Australia Linda Does Go on, and on, and on…But Lots of Info on Life Down Under

Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
Tuesday April 20, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Our drought has broken – in Sydney & suburbs at least. It rained most of last week. Happy Easter! Did you go away over easter week. We didn’t. We broke up from school on Wednesday, & on Thursday Lynne (you know her, don’t you.) & I worked at Woolies. On Good Friday, we went to my relatives for afternoon tea, & then I went to stay at Lynne’s the night. Had a great time ‘cause her parents were away. I left on Saturday morning to go skating with another firend & met Lynne afterwards & she came & stayed Saturday & Sunday nights. On Sunday we went to the football which was quite good & on Monday morning we went to the Show/tell you about it later) & on Monday afternoon Haig (Lynne’s boyfriend who’d been camping) came & collected her & took her home. Today I went to work – again, but Lynne didn’t as it is her birthday – Sweet 16. Now we’re up-to-date about my Easter holiday. Back to school tomorrow but Monday is another holiday – Anzac Day.
To get back to the “Sho”. This is an annual event. Every easter we have The Royal Navy Easter Show. It is mostly agricultural & all the stores & candy manufacturers have stands etc. where they sell sample bags. There are ring events – horses etc., and there are dog & cat shows. Amusements are predominant. Homes & cars are on show, too. All in all, it is a major event of the year – all the kids look forward to it every year. Actually, it’s the largest show of its kind in the world.
I’m glad you’ve heard our song (Devoted to You) We’re just as up-to-daate with the pop songs & dances as you are, & if I can get one, I’ll enclose a music guide (as you call them) Popular dances at the moment are:- the Swim the cling, the hitchhiker, the clam and still the stomp.
Mary Poppins is here too, & I want to see it. Also, I’m going to see The Sound of Music, this week – most likely Friday night. Goldfinger has been around for ages here, too, but I haven’t seen itas yet. Another film that’s been around for a while is Girl Happy with elvis. I haven’t seen one of his movies for ages.
We get both magazines you mentioned – at least I think we do. You said 16, well we get 17 – I think – they’re most likely the same We get Teen, as weel as a lot of other American & English magazines.
I wish you had a tape recorder too, ‘cause we have & I’d love to let you here the pop songs popular over here, even though they’re the same as over there. Have you heard the Chad Mitchell Trio. They’re tremendous. I love folk singing & gospel sons. Also, I like mod fashions what about you.
I don’t’ think Ron would have any one interesting to write to you. He can’t be bothered to write to his own friends back in Ireland. Actually, I haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks. I’ve been awfully busy.
A friend I’ve known for absolutely ages in fact ever since I came here to Sydney, is leaving tomorrow. Really she’s only moving, but she’s lived upstairs for so long, she’s like part of the furniture. She’s making her debut in June.
A friend of mine, Andrew Lion, just got a car last week. He goes to Uni (he’s 17) so his father got him a car. It’s a pretty little thing. Hope he gives me a ride in it soon.
How’s your social life going- slow or fast. Mines been pretty wild & its getting better. On May 12 I’m going to a semi-formal dance with Ron & the skating season opens officially that day so I hope to go skating with Chris (Furguson) a lot. You’ll most likely hear more about him.
You know, I really should go. I’ve got a stack of French & English left over from the weekend to do & its 10:00pm & I’ve got school tomorrow & I’m dog-tired too I’ll have to close, do you know that? Besides, I’ve done 6 pages. I’ll get a top 40 (what we call music guides) & send it to you. You never know. If you can borrow a tape recorder, I might send you a tape. It’d be by sea mail tho, ‘cause I’m not that rich.Well, I really do have to go now. Write soon – I know I didn’t ask much but well find something to write about, huh,
Lots of Love
P.S Remind me to tell you about my plans for school etc. will you?

take a breathe – there’s more!

Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
June 15, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Thank you for your letter, and birthday card. Things are going very well for me lately, except the exams started today, and they’re pretty though. We had English this morning – it ran from 9.20 till 12.20. Boy, was I famished! It wasn’t too bad but everyone thought it terrible – maybe I didn’t do as hot as I thought. This afternoon we had French Oral – comprehension and dictation from a tape recorder (there’s that word again!) It was disgraceful. No one could understand it, it was all blurred and winky. We’re going to ask them to do it again.
How are your holidays. I’ve just finished mine – worse luck. Had quite a good time though. The first weekend I had a party, I worked some of the next week – Woolworth. I also went into town with Lynne and got some fantastic material for a suit. The next weekend we – Lynne, Heug, John Colin, Mike, Bob and I (known generally as the group) just mucked around – went to the movies etc. I worked part of the next week too, And Mum and I went into town (Yes, again) and got some shoes, a handbag, a sweater and a blouse and a few unmentionables.
Next week Lynne and I visited the grandmothers and a girlfriend. All in all, I had a beauto holiday.
We just had a long weekend. I went to Lynne’s on Friday afternoon after school and we studied a bit. The boys came up and saw us because they were going away camping. We went to work on Saturday morning, and I had the most fantastic time. An old boyfriend who often comes around and takes me out, came up to see me. He’s coming over next Saturday afternoon. Also, do you remember Tony – the one who works at Woolies? Well, after all the months I’ve known him, he finally asked me out! To a ball, no less! I haven’t accepted yet, but I hope I get Mums permission. I don’t know what I’ll do with John, that night.
Anyhow Lynne and I put in 7 ½ hours study that afternoon and night – her parents were away, & we wouldn’t let her sister come home so we were by ourselves All about 3 pm Sunday afternoon. We stayed in bed all day, studying, The, that night we went to the “reservoir” and ran around ti 2 or 3 times. Its only about ½ to 1 mile around. We’d put in 7 hours study that day and needed some fresh air.
Monday (yesterday) we studied most of the day, but let up last night and went out with the boys for a couple of hours. Gee I can rave on, can’t I. We did all out own cooking on the weekend. It was great.
Yes I did get the newspapers, just a couple of days after your letter. Thanks. I’m getting quite a collection. I’ve got some from Canada, too.
Mary Poppins is here, but as it’s going to be on for about a year or so, I’m not falling over my feet trying to get to see it. Goldfinger’s still here & so is Girl Happy. “My Fair Lady” comes on June 29 I thinkg but its been in Melbourne for ages.
I’ve decided I’m going to become a teacher. That means 2 more years of school after this with a good pass and 2 years at Teachers Collee before I’m qualified, but I don’t mind. I’ll most likely scrap that idea before long and become an ordinary run-of-the-mill stenographer!
For our next holidays which come in August, September, Lynne and I want to go away to Surfers Paradise for a week and a half. Don’t know what my parents will say – I’m going to catch them in a good mood! – cause I’m a year younger than Lynne, but we’lll be staying at Dad’s friends Motel. Lynne’s parents are all for it. We’d go up by bus which costs about £10 ($20, I think) return and acoommodation should be free. Meals won’t be a problem – we’ll live on hamburgers. Just hope we can go.
I’m madly sewing everything I can lay my hands on. We do dressmaking at school next week ‘till the end of the year. Set is a nightgown, but it’ll only take me about a week to make it. I made a lined suit in 6 days, & that was only the second thing I’d ever made. All by myself, too.
I’m sure something’s wrong with the mail. About 5 people owe me letters. And I’ve been waiting for 2 ½ months for one! No one loves me. I got about half a dozen 17’s (magazines) last week and I’ve been madly studying the fashions of this season. Winter here. I was in the paper today fortnight ago! An old ship was found of North Head (in the harbor) that sand 104 years ago, and Lynne & I had our photo taken looking at some of the relics. Stars, now!
Well I’ve rambled on for pages & pages – gosh 7 pages! I’ll be poor for a month after I send this! Tell me what you’re doing on your vacation, huh?
Lots of Love,

Indonesian Flood Gates Are Open!

Miss: Yoko, Marlissa, 12 Bontomaranu, Mahassar, Indonesia
18, July 1965
Deal Ilona K—-,
Hallo Ilona, how are you,? I hope that you will quite well. (parts missing where stamp cut out) I’m certain it’s very wonder ____________ got my letter, and funny indeed _________ Because you got a letter from __________ unknown person, don’t worry me__________.
May I trouble you for an ________ I like to have communication by _____ you, I have got your address from my friend.
So I like that you will write me back, when you have received my first letter promise me than.
For all you kindness and attention many thanks for you.
Sincerely yours
Yoko Marlissa

Miss: Yoko, Marlissa, 12 Bontomaranu, Mahassar, Indonesia
Malssar 10 August 1965
Dear Ilona,
First thanks a lot for your kindly letter and I’m very glad by receiving your letter. I have got your address from my neighbor friend and she got also from her friend, and his name was Lesly Mantiri.
I’m 18 years old and I was born in Macassar, April 14th, 1947.I have two brothers, on older than I, the second is younger and one older sister is Flora.
My father is, the chief of the Telegraph office at Macassar
Now some thing about my self:
I’m studying in the top class of the high school and you? What are you grade now?
Do you know I alve also two dogs, Tobby an Bello.
I have many pen-pals, for instance in: Japan – Portugal- Canada and two in U.S.A
You ask about my collecting stamps, I am so sorry is not my hobby, but I shall send to you next time one series of Indonesian stamps.
Further about exchange postcards I am aggrement.
I like so much, for music – movies and reading.
But I can’t play any instruments.
If possible would you send me a picture of you or your family.
I promise you to send my picture next time
Good bye until I hear from you Very soon.
Sincerely yours
Yoko Marlissa
At Indonesia
Good Night

Sender Rianti Ojafsi
Address Hadji Ball 40
Mahassar, Indonesia
August 19, 1965
Dear Ilona K——,
I got your name and address from my friend Yoke Markissa. I am writing a letter for you because I wish to become one of your friend. I am agirl of 17 years old.
I was born on 22 March 1948.
I go to the high school in the city of Mahassar and am sitting in the to pclass.
My hobbies are: swimming, collecting photos and stamps, correspondences overseas, basketball. I am staying with my parents and I’ve five brothers and one sister.
And when your birthday?
Now we are having summer in my country. How about yourself?
I would like to hear something about you too. Hoping your letter.
I send best regards to you and you familys. I like correspondences with all over the world.
Thanks you very much, I can acquaintance you.
Good Bye.
And meet again in the next letter.
Respectfully yours,

Salanah Gosse, Djl Sawerigadmg p5, Makassar – (Sul-Sel) Indonesia
Mahassar Nov 18. 65.
Dear Ilona K—-
The first I hope, that you will forgive me for writing to you suddenly
Don’t worry me, may I trouble you for an information and I like to have communication by letter wish you.
I like to write the people overseas and find out more about other countries.
I have got you address from my friend Joke Markisa
If you will accept me as you pen-pal I will be very glad
I like that you have received my first letter, promise me than for all your kindness and attention many thanks
Until I hear from you soon
Sincerely yours.
Salanah Gosse

At Least Nigeria Writes Brief Letters (compared to Australia girl)

T.A.B. Owoyele 2, Inasa court, Lagos, Nigeria
February 1965
Dearest Ilona
Don’t think that am a poor or lazzy Pen-Pal I have no time to write to you because I went to Ibadan to visit my brother, and I think that you school is going on well and you are in good condition & health as am here today.
Ilona if I want to by good and lastable camera from your country how much it will cost me.
Please don’t forget to send me one of your picture and send me more pen-pal I will sent my picture as quickly as possible.
Please don’t forget me about the book. Wish I told.
Thank you
TAB Owoyele

Sometime in 1965
Tajudeen Owoyee,2, Inasa court, Lagos, Nigeria
Dearest Ilona,
Don’t think that am a poor pen-pal, the reason why you don’t see my letter is that, I went to IBADAN to take Examination of Trade Centre because I want to go to Secondary School. Please don’t forget about that Camera which I ask you to find out for me, and me more about your Country. The music that I like best is Twist record. I am very happy to tell you that I want to celebrate my birthday Ceremony wich is on 8th of December.
I stop here – you faithfully


Journal 1965 Starts – Feb 19 to Mar 17

That little kid who wrote diary entries in 1963 has changed – adolescence has hit, perhaps?

Feb 19 Here we go. My starting entry. Those who don’t like the sound of vulgar language stop here. This contains a lot of hot air.
Today I go to the dentist, I’m missing ’bout 3 fillings! I’m not too sure I want to go.
Beany’s a little bitch. She had to go and bring up the subject of my Latin test. I got a D on it. Another lecture. At times I hate her so much I could – (we’ll leave that part out).

March 6 I had so many ideas ‘cept I fotgot them all.
School isn’t goint to good. Mommy and I had an argument. I’m scared I wont make it too good.
Shelly becoming cheap. She’s oing to those dances at Hubert. All the greases go. She says she didn’t see not greases, but if the kids in her class went they were greases there. We had fun before we had the argument.
Gotta go

March 17 They put Dusty to sleep. I knew something was wrong. A dog doesn’t limp for two months if everything is OK! God damn Hinkles. The seem so high and mighty since they’ve moved to the house across the street. They didn’t care one damn thing bout that dog. Then they go and say how they much they love dusty. Any bastard could tell something was wrong with Dusty. I just hate to think of the pain. Dusty had cancer. The doctor said if she had gone any longer, the leg would of crumbled. I hope Hinkles are satisfied. Every since that night I felt the bumb on Dusty’s back Iknew something was wrong. I hope HInkles love themselves for the suffering they made dusy go through! I hope they never forget it! I used to like Hinkles, but now as far as I’m concerned they can go to hell!

March 17 Next time Mrs Hinkle calls me up to babysit I’m gonna say “Isn’t Shelly home?” And if she asks me to come over I’ll say “My parents won’t let me.” Kristen was baptized last Sunday. They spent most the day away. Without the baby! Who did they get for a babysitter! Not the babysitter who “is so good” and who “they could never do without”, but that asshole shelly?
I hope they never forget how Dusty suffered!

Feb 1965 Is This the Last South Dakota Letter?

N. Brown Rt. 2 Millbank S.D. 57252
Feb 18, 1965
Dear Ilona,
I am sitting in school waiting for school to be let out & I don’t have anything to do so I better write you a letter.
We had six weeks test this week. We have them every six weeks. We have twelve weeks of school to go.
Do you babysit? I do every Thursday might & then sometimes on other nights. The people I babysit for bowl on a league every Thursday night. My mom & dad bowl on the same league.
Do you have any girl friends that would like to write to me? I would like a couple more penpals.
What kind of weather have you been having? We have had srewrvy weather. One day its nice. The next day its cold & windy.
When is your birthday? I lost the letter you told when it was.
School is going to be let out now so I better quite. Please try & send me a picture of yourself.

Love Nancy

Christmas In Australia

Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
January 6, 1965
Dear Ilona,
It didn’t take long for us to finish with ’64 did it? Thanks for your letter and card – I received them on Christmas Eve – well timed. What did you get for Christmas? We open out presents on Christmas Day, and I got a 35mm camers (Canon) from Dad, 2 silk blouses and a makeup purse from Mum, some beach clothes from Michele and from various other people. I got stockings, perfumes, handkerchiefs, scarves and a few other odds and ends. From my boyfriend, Ron (did I tell you about him?) I got a set of perfume, talc and hand lotion. Its divine.
Time sure has passed. Sorry I didn’t finish the letter sooner, but time has flown. Before I started writing this letter, I spent a week in hospital – appendicitis. However, I’m all recovered now – but it really wrecked my Christmas- New Year, as well as the rest of my holidays. As I couldn’t surf much, I went to the movies a lot. I saw – Goodbye Charlie – very very good – The Pink Panther – better than previous one – the Unsinkable Molly Brown – good – I’d Rather Be Rich – very, very good, and today I saw Good Neighbor Same with the girls from school I liked it a lot. Two more movies I want to see Get Yourself a College Girl and Bedtime Story. Have you seen any of these?
I went to the beach last Sunday, first time, and yesterday (this Sunday) I went to the Zoo with Ron, and had a very good time – but there were hardly any animals from the U.S. I went back to his place for dinner and we found out about the death of Sir Winston Churchill. Wasn’t it sad. I’ve gone back to work – and have been called upon several days to go and work.
We didn’t get to got to Melbourne this year – on account of my trip to hospital – however, we went to a resort on the north coast for the day, and also up to the mountain resort of Katoomba for another day.
Ron swam in the State Championships and on Friday week is going to Melbourne to swim in the National Championships. My girlfriends boyfriend is also going, so I’ve become quite a lot closer to she & her boyfriend.
I’ve taken a lot of photos lately – and I should send you one. I get them back tomorrow. Yes we do have Mad Magazines and books out her. I’ve read a few of them.
Nothing much else, except that I’ve got a new pen-pal. He lives in Singapore. His sister nursed me in hospital, and although I haven’t writtenyet, he looks quite nice – I’ve seen a photo of him.
I suppose I’d better close now – get this letter off before anymore delay. Write soon & till then,
Lots of love,



Cross Gate England Catches Up

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, S. Devon, ENGLAND
Sunday 24th Jan 1965
Dear Ilona,
Thank you very much for your Christmas card. It was kind of you. I hope you had a nice Christmas. We went up to my sister’s home for Christmas & had a lovely time – even thought we were snowed up there! I expect you have had some snow in Detroit. It is raining here at the moment! Theres good old English weather for you!!
We heard on the news this morning that Sir Winston Churchhill had passed on. I was very sorry about it as I admired him very much. I expect that in America you heard that he was ill.
We started back at school last Tuesday worst luck & I have just this minute finished my homework. We didn’t get very much this weekend. Thank goodness!
Oh well I must go now so hope to hear from you soon.
Love from, Jennie xxx
P.S. My hair is “no longer long” for I have had it all cut off (nearly!)
Head drawing Me now (nearly)

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, S. Devon, ENGLAND
Sunday February 28th
Dear Ilona,
Thank you for your letter. Did you get any Valentine cards on St. Valentines Day? I got two.
We have a programme every Saturday on television called “The Rogues” – which I think is an American film Do you see it in America? It stars Charles Boyer, Gig Young, Gladys Cooper, David Niven and Robert Coote. We all enjoy it immensely. We also see another programme which is called “Bewitched” – starring Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York and Agnes Moorhead – I think it’s very good indeed.
How are you pets! Ours are fine. Did I tell you that last summer one of out tortoises got chewed up by the dog. Poor little thing- it died about a week afterwards. I gave Tammy (our dog) such a —- – but as he was a puppy then he didn’t really know what he was doing – he thought it was something to play with.
My little sister got a dolls pram for her birthday and this morning we put Tammy in it & let her push him around the room. He did look sweet and he didn’t mind until she tipped him up! Then he jumped out & retired to his basket!!
I think thats all the news.
Love from, Jennie
P.S. Hope to hear from you soon. Excuse my scrawl.

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, S. Devon, ENGLAND
June 25th
Dear Ilona,
Sorry I have not written sooner but have been very busy lately. I am afraid I’ve neglected all my penpals lately.
Mum brought me home a new dress which looks like this (drawing) pale blue (not a good drawing)
July 12th
Hello again,
I went out with Norman last Saturday and he is very nice. We saw a film today at school taken by the games master. It was when some boys from our school went to Gilbralter.
We had 3 exams today Geography, Maths and History. Norman finished his G.C.E. last Monday. Please excuse me writing in this colour but I haven’t any other because my pen ran out. I am absolutely crazy over the Birds record “Mr. Tambourine Man.” Its great & its no. 5 in our Hit parade.
Have you heard the Hollies record which is top of our hit parade? Its great. It’s called “I’m Alive”.
Do you like the Walker Brothers? I think they are great. Some of the girls of our school are crazy about their latest record & play it every opportunity the have.
At dinner break if it is raining we are allowed to have records in the main hall. We had them today& heard the Walker brothers, The Hollies, The Ivy League, (have you heard their latest its great). Of course the boys are not allowed to join in.
I must close now for I have my hair to wash and some Science to learn up.
Sorry I haven’t written for ages.
Love from
P.S. I got in an awful temper this evening because I rang up one of my friends and   letter ends