February 26-29 Lying Friends


I stayed home today also.

The aborigines are what I am really giving my report on. I might as well get started on them.


Stayed home. Asked Lynn La. to bring home some books. She said she would. Mommy had to call Lynn at 8:00. Lynn seemed surprised. Mommy said she almost didn’t know what to say. Lynn said the boy in my desk had the books & was absent. I bet she didn’t even ask. If I know Lynn, she didn’t.


Stayed home again. My fever went up to 104. Mommy almost couldn’t get it down.

We went to the doctor, Dr. Zadeh. We changed doctors. He is from Iran. He was an exchange student. He said that I had tonsolites. I’ve had it about 4 times already.


Not leap year yet!


February 22, 23, 24 & 25 Ah, more Boy-Girl Fights


Today is Washingtons birthday. We had a pastry in Homemaking.

After school Lynn K. wanted to have a fight with me. I kicked him in the shins, real hard. He said to Danny M. & Floyd R. “She took half my leg along.” I said to him, (after I crossed the street), thats how you should fight.


Thursday I built a house out of the empty cardboard boxes daddy had from tiling the ceiling. Yesterday mommy took it down.

On Saturday Night at the movie we saw “The Presidents’ Lady”. ait was about Andrew Jackson. His wife smoked a pipe.

Tonight I had a fever of 102.


Today my fever is 100.2.

Teddy bit me. It started to bleed. Nobody but me knows It is on my third finger, left hand. 2bits.

Yesterday we went to Hauptmans. They finally got a dog. Part German Sheperd. When its on its hind legs its almost as tall as me (I’m 5’ 4”).


I didn’t go to school or orchestra today. So, nothing happened.

Renate went to the library and got me some books on Australia, for my semester report.

Yesterday Schulzen came over. Mrs. S. gave me a ring (the one with the gold center). Also, many pearl necklaces. A little headband. Mommy says they are expensive.


February 19, 20 & 21 Boys Like Girls?


Today in Sci., Lenard was trying to lift up my dress with his foot. He wouldn’t stop it, so I started hitting him with my fists. He quit. After he slamed the table on Patrice’s fingers. She said it hurt.

I’m in the Glee Club. I just found out today. Mommy says I can’t go. In a way I don’t want to go.

I said the second article in Catechism.


Lenard & I were fighting as usual. I’ve got one bruise feom yesterday, and one from today.

I saw Vaughn in Gym. He’s on my volleyball team.

Went to Modern Math.

O, Lenard started to call me Elsie. So, I’m going to call him Leonardo. He said his middle name is Eurnust. I’m going to call him Eurnusteen.



Lenard & I fought as usual. He’s calling me Oga. I just ignore him..

I said the second article Tuesday, and the third article today.

I got a new bridge on my violin yesterday.

In library, at school I am reading “Black Forest Summer”, by Mabel Ester Allan. At home Im reading “Betsy Napoleon” by Eaton.


February 17 & 18

Feb 17th

Mommy’s making me go to Dillners. I don’t want to go. I also have homework. At Dillners , Karen and I were talking about some very nasty things. We ate dinner in the basement cause there were so many people. Karen and I sat on the couch. Mommy gave us some balls to sit on cause we were so low. Karen was rolling off hers. Bernard didn’t give me any trouble.


Feb 18th

Nothing real good happened. I got 75% in Arithmetic. Mr. Langer said that wasn’t good! In Music I noticed Lenard looking at me. When I was going to orchestra, some teenagers in a car went right thru a puddle and got me wet on my right side. I had water all over my violin case, some on me.
Lynn D. and I aren’t friendly. I am reading “Black Forest Summer”.

February 15 & 16

Feb 15th
Lenard M. hit me on the head with a roll of paper. Lenard is cute. In Gym we had to dance for a couple of minutes. Don J. picked me. Lenard got stuck with Diane R. Diane wanted Don. Lenard didn’t want Diane. So, they switched.
Mr. Costa, gym teacher used me to show how to do the dance. Everything went fine in library. We’re going to some peoples house.

Feb 16th
Patrice and I went ice-skating today. to 2:15. We had a few arguments ‘bout who was the best skater. Also, about her ice skates.The hook is on the bottom. I say it should be sawed off, she says it shouldn’t. Susan was with us. Daddy was down for a while. Teddy found half of a squirrel. After, Sue and I got big chunks of snow. I must looked a sight carring them.

February 12 & 13

Today I did something real smart. I was getting ready to go to the library. My perfume sprayer wouldn’t work. I put it in front of my face and my finger goes down, pow right in the left eye. Man did that hurt. After a while my eye felt sort of hot. Now at 10:00 it feel just like my right eye. At the library I got Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Mommy just came in. Teddy is laying by me.

In library some kids were mixing up the books, and switching up the labels. Before Lynn L. and I went to Math, Lynn L. got a book. Mrs. Guire the library teacher asked us if we knew who the culprits were, I named Don J., Lynn named 4 other kids.
There was a spelling bee in school today. All together there were ‘bout 120 8th grader. I & 5 others went down on the word thorough.