going, so I’ve become quite a lot closer to she & her boyfriend.
I’ve taken a lot of photos lately – and I should send you one. I get them back tomorrow. Yes we do have Mad Magazines and books out her. I’ve read a few of them.
Nothing much else, except that I’ve got a new pen-pal. He lives in Singapore. His sister nursed me in hospital, and although I haven’t writtenyet, he looks quite nice – I’ve seen a photo of him.
I suppose I’d better close now – get this letter off before anymore delay. Write soon & till then,
Lots of love,



Cross Gate England Catches Up

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, S. Devon, ENGLAND
Sunday 24th Jan 1965
Dear Ilona,
Thank you very much for your Christmas card. It was kind of you. I hope you had a nice Christmas. We went up to my sister’s home for Christmas & had a lovely time – even thought we were snowed up there! I expect you have had some snow in Detroit. It is raining here at the moment! Theres good old English weather for you!!
We heard on the news this morning that Sir Winston Churchhill had passed on. I was very sorry about it as I admired him very much. I expect that in America you heard that he was ill.
We started back at school last Tuesday worst luck & I have just this minute finished my homework. We didn’t get very much this weekend. Thank goodness!
Oh well I must go now so hope to hear from you soon.
Love from, Jennie xxx
P.S. My hair is “no longer long” for I have had it all cut off (nearly!)
Head drawing Me now (nearly)

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, S. Devon, ENGLAND
Sunday February 28th
Dear Ilona,
Thank you for your letter. Did you get any Valentine cards on St. Valentines Day? I got two.
We have a programme every Saturday on television called “The Rogues” – which I think is an American film Do you see it in America? It stars Charles Boyer, Gig Young, Gladys Cooper, David Niven and Robert Coote. We all enjoy it immensely. We also see another programme which is called “Bewitched” – starring Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York and Agnes Moorhead – I think it’s very good indeed.
How are you pets! Ours are fine. Did I tell you that last summer one of out tortoises got chewed up by the dog. Poor little thing- it died about a week afterwards. I gave Tammy (our dog) such a —- – but as he was a puppy then he didn’t really know what he was doing – he thought it was something to play with.
My little sister got a dolls pram for her birthday and this morning we put Tammy in it & let her push him around the room. He did look sweet and he didn’t mind until she tipped him up! Then he jumped out & retired to his basket!!
I think thats all the news.
Love from, Jennie
P.S. Hope to hear from you soon. Excuse my scrawl.

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, S. Devon, ENGLAND
June 25th
Dear Ilona,
Sorry I have not written sooner but have been very busy lately. I am afraid I’ve neglected all my penpals lately.
Mum brought me home a new dress which looks like this (drawing) pale blue (not a good drawing)
July 12th
Hello again,
I went out with Norman last Saturday and he is very nice. We saw a film today at school taken by the games master. It was when some boys from our school went to Gilbralter.
We had 3 exams today Geography, Maths and History. Norman finished his G.C.E. last Monday. Please excuse me writing in this colour but I haven’t any other because my pen ran out. I am absolutely crazy over the Birds record “Mr. Tambourine Man.” Its great & its no. 5 in our Hit parade.
Have you heard the Hollies record which is top of our hit parade? Its great. It’s called “I’m Alive”.
Do you like the Walker Brothers? I think they are great. Some of the girls of our school are crazy about their latest record & play it every opportunity the have.
At dinner break if it is raining we are allowed to have records in the main hall. We had them today& heard the Walker brothers, The Hollies, The Ivy League, (have you heard their latest its great). Of course the boys are not allowed to join in.
I must close now for I have my hair to wash and some Science to learn up.
Sorry I haven’t written for ages.
Love from
P.S. I got in an awful temper this evening because I rang up one of my friends and   letter ends

Australia Linda, Enough about Your Long Hair

Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
March 5, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Thanks for your letter. I received it a couple of days ago, & haven’t had time to answer it ‘till now.
Things have been busy here lately. I’ve been going out with Ron a lot. I’ll have been going steady with him for 3 months on Monday. That’s a long time for me, too. He’s been swimming in a lot of carnivals & I’ve been to most of them. He’s playing water-polo tomorrow, but I’ll be working so I can’t see him. On Sunday week I’m going to a christening – a friend of his family’s baby. I’ve got to wear a hat, though, Oh well!
Today, Lynne & I went into town to see about the course we’ll be doing at business college next year. We had the day off from school because of the Annual Swimming Carnival. Out school one, that is. Our house won, as usual, because a girl in it went to the Olympic Games We’re lucky.
Tomorrow I think I’m going to see Doris Day & Rock Hudson in “Send Me No Flowers”. Should be good. By the way, its Friday at present.
Skating starts in a couple of months. I’ll have to get me some new skates very soon.
For our English Literature class this year we’re doing “Typhoon & Youth”. Pretty boring I think. Haven’t read any of it yet. We’re finishing one off from last year “The Moonstone”. That one was very good.
It doesn’t look like I’ll be a bridesmaid after all. Michele doesn’t think she’ll marry the boy who proposed. I wish she would – not that I want to get rid of her or anything….
Isn’t the Beatles new album great. I’ve got it, too.
I went to Summer School during the last week of the holidays. Did I mention it – most likely. It was quite good – French & Science. Interesting.
I’m having quite a full weekend – only free time is tomorrow night. The one I usually go out on. Ron came over for dinner, but has gone home now. It’s now 10.20 pm, & I’m quite exhausted. Boy it was hot in the city.
I’m growing my hair long, again. I can put it up now, but I’m wanting it very long. It looks much more feminine, & I’m tired of having short hair. Lynne’s hair is really long. I think I’m a bit envious. I’ve just got over the “awkward stage”. So this time next year, I should have fairly long hair.
I think I’ve said about all I can, although I haven’t really said much. Could you send a photo next letter. You said you would! Gee, my writing’s quite illegible. Sorry I’ll try to improve on it.
Till I hear from you,
Lots of Love, Linda xxx

Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
Tuesday 6 April, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Thanks for your letter. I got it this afternoon. The swimming season has ended – & the skating season is just beginning! I’m glad you saw some of our surf. Malibar is one of our best surfing beaches & they hold lots of carnivals there. There are quite a lot of “cute lifeguards” as you call them. We call them lifesavers ) like the candy with the whole in the middle). But they’re a little bit old – 20 or so on. You can join Life Saving Clubs from about 12 on (boys) my cousin belongs to Bondi, & you learn all about surf, life saving, etc. Its quite fun.
Your not the only one with Mids We just had ours – Last Wednesday & today – but they weren’t bad I’m sick of school – I’ve just got to finish this year – about 8 ½ more months – & then I have – I hope. In a way I want to go on for an extra 2 years to get a different exam – if I pass it with honors etc I can go to Uni – not that I would, but its nice to know!
Our English play this year is Richard of Bordeaux. We started it last week & I’ve finished it already. Its simply mighty. I won’t mind going through it again with the rest of the class.
I saw “Taras Bulba” when it was on at the movies. It was good, but scary when they jumped the gorge, wasn’t it? I want to go & see Goldfinger next weekend. By the way – I’m still going with Ron – the royal Easter Show starts on Friday for a couple of weeks & we break up on Wednesday. I sroin Ron ‘cause I’m going to see Goldfinger & to the Show next weekend with him.
While you flood etc. were in the midst of our worst drought for ages. Autumn has come & with it temperature in the 90’s & 100’s. There have been water restrictions in the outer suburbs of Sydney & your not allowed to hose your garden after between 9PM-6AM in Sydney.
Have you heard any records by Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs (Somewhere Over the Rainbow) or Ray Browne & the Whispers (20 miles & Devoted to You). They were released over there a couple of weeks ago. The are about the 2 best & most popular groups in Australia. Also making a name for himself around the world is Australia’s Rolf Harris. He’s been to England & America a number of times (& just gone out over to the US & has had quite a few hits. Let me know if you hear much of any of them.
I’m growing my hair – again. Its quite long & I can’t wait till I can wear it up with out too much trouble putting it up.
We have a new T.V. station – Channel 10. It opened last night & promises to be quite good. We now have 4 stations in Sydney.
I suppose I had better close now & let you rest your eyes Write soon,
Lots of Love Linda.
P.S. I hear Australia’s Rex Harrison won an Academy Award. Congratulations to him & the others who won others too. I want to see “My Fair Lady” too! Its in Melbourne & coming to Sydney next week I think. Linda

New Friend from Indonesia Likes Volley-ball

Fr: Letsy Mantiri
Djl: Amana grappI Mahassar (Sulawesi) Indonesia
Mohassar, Januari 8th 1965
Dear friend Ilona Klemm
You are surprised when you received a letter from somebody you don’t know before.
That’s why as for me also will be much surprise too, when I get more friends to correspondence. That’s the reason when you receive my letter because I like to get many friends.
Also with foreigners. Also as you know I have many friends In Indonesia t whom I make acquaintance, so we write together and told about the situation of each other.
May I have the pleasure to introduce my self.
My name is “LETSY MANTIRI” and are now at the first class S.M.A. of the Sister school of “RADJAWALI”.
So let me have an answer if you will make communication with me so I may my letter mot solong because that’s only our first introduction.

Fr: Letsy Mantiri
Djl: Amana grappI Mahassar (Sulawesi) Indonesia
Mohassar, Maart 17, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Thank you for your letter of the 17th of February I was very much obliged for it. Write now about your questions. I have 2 younger brother and 1 younger sister. The one is 15 years old and the other is 10- years.
My younger sister is 13 years olf their name are Henry, Tonny and Meike. You asked me about my hobbies My hobbies is: playing Volley-ball and Tennis. But Ilike more to play Volley-ball. I like to write you more about this game in my next letter, do you?
And don’t forget I am also found of correspondence. You asked me about stamps. I also collect stamps and for your information We collect stamps from all the world.
I also would love to exchange stamps with you; and with this opportunity I encloseded some of Indonesia stamps. Of course I like picture of Detroit, because I haven’t seen this place. And I make my apoligice when I write you in next letter with in a postcard of Indonesia. You asked also about my English, where I learned it. I thinkg my English is not so good as yours. I am very much oliged for this attention.
Our classes in school are Indonesian-English and German. You asked about other penpals if I have. I have many of them in Japan, German, Canada, U.S.A., Indonesia, Rusia/U.S.S.R, Argentine.
If I like to read you asked, of course, so you see I can write something, by reading much.
I like hot music: My sport is Volley-ball and Tennis. I finish my letter and I hope soon to hear from you.
Love to your family and you, Good Bye!!! Letsy Mantiri

Can’t Surf in Detroit, Unlike Australia

Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
Wednesday, 18 November 1964
Dear Ilona,
Thanks for you postcard. I must admit that I was beginning to wonder if I did owe you a letter! Quite a few things have happened since we last exchanged words. First of all – we have just finished our Yearly Exams., They were pretty awful, but I only failed one of them and then only by 6 marks which didn’t pull my percent down to far. I did honors in all my subjects, except Biology.
Did I tell you that I have a job on Saturday mornings? Well I do. I work at Woolworths (do they have them in the U.S.- they’re chainstores?) and earn about £1 each morning (aboutS2:50) and I enjoy evry moment of it. In the school vacations, which start in about 2 weeks time, I’m working there full time for a few weeks before Christmas. After Christmas, I’m going down to Melbourne for 2 weeks for a holiday (did I tell you?). I should have a good time, what with surfing and all!
I got a new pen-pal the other day. She lives in Santa-Barbara and seems quite nice- I’ve only had 1 letter from her. I also wrote to another girl in Canada whose first name is Linda and whose surname starts with “S”! I haven’t hear from her yet, butt I’m still waiting
I went skating at a new indoor ice rink a few weeks ago and again last week. It is really loverly and I plan to go during the summer when I don’t go surfing. My girlfriend got herself a surfboard last Saturday! Tt’s a terrific one. The surfing season is just coming on in full swing with the approach of summer, and it should be fantastic at the beach again this year. Last year was an all time record for me- I went every day that I didn’t have anything else on like school. My cousins are in training already, but I’m giving it up this year because I have too much schoolwork to do. Did I tell you that my girlfriend went to Tokyo? Well, she did, and although she didn’t come anywhere in the race, she swam her fastest time. She was in the 440 Individual Medley. Americe did very well for itself, but Australia did quite well, considering it only has 10 Milloin to America’s 170mill. Dawn Fraser is hoping to go to Mexico city for the 1968 Games. So is my cousin, I think. Just quietly I think he might make it too.
Enough for that subject. To find another is the big question, though. Congratulations to President Johnson! I’m so glad he got elected. It must be a big boost, knowing that he was elected and did not just succeed to the job. Who did your people vote for?
The Beatles are coming back next year! Thank goodness. The Rolling Stones are coming out in January, but I don’t like them very much, do you? Louis Armstrong and Trini Lopez arrive here in about 2 weeks, but this doesn’t affect me much as I’m not wrapped in either of them. Are You?
Do you play any musical instruments? I used to learn the piano but I got sick of it after a few years and have now almost completely lost the touch.
I don’t seem to be using much paper, but I sure am going through the words. I met a new guy when I started working at Woolworths – known here on in as Woolies – and his name is Tony McQuillen. He’s very nice- a lot better than the last one I had. My sister, Michele, also has a new boyfriend. He’s very nice, too.
Are you going away over Christmas? I am over New Year, but I already told you that. Here doesn’t seem much more to say, but I’m sure that if I sit and think for a minute, something will come. Oh, yes! As you most likely know, National Service has just been introduced In Australia. In Times this issue, Australia was deacribed as being completely unprepared for an attack against Indonesia or any other south-East Asian country. Well, I completely agree, but I think that Australia has a lot more University graduates than any of these counties. However, in the world as it is today, Australia does need a good defense, especially as it is so close to Indonesia. Well, to get back to National Service, It is different to your idea and the boys have to go in when thay are 20, and they stay for 2 years If they are married or go to Uni., they don’t go in. ANYWAY, I suppose this is pretty boring, so we shall try to find another subject for discussion….
About a week ago now, William Willis arrived in Australia on his raft-Age Unlimited. The raft was moored just outside out house and is now on show in the park just across the water. I have spoken to him on several occasions, and he is a very nice and interesting person. If you ever get a chance to see him or the raft, do because it is very interesting to see what he came over the Pacific in.
Top of the hit-parade heresis She’s Not there, by the Zombies. I like it a lot, along with You’ve Really Got Me Going, by the Kinks. What’s top over in your part of the world- the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
Anyhow, I’d better go now. I’ve just about talked myself out, and this time, do send a letter. I’ll tell you, it’s terribly difficult to write a letter if you haven’t got one to answer. Get what I mean, and I’m terribly sorry that I can’t give you memory lessons.
Write soon(and I mean it!)
Yours Truly Love

Is Linda’s Life in Australia Typical?

Miss L. Stephens Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
June 24, 1964
Dear Ilona,
I just received you letter today, so I thought I’d send you one straight away. Thank you very much for the birthday card, it was a wonderful surprise. The Beatles have just left our shores (last Sunday) but they’re returning on July 1. I didn’t see any of their concerts, but I believe they were terrific. Our half yearly exams started last Friday but they finish day after tomorrow (Thurs.) thank goodness So far we’ve had Scripture, (Fri) English (yesterday) Science and Geography (today) French (tomorrow) and History and Maths (on Thurs). What class are you in? I’m in 3rd year at high school, but that’s in a different system. We do 9 years (including kindergarten – 5 year olds) in Primary school and then start high school for 6 years. They’ve just changed the system out here, we used to do only 5 years in high school, but now there are 6. Worse luck!
Last Friday we got a little kitten – although we don’t know if he’s here for sure. Mummy, Michele, and I want it, but Daddy’s against it. “One’s enough’ to quote, however I think we might keep it. It’s blak and white and we call it Willie. He has a black tail with just one white spot on the very end. He’s absolutely adorable and loves every one you only have to sit down and he’s on your lap in no time. I shall buy some postcards of Sydney and send them to you this letter I hope. And at Christmas when I’m in Melbourne (Victoria) or Queensland or both, I’ll get some more and sent. If your out of your home state, could you do that too? Pictures you say – of me? Well, I’ll try to enclose one, but most times I have on taken, I break the camera! No, just lately (last March) I put a film inmy camera, and as I haven’t finished it yet, I will send one I hope of the Bridge & suburbs, one’s of Bondi Beach one’s of the Teronga Park Zoo & one’s of the Town Hall. Hope you like them.
I had a very good birthday, even if it was early last month. I got a new suit, a new coat, a pair of ice skates, money, perfume and the inevitable but welcome underwear (blush! Blush!) from my grand mother.
The last movie I saw was ‘The thrill of it All” with doris Day & James Garner. The Cardinal is out present, but I don’t know that I’d like it.
Tell me – do you have any boyfriends or is it a silly question? Looking through another letter, I see I’ve already asked you, well in that case, I shall answer the question you asked me – do I? Yes and no. Yes that I know quite a lot of boys and I’ve been out with most of them and no because I haven’t a steady one. You know, not a steady but one I go out with always. Ice skating has started here again, but it took me a while to get my feet back. Now I’m up to par. We go to a different ice rink now and its amazing the number of people we (sorry, a girlfriend & I) have got to know in the first week of skating. Its been on for a month & a bit now.
I’d better finish now, I’ve just about run out of paper. Write soon.
Love Linda
P.S. The photo enclosed is not a good one of my head, (I don’t think) but I’ll send a better one later. Linda x

Miss L. Stephens Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
August 10, 1964
Dear Ilona,
HaHa! Laugh you may about me at school while you lay on some beach, but I’ve just spent two weeks (again) at surfers’ Paradise. And, mind you, in three days time, I shall be on vacation – this time legally. Before, I took a couple of weeks off school. We – Mum Michele & me – had a mighty time – water skiing, aqua-planing, surfing, swimming bowling and squash-ing! Wonderful holiday. Hope you had a good time on the 4th. By the way, thank you for you letter and postcards. They were very appreciated.
I also saw ‘Advance to the Rear” – & I agree it was a riot. Another movie of late was “Honeymoon Hotel” with Robert Goule & Nancy Kwan. Really good. On Friday I’m seeing “A Hard Day’s Night” with the Fabulous 4.I’ve seen lots of preview of it – its going to be riotous. Zulu is here & so “The Fall of the roman Empire’ I’ve read the latter, but should be good.
Top here is A Hard Days Night – natch but I couldn’t tell you until later what are the following four. Later in the letter. I will if I can get a chart in time.
Cherry picking sound fun! And I do pity your mother when on our holiday, Mum didn’t do any work, but when she came home, she had to do more than ever. 21st September Since I last put pen to paper, lots have happened. To start with we’ve had out August-September holidays and have come back to school. During the holidays, I had a mighty time. With the skating Season in full swing, I went skating most days and towards the end of the holidays – when my girlfriend went away – I went by myself everyday,, and met a boy – but then my girlfriend came back! However, I still went skating with this boy – much to her annoyance, and when school went back. We went after school. At the moment, the ice skating season has finished, so no more skating for 8 or 9 months, unless I go to an indoor one.
I’ve been to a few movies lately, namely “What a Way to Go” and as I said before – “A Hard Days Night.” You’ve most likely seen the latter, but just in case, go see it. Isn’t it fantastic. The first one I saw twice, and could go back again. Shirley MacLaine is wonderful.
Michele’s boyfriend from the country came down last weekend and we had a good time. He told us all about his properties out north-west and Dad was particularly interested. He’s very nice.
On Saturday night, I went to see the Omsk Siberian Company of Musicians, Singers and Dancers. They were really wonderful, even if they did sing in Russian. Last Tuesday night, we went to see The Australian Ballet Company perform “The Display.” A ballet choreographed by Robert Helpman, an Australian. If it ever is played in Michigan, go and see it please. You’ll like it.
I got some new penpals, I think, one in Canada and one in the U.S. I answered a letter in the Monitor, and haven’t heard from them since I’m waiting.
Top here isn’t “A hard Day’s Night’ any more. The top 5 are:


There’s not much more to say, so I think before any more time elapses, I think I’ll close and post this off, Write Soon
P.S. Do you think that you could send your letter AIRMAIL. It takes so long by sea?


Quite a Chatty Beatle Fan in England

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, Bishopsteignton, S. Devon ENGLAND.
Tuesday 28th April
Dear Ilona,
Thanks for your letter. We went up to Gloucester for our Easter hols. My brother & I stayed at Hazel’s (my sister) we took our puppy with us too.
I have got pictures of ‘Beatles’ on the back of my bedroom door. I have also got pictures of other various groups on my wall. It is at the wall behind my door, (it is behind the door when my door is open) so if dad arrives & comes in my bedroom he can’t see them!!!
Just lately I have been reading some very exciting books. The author of them is AGATHA CHRISTIE, (have you ever heard of her?) Her stories are about detectives & murders. The one I am reading at the moment is called “Death in the Clouds.” The story features Mousier Pierot who is one of AGATHA CHRISTIE’S fiction detectives. It is about these people in an aeroplane & suddenly one of them is murdered. The question is – WHO DID IT??!! But I haven’t found that out yet!
In our hit parade in England the Beatles’ have dropped down third. Here is a copy of who is at the top!

  1. World Without Love – Peter & Gordon
  2. I Believe – The Bachelors.
  3. Can’t Buy me Love – ‘The Beatles’
  4. ——–
  5. ———-The Applejacks

I don’t know what is No. 4 yet, & I have forgotten the title of the Applejack’s record, but its fab
What do you play at games at your school?? In the winter we play:-
Hocky, Netball & the Boys play Rugby, football & do cross country. In the summer we play:-
Rounders, tennis & go swimming & the boys play tennis, do long jump etc., go swimming & play archery.
The Records I have are:-
Twist & shout – The Beatles (E.P)
I want to lold your hand – the Beatles
She loves you – the Beatles.
How do you do it – Gerry & the Pacemakers
Summer Hop – Cliff Richards
Matador from Trinidad – Russ Conway
Top Hat – Fred Astaire (E.P.)
At school recently (last term) I made a lamp shade (out of Reaffis & a frame) We (the other girls & I) made them in the Art lesson. Mine is pale Bule (the real colour is called CE BLUE.) this Term (in Art) I am going to MOSAIC. With pieces of coloured paper.
My little sister Peggyanne is now growing up very fast. She is now 1yr. 3mths. Old & walks up & down the stiars & runs in & out of the rooms. She can now say, Mumma, dada, ra,ra, gone, doggy, wuff, wuff, miew, moo, baa & cluck!!! She loves our puppy (who if now about 7 mths. Old) and hugs him. How is your dog? How is your turtle?
I have just returned from the bathroom & have been watching Peggyanny having a bath. By the way I forgot to mention to you that she also says, ssh! & tickle, tickle.
On Sunday I took a super shot of Tammy (pup) & of Peggyanne on her rocking horse. (on my camera)
Do you have your G.C.E. in America? In a few years I will be taking it, so I’m swoting hard. I hope to take (in my G.C.E.) English, French, Domestic Science, History, Geography & perhaps Latin.
Must close now for I have got to get my Prep. Done.
P.S. Hope you write soon.

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, Bishopsteignton, S. Devon ENGLAND.
Dear Ilona,
Thanks for your letter. You lucky thing having the Beatles in Detroit. As you might know the Beatles live in Liverpool which is miles away from here & they have been through Newton Abbot (the town in which I got to school – 4 miles away from Bishop.) & that was when I was at school. I enjoyed the film when I went to see it. Who do you think was the best actor? I thought Ringo. How about Paul’s screen grandfather – played by Wilfred Brambell? He is in ‘Steptoe & Son’ – a comedy programme on T.V.
I must close now – mum has told me to get my bath.
S’cuse the scribble.

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, Bishopsteignton, S. Devon ENGLAND.
Dear Ilona,
I have forgotten who’s turn it is to write! Anyway hope you are well.
We have just been on holiday to N. Wales. Have you heard of it? Did I tell you I have a new pen-pal as well as you? She is from Norway & is very sweet.
Have you seen the BEATLES film – “IT’S A HARD DAYS NIGHT”? I have & its very funny – I think Ringo is the best actor & the funniest in it.
We are having a lovely vacation & the weather here is fab.
I am writing this letter in bed (I’m supposed to be asleep) – so bye for now.
P.S. Please write soon.