Oh Joy! Richard Chamberlain Obsessed

2505-27th Street,
Vernon, B.C.,
December 21st, 1963
Dear Elena,
Thank you very much for your letter and Xmas card. I also liked the postcard and I am all fro trading postcards of our city.
Yes, I do belong to a fan club. You couldn’t guess which one it is, though! Well, I guess you can,. It’s the “National Richard Chamberlain Fan club”. ‘Ever hear of him?! It costs $2.00 and I got a 8X11 glossy, photo of him standing in front of a haystack(!) 4, 4X5 candid, glossy photos, a membership card and membership button. You also get 2 journals a year, (that’s as long as your membership lasts) and once every two months about “Chamberlain Chatter bulletins. That’s about the only thing I’ve had reslts with. I sent away for a photo offer from Teen Fann Club with a life membership—but they were the crummiest things you ever saw! Thank goodness that there was a refunded guarantee! Only I haven’t got my money back yet. It was a dollar. I also sent away for (what I thought was a great) picture offer from “16” magazine, but haven’t got anything yet.
That was only in the early part of Nov. though. Do you belong to any fan club or subscribe to any movie magazine? I don’t pre scibe to any. (Don’t know whether it’s sub scribe or pre scribe. I know that there isn’t a space between them either but I do it automatically)!
I did send you a teleguide ending Dec. 14, after you wrote and asked me to. I think it is a good idea and would like you to send me one of yours. Sorry that this is so hard to read with mistakes and all, but this typewriter needs a new typewriter ribbon, which is what I am giving Dadfor Xmas. That’s not all of course! I just thought I’d tell you how I’m wrapping it. You know how small it is, well I put it in a bout 5 boxes till it got to be the size of a shoe box! I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it!
Why in the workd did you want to know if we have Franco-american spaghetti up here? Of course we do but we’ve never tried it yet. Will do, sometime. Do you like it? Is it good? Do you get chef-Boy-ar-Dee (?) pizza down there? ‘Just trying to be funny! Have you ever tasted pizza before? I never have. What’s it like? )I want a real good description, now)!
I’m sure anxious to see “Twilight of honour”. I don’t quite know whether I’ll like the show but would like to see Dick act a different part other than Kildare! I just saw Kidare half an hour ago! It was tremendous!!! It was in the maternity war—remember tht one!? When he “cried” over that 17 year – old girl dying, I nearly had a baby myself! I was bawling my eyes out! And when my firlfriend phoned seconds after I still couldn’t talk to her! Can you imagine that?! I also had an exciting incident on my birthday, Dec. 14, Dad started to play a record on the player while I was unwrapping my presents—and guess what it was ? When I heard it (you guessed it;) I started to bawl again, because it was “Blue Guitar”! Dick’s new 45 recording! It’s great!! On the flip side (and I sure do flip over it!) is “They Long To Be Close To You”. If you don’t have the record yet I’ll send you the words if you want. Do you ?!
I don’t think I want a “Stamp Finder” as I am not interested in stamp collecting that much but thanks loads for the stamps from Germany anyway! I still like to collect them “unofficially”! I will send you some of mine soon. You didn’t say if you wanted me to send you movie star pix. I can’t see how you can refuse! I am sending you one of dick, I hope you don’t mind!!
I would like very much to write to that Nigerian girl. What’s she like, do your know? Please tell me if you do. I’ll sendyou one of mine to make us even.
Her name is Linda Wodden (pronounced Vodden) and her address is R.R. #2, Pickering, Ont. She is also a Canadian like me and is 16 years old. She is very nice.
This seems like a short letter but it really isn’t to me that is, When you type with this machine you get pretty tired after the first sentence!!
Well, bye for now, Hope to hear from you soon with more scoop!


Canada Girl Collects “Serviettes”!

2505 -27 St.
Vernon, British Colombia
Oct. 25,1963
Dear Elena,
Thanks a lot for your letter and the postcard that you snt me. The letter was very enjoyale and the postcard will be added to my collection. I would appreciate it if you snet me some postcards of the area around Detroit.
I never liked going to show until just recently. Isn’t that funny? But now I’m bitten by the “show bug” and really love seeing them. You see, living in Bernon, you only have 1 channel on T.V., 1 theatre and 1 drive-in. I didn’t see any of the shows you saw exept “Parent Trap”. Mom saw”The Miracle Worker” though. I enjoy Walt Disney’s movies. The ones that I’ve seen are:
“Toby Tyler”- Kevin Corcoran
“Pollyanna” – Haley Mills.
“Third Man on the Mountain” – James MacArthur.
“101 Dalmations”
“Swiss Family robinson” – John Mills, tommy Kirk, Jim MacArthur,Kevin Corcoran.
“The Absent-minded Professor” – Fred MacMurray , Tommy Kirk.
:Sonn of Flubber”-
“Babes in Toyland” – Tommy Sands, Annette.
“Savage Sam” – Tommy Kirk, Kevin Corcoran.
Two days ago I saw “Spencers Mountain”, staring Jim MacArthur, Henry fonda, Maureen O’hara. But that wasn’t on of Walt Dianey’s. I’m looking forward to seeing Summer Magic with Layley Mills. I also can’t wait till Dick Chamberlain stars in Twilight of Homour!! I guess you heard that I simply can’t get him out of my head! I’m not nuts about him, I’m serious! Mon’s getting real worried! I’m glad you said Kildare was better than Casey! I like Ben Casy (the program) too; but I LOVE Jim Kildare! (I can’t spell very well can I)? It’s my first year of typing. Please tell me what you like about Dick, if you do. I love to get people’s opinions on him.
Yes I have many pennants. I put some of them on the wals of my room. These are the places I have received pennants from:
In Alberta: Jasper Park & Banff’s Gondola lift.
In California: Los Angeles, Disneyland & Trees of Mystery & Hollywood! (wow)!
In washington: Spokane, The Dry Falls & Grand Coulee Dam.
In Arizona: The Meteor Crater
In Colorado: Glenwood Springs.
That’s about all!
Thank you very much for offering me some stamps from Germany! I’d love to have a few. I wish I could write in some German for you. I can speak quite a bit, but writing is a different matter.
What are your favorite T.V. shows? Even though we only have 1 channel here I still have my favorites. They are as follows: 1. Dr. KILDARE. 2. Patty Duke Show. 3. Ben Casey. 4. Bonanza. 5. Reach for the Top. 6. You Asked For It. 7. Ed Sullivan. 8. Password. 9. Misterogers (har har!) 10. Stump the Stars.
Sorry this is such a short letter, (it took me about 2 hours to type it aming billions of mistakes).
‘Bye for now; hope to har from you soon!
Best wishes &
All my love,
P.S. – I hope your family are all well. Give my greetings to TEDDY!
Tell me if you want “stuff”:
Movie star pix
Pix of Dick
Serviettes (I collect fancy & original ones).
Or anything
Thanks for giving your birthday!
Love ya’

Nancy Fesses Up to Knowing Jean

Rt. 2 Box 160
Milbank S. Dak 57252
Oct. 22, 1963
Dear Elena,
I am real happy that you wrote. For awhile I thought you weren’t going to write.
In my first letter I forgot to tell you what I look like. I am 5 ft. 3 in, I have blond hair, blue eyes and I weigh 105 lb.
My mother work sometimes. She sells trichem paint (in tubes.) She has parties for that. Different ladies invite people (women) to their homes.
Do you know a girl named Jean Brandt? She and I go to school together. We have Reading, Arithmetic, Language, Social Studies, Science, Spelling, art, and we are going to start civics pretty soon.
My brother was in the hospital all last week. He had his apentics out. (If I didn’t spell apentics right please excuse me).
The only instrument I play is the piano. When I get in High School I want to play the clarinet.
Do you have a roller skating riks? We do. I go the first Monday of every month.
Yours Truly
Nancy Brown

Aha! South Dakota Jean Knows Nancy

R1-Box 109
Twin Brooks, So. Dak.
Oct. 1963
last week new
Dear Elena,
I am fine. The magazinis I by ar family Circle and womans Day. The both have delishes dishes in them.
I don’t have any classes rooms just stay in one room all Day. And I don’t have any choice in subjects until I am in firth year of High school be cause I go to a country school. But I take Art on Fridays Lang evey day of the week history So. So, reading science everyday of the week. I don’t get it when are you going in to the ninth grade don’t you you go in to it next fall?
I WENT ON MY VACTION LAST SUMMER TO MY AUNT AND UNCLE THREE DOWN BY THE Minn. Border and I went and stayed with some friends
I don’t go to many moves because I live so far away only about 15 miles, I went to girls, girls, girls and I thought it was pretty great.
Oh be fore I forget it yes I know Nancy Brown.
I rode my Bike three miles to school this week that is just one way 6 miles all to geather.
Mom sent form soom bakey sweaters one gold and one white a plade dress and a coot and a slip I love them all there piety. Do you have a record player? I have.
When do you gradnat? Do you go to school year round?
Our tV. Doesn’t wook we got our R.h. back a few day ago
When is your birthday?
Yours truly
today Oct 5, 1963
I’m fine. I hope you are fine. Do you have School year round?
I mixed up cookies and cake this morning. It is a little windy hear. The leaves have turned color.
No. I don’t get to pick my on subjects I am required Art., Science, Socil Sutdes, Art, reading, history.
Yes Nancy Brown is My girlfriend. If you can write would you She is expecting you to write.
Do you have a record player?
No I don’t go to many moves I was the only one to go on some vadions.
I’ll send a picture in my next picture Sorry I cant make this little long but I’m so busy this morning
I’ll make up for it in my next letter
Yours truly
P.S. Do you listen to the ridio very much? Hope to here from you soon.

Are English Children Naturally Better Spoken

“Cross Gate”
Shute Hill,
Nr. Teignmouth
S. Devon

September, 14th
Dear Elena,
Thank you for your beautifully typed letter. I am going back to school on September 19th, so I won’t be able to write to you so often.
After our holiday in Yorkshire I received 3 “Airmail Letters”. So I have now 3 American penfriends & 1 Swedish pen-pal including you. Do you speak of yourself as an American or a German?
It was kind of you to send me that postcard so I have enclosed this one of when we wnt to visit York (which is a city) There is a wall all the way round it and huge gates. Whilst we were there we went to York museum, which was very nice. There was an underground street off about 200 or 300 yrs. ago. In the street were 2 stuffed horses each buckled on to a carriage with a driver. There was a police station down the (which was very old), and, also there was a candle makers shop were candles which were meant to be hanging up to get dry. My brother thought they were sausages!!!!!! There was a stuffed cow with other farm things (old ploughs etc.) We were all looking at it, that we didn’t notice a man behind us. He made a terrific moo-moo that we thought it was the stuffed cow. It did give us a fright!!
Have you ever been abroad? If so, – where? I have only been to Jersey. Have you ever heard of Jersey?
It really has been wonderful weather in Devon for the past 6 days, even though it is very near winter.
I bought myself a souvenir (sorry about spelling) from Harrogate or rather Dad bought me it. As you may know I collect foreign dolls and Dad bought me a Doll to go with them, & it is very sweet.
Must close now.
P.S. Hope you will write soon.
P.P.S. Give a pat for Teddy (is that his name?) from me – please. Sorry the card had to be folded!

Not Another South Dakota!

Sept 1963
Dear Elena,
I would like to be your pen pal. I have always wanted a pen pal. I am 12 years old and my name is Nancy Brown. I live out in the country on a farm. I am also interested in reading, music and sports. I have one sister and one brother.
I have something to tell you about Jerry my brother. Tuesday he step on a rock when he was running. Now he has a cast on up to his knee. He is 14.
My sister Loretta is 10 years old. We both got to a country school. I am Vice President of our Y.C.L. at school, and my sister is Secretary.
Do you have an interest in animals? If you do I’ll tell how many animals we have. We have 13 milking cows, 20 steers, 60 pigs, 1 dog, 10 cats, and 1 parakeet named Bridgette.
The morning when I was eating some toast my loose tooth fell out and now it feels real funny.
I have to get ready for school now.
Yours Truly
Nancy Brown

P.S. Please write back soon. If you do write back I’ll send you a picture of me and you can send you picture right away. My address is:
Nancy Brown
Rt. 2 Box 160
Milbank, S.D.

Poland Girl Very Formal – She Explains

Warsaw, Poland
Sept 1963
Dear Elena.
Thank you very much for Your letter and excuse me for delay in my answer. I must tell You truth, that all my letters to You translate on English my father. But I learn English also, and I suppose that in the nearest future I will write to You without and help of my Daddy.
I have not any sister or brother in my family. My father was born in Lwow (Lemberg), my Mother in Warsaw and me in Wroclaw (Breslau). My oncle who live not in Wroclaw is a professor of German language on the Wroclaw university.
Thus You know all about my family.
Now a few words aboud my school. I am attending to fifth class and I got new scholar books. It is important because we have a new program I will learn twelve years but my friends who are in older stages will learn only eleven years.
My books are very nice with pictures in beautiful colours. I am very curious what are your books. If You agree I send you Polish book.
In my school I learn exept English also Russian. In this letter I send You a few postcards. They are from Warsaw and I don’t need give you informations because on the rear side of the cards there are English explanations.
Thank you for Your postcard. Really Detroit is very beautiful at night and I know a little Your city from books that I read.
That’s all for present. Please write to me again.
Your sincerly
Kind regards to Your parents and sister.