June 27-30 Making Supper

27  I finished The Boatswain’s Boy. It was a good book. I’m starting The White Rose of Stuart by Lillian de la Torre.
Tomorrow I’m going to make supper because mommy has to go to a funeral. Last Monday night Mr. Harmgart died of a blood clot.

28  Today the menu is: macaroni & cheese, pudding lemonade. Nattie is going to work at Richard Brothers. Today is her only day cause she is under age. She made $9.20.

29   Tody I finished The White Rose of Stuart. It’s a story about Flora McDonald who helped Bonnie Prince Charles escape.
I bought a mad comic book. Somebody wrote to Mad and said this
Some to strong
Some to light,
But Mad has
Got the trash
That’s right
That right. That’s right.

30  Today we’re going swimming. Dilliners Church is having a picnic at Lake Kilarney. It was fun. I had my new bathing suit on. I’ll put a piece in. There was a raft on the lake. I jumped off it quite a few times. It was it deep water. Karen, Nattie, Dagmar, Barney & I went out in a row boat. I also went out with daddy. We picked some water lilies. Two Sundays from now we might go to Point Pelee.

June 22-26

Today is the day of the party 31 people. There was Bob Logan, Karen & Doug Crossman, Sally and Barbara. No kids except me. Karen clung like glue to Bob. It was sick. Barbara was stuck up. Doug doesn’t know how to take his boose. Bob was really funny.
Renee had $122 dollars in cash. She got a clock, Lady Sunbeam. Blouse & gloves, jewelry case & necklace, pajamas & slip, Wayne jacket, and everybody else gave her money.

Aunt Herta & Uncle Vladas stayed over night last night and are staying over night tonight. Aunt Ruth told them to stay here and not go to her house. They have a Cutlass 63.

For the last couple of days I’ve been getting up at 12 oclock. I finished Renee and the Beckoning Road Started and finished Sixteen and other stories. Also started Light a single candle. Its about a girl who turns blind.

Got up a twevele o’clock. Went down to the dairy queen with Lynn Diedrich. We each had a blueberry Sunday, small.
I took 3 maps from the gas station. I thought they were free. When I found out they weren’t, I took them back.
Renee went to the beach with Doug.

Got up at the usual time, 12 o’clock noon. Daddy got his car checked over. I finished Light a single candle by Butler. A very good book. I started The Boatswain’s Boy by Dee Soe.
Renee went swimming with Karen.
Mommy and I looked for a bathing suit. We couldn’t find one that fit me, so mommy’s making it

June 18-21

     Yesterday I started Paintbox Summer by Cavanna.
Renee is going to graduate with a cord.
Today I finished Paint box Summer Started Stars in her Eyes by Cavanna.
I cleaned out my looseleaf.
I sang in the glee club at the graduation. The dresses were pretty. Charmin T. played the volin. Very good. I felt like I was up there.

Today is the last day of school. We had a party and spelldown. Lenard Miller won the spelldown. I got some autographs. We had cookies and ice cream. There were two flavors. Vanilla and chocolate. I took vanilla.
I stopped reading Stars in her Eyes. It doesn’t seem any good.
Renee is graudating today.

Renee graudated manga cam lada. She got a read and gold cord.
We’re getting ready for the party Saturday.
We went to a party store and got a couple bottles of: champang, vodka mixer, squirt, sprite and uptown. Daddy got two small bottle of chankang for Manfred & Hellmut. The man at the store gave us a bottle of pink champagne, free, for Renee.

I went to the library. Yesterday I got the book Miss Caroline. I’m now trying to get the book Hud.
I got Renee a card. It goes like this. Put on a smile to Face the Future  (inside) and the help wanted section. On the back I wrote P.S. Hope this (money), will hold over for awhile. And some more.)

June 14-17

Yesterday I went to the library with Lynn. I got six books 4 of folk songs etc., etc. 1 on the opera. Lynn and I thought it would be nice if we tried ballet. 1 on ballet.
Glee club met today I got about 100 complements on my dress. Pattern o^o^o^o^ Miss Kasakos is getting married Sunday. 1, 4 and 7 grade will only go half days in Sept. All extra activities will be cut off

Yesterday I finished Angel on Skis. Started A girl can dream. Both by Cavanna.
Today I finished A girl can dream. And started A scarlet sail also by Cavanna. Went up Redford and to the library and got Nattie and the Beckoning Road by Weber.
David McGlue is mad at me. I was chasing him and he fell of the fence. I slipped and now have a sprained ankle.

Karen Crossman, Renee and I went down to the dairy queen. I got a 10 cent dairy queen and had it dipped 15 cents. We saw so many police cars around there. One police car a police man almost fell out of the window looking at our dairy queens.
Two and a half more days of school. I’ve got an autograph book.

Patrice wore her dress that she made in homemaking. She looked like a cow. Everybody looked at her.
I got in trouble today. A teacher misunderstood something Patrice and I said. Polish it must of sounded like Polly shit. She said she is going to talk to Mr. Langen.
I went to the library with Patric Finished The Scarlet Sail

June 12-13

12    Glee club meet today. We’re getting ready for the graduation. We’re singing “This is my country”, “Gloria halliuia,” and Climbing up the mountain children.”
I finished A date with Diane by Cavanna. I started Angel on Skies also by Cavanna. I’m getting a BA in Social Studies.
Mr. McGlue isn’t taking anyone else to the parish picnic. I might get a new bathing suit

13     I got a 76% in arithmetic. Yesterday was the last day Houghten served hot lunches.
Murphy might not have violin lessons.
I took playroom duty with Patrice, because Joy went on a picnic. The kides were happy to see me. One kid said he likes me better then Joy.
Renee got me an autograph book. She is the first one to sign.

June 6-11 Lightening & Thunderstorms

6     I finished Pick a New Dream by Weber.
Today is the last meeting in catechism. We started to play baseball but it started to rain,  So, we went inside and played kick-ball.
Next year I’m going to have Pastor Wescott Jr. as my teacher.
I got a letter from Nancy Thorburn.

7      My mumu is finished, except for the belt, so, I have to go over the pockets.
I’m mad at Martha. She just gets on my nerves.
I started reading The Boy Next Door by Cavanna. Its good.
Doug Crossman came over. He gave me a piggy-back ride. It was fun.

8        I finished The Boy Next Door by Cavanna.
About 1 o’clock Sunday morning, I woke up. It was lighting out. Both my window were open. I called for mommy. Nobody came. Nattie finally came. I slept with here.
I went to the library. Asked then to reserve the book Renee and the Beckoning Road by Weber. It costs ten cents.

9         I finished Spring Comes Riding by Cavanna.
At McGlues we played Mr. Rainman. David Sue and I. There were two umbiralls. One person had the hose, and squirted the two other people.
It rained tonight. All the dirt on the lawn swan away. I really lighting & thundered.
Teddy was really scared.

10       This morning mommy cut my bangs. I put in a piece.
I’m going to get a BB in Social Studies. Almost good.
I wrote Nancy a letter.
Doug Crossman came over. He had something for daddy to translate.
It rained today. The trees were really swaying.
Mommy talked to Mr. Ritter. I might get a new violin if Murphy gives lessons.

11        This morning Bill Willurd. & Lenard Miller. were picking on me. They were hiting me, you know where! I really clawed Bill up.
Today Mr. Langen told us our marks. I got: English-A, Spell.-B, Hand.-A, Read.-A, Arith-CB
I got an A on my speech on the Aborigines. Mr. Langen said quote “A very high class report”, unquote
I went to glee club We rehearsed for the graudation.

June 1-5 School Kids Behaving Badly, 60’s style

1    I went up Redford this morning. While I was up there, I bought some radish, cucumber and lettuce seeds. My watermelons are growing pretty good.
I finished reading A Bright Star Falls.
Kathy M. came over. I have a blouse and top to give to her. We went around the block with daddy, I wrote on her back “Kick ME” in chalk. I put an X below that.

2     I cut my finger on a pin on one of my dolls. The one praying, to be exact.
We, mommy, daddy and I went to Dillners. I brought some mosquito chasers at the store there.
We played a game called “lemonade”. 1.-Here we come 2-where from 1-(a place) 2-whats your trade 1- lemonade 2-show me some you dirty bum 1-pick a trade, act it out.

3      We’re starting to give our term reports.
I handed my reports on Tippecanoe and Tyler too! Its about William Henry Harrison. Mrs. Marks has a piece of pizza pie on her desk. Don J. poked his pencil in it, smashed it and spat on it. Marks ate it, and said it tasted delesous. She didn’t know.

4       Yesterday I started reading Pick a New Dream by Weber. I’m half way through.
Today Nattie got her pictures. Two 5×8 in color Six pictures black & white in folders, and 50 walet photos. I have a photos and folder picture.

5        This afternoon one of the retarded children, Tommy, was chasing Arlene, Sally, Patrice Kathy and I. He was trying to kiss us. He tried to kiss me on my boobs.
I got a B on my Social Studies report.