April 14 Dad Runs Over Cat

Easter. I got a store bought Easter basket. Nettie and I got mommy Carnations, and Daddy a choclate bunny. awe went to Redford Lutheran Church. I wore my new Easter suit, nylons, Nettie got a dress, Mommy also got a suit.

Today on the way home from a party, Daddy ran over a cat by mistake. I just can’t get the picture of the cat trying to get across the street out of my mind. It was horrible. I feel sick. I pray for the cat & Gods help.

April 10 thru 13


i got a 52% in reading. In Social Studies I thought our reports were due in May. They are due tomorrow. Mine is on the Barbary Pirates and the War of 1812. Its about 7 pages long. I spent all evening on my report. Didn’t get a chance to practice violin.

Yesterday Shirliy came over. Brought mommy some flower bulbs.


Yesterday a submarine was reported lost. Today its reported sunk. (See Scrapbook) Three men from Michigan were on it. It was in International waters. I think the Russians had something to do with it.

No more school for tomorrow and all next week.


Today is Good Friday. Mommy, Nattie and I went to church, Redford Lutheran.

We, Susan McG. and I, named the road road leading from Beaverland to the back of Grandlawn Cemetery, Cemetery Road. Today C.J. Rogers trucks were bring dirt from the Southfield Expressway to fill up the cemetery.


Daddy talked to the man who is going to move across the street. Their are going to move in next Saturday.

I spent most of the day with Susan & Hinkles puppies and Dusty. The puppies are about three weeks old.

April 5-9


No school. Parent Teacher Conference. Mommy went to see Mr. Langen and saw Mrs. Hobart and Miss Habermehl. Mr. Langen was stationed in Germany during the war.

He says I’m doing very good.

I was supposed to play volley ball and badminton with Lynn L. and some of her friends. I decided not too.


Today someone started a fire across six mile in the big lot. Two firetrucks and a fire chief. They say the person who started the fire also threw the red paint on the flag pole door at school about a week ago.

We went to Shultzen. Saw movies of Calif., Yellowstone, Florida and Nigara, Sault Soo Maria, Smoky Mt, and Northland, cartoons, & their house.


Today is Palm Sunday. We got back last night at about 1:00 AM. So we didn’t go to church.

Tomorrow after noon no school, ‘cause of Parent Teacher Conferences.


Went to the library. I’m now reading, Black Arrow, by Stevenson.

Stayed up till 11:45. Watched Acadamey Awards. Best Actor – Gregory Peck, of to kill a Mocking Bird. Best Actress-Anne Banecroft Mirceale Worker.

Best Supporting Actor- Ed Bagley – Sweet Bird of Youth. Best Supporting Actress – Patty Dude – Mirecal Worke.

Best Picture Lawerence of Arabia.

Best Senery-Mutiny on the Bounty.


Yesterday Lynn L. told me that when I was in music (violin) Mr. Langen told the class about my family in Germany.

I have all my pieces cut out in Homemaking. Ready to sew I think.

April 1,2,3,4


Saw a newsreel in SS. Went to orch stra. No longer desk 5, #10, but desk 4 #8. We’re going to start testing first violins soon.

I slipped on the rug and my sore which I got Saturday started to bleed. Puss is coming out too.

Mommy & Daddy, Nattie and I voted today. We all voted for no on millage & bonds, & I think we all voted yes on New Constitution.


Bonds & Millage was voted no. The new constitution is yes. Just as I said.

Went to Catechism. Aunt Marie & Uncle Franz came over, so I took Teddy for a walk. While I was I six  mile I saw Dennis P. & a friend of his. Some teen-agers in a 62 or 63 chevy whistle at me trying to get my attention.

I thnik Lenard M. is a very nasty boy. vice-versa.


Yesterday a man from Det. Edison came to Science. Talked about the power plant.

Section 18 went on a trip so we took their place. Our classes in the morning were Homemaking, Homemaking, Gym, Lib. I have almost all my pattern pieces cut out. Did 5’3” in Standing Broad Jump. Today we had our last Math Class. I got a certificate. Mr. Stevens, the teacher, his wife is going to have a baby some time this week.


Went to the Detroit Edison Power Plant in Delray, on the Detroit River. It was so noisy, you couldn’t hear the person next to you unless he or she shouted. Our class wass split up into four or five groups. I was in a group with: Bonnie H., Lenard M., David M., Ronald M. and Mrs. Meyer. We got stuck with a fat guide. Bonnie and I were hoping for the cute one.



End of March 27 thru 31

27 At College Prep we were told that we were going to Northville State Hospital on

April 11, about 9:00. We’ll see the mental paitents. I hope mommy lets me go.

In library I’m read Black Forest Summer by Mabel Ester Allan. I’m on P106 It takes place in Freiburg, Germany.

Next week, we will have our last Math Class.


29 Did 30 pull ups and 25 sit ups in Gym.

We got a free 1963 model Thunderbird from Dean Sellers, where we got our ford. The steering wheel even moves.

30 Went to Hudson Northland. I got my pattern for  mumu, but couldn’t find my material. I also got a pair of black shoes, size 8 1/2 A. They look real neat. Nattie got a pair of sneakers. March 22 she went to see “Lawerence of Arabia”, with Peter O’Toole as Lawerence, a true story. Today she got the theme song. I just love it. Nattie love it and Peter.

31 I wore nylons to Church. Mommy said if Nattie’s garter belt fit me, I could wear them. One nylon has a run. Doesn’t show to much. I wore them with my new shoes.

A family bought the house across the street. They go to Redford Lutheran Church, has 3 kids, 18 months, 10 yr old boy, and a girl.

March 23 thru 26

23 Thursday Mar 21Nattie went to see Gov. Romeny with her senior class. She shook hands with him.

I helped Daddy plaster the bedrooms. I did about 3 or 4 cracks. It wasn’t a bad job.

The movie on Saturday Night was one we saw a a drive- in about a year ago, “Fräulein”. It was pretty fakey.

24 We went for a ride today and saw what there was of Murphy Jr. high. Later we looked at the houses across the street.

I have all my behind work made up.

25 I went to school but I didn’t go to orchestra. I wrote a poem on Detroit in homeroom.

Teddy must be sick or something. He licks me, & kisses me. In the bath tub, he licked all the water off of me.

26 Went to school as usual. April 4 our class is going to the Detroit Edison Power Plant.

In homemaking I found out my type, Junior; and Size, 15.My measurements are 35, 28, 37 1/2. Back waist is 15 1/2, height is 5’4 1/2”. I am plan to make a mumu.

March 18 thru 21 Sick yet Again


Yesterday & today my throat hurt a little. I didn’t feel very good, so I stayed home. Mommy says I probly have toncelites again.


Stayed home. Mommy went to school to get my assignments, and because tomorrow is report card day, she also got my report card. I made it. Mr. Langen said not to worry. I got 4 A’s; 2 c’s; the rest b’s. Not counted citizenship. I could have done better if I wasn’t absent so much.


Home again. I called Patrice. She got a db in arith.. In special classes our marks are the same, except in science, I got BB she got BA, and homemaking, I got CB, she got CC.

In homeroom she worse off than I am, and she was absent about 1 or 2 times.

My sister Nattie got 1 c. In physicys. Otherwise, rather good.


Once more I’m at home.

Today is suppose to be the first day of spring. Seems more like the first day of winter, it snowed.

No school tomorrow.

I didn’t got to sleep till 3:20 A.M. yesterday. I read the almanac. Even then I slept from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.. Now see why.