Sweden? That’s Cool, Isn’t It…

Malmö den 8/5-63

Dear Ilona,
Thanks very much for the letter. It’s time to have a girl as a pen-pal. I have only got letters from boys.
I am in public school of the 7th grade. Schooltime from 8AM to 3PM except Fridays when we exercise cooking at the school. Do you take cooking lessons? I study Swedish, English, German and could have chosen French but I decided to wait. We even take a lot of general lessons as History, Geography, Mats and so on. Our gym lessons do we mostly spend in the swimming-pool, we even practice soccer. In about fourteen days we will go to Norway and stay there eight days It will be a kind of camp-school.
Have a brother with the name Johan and a nine years old sister with the name Marina. My father is at sea as a radioperator on the passenger ship “KUNGSHOLM.”
I send here a few Swedish stamps to you will you please send a few American stamps to me? Which countries do you collect? I have to say good-bye for now. Have so many other letters to replay.
Your friend
Björn Herder
PS Write soon DS.

A Friend in Tawas Checks Back

RR2 Box 45C
Tawas City, Mich
Jan. 17, 1963

Dear Ilona,
I got your letter today. Its good to hear from you again. Don’t tell Lynn but I don’t like flute very well either. In the beginning band here and I’m starting trumpet. You may not like that either.
I have a German girl in my class. She was born in Germany, too. She’s at home in bed getting over hepatitis. She first came home from the hospital. It began in school when she asks me if she she looks yellow. I said “Yes!”. The teacher took her home. My mom got worried and said I had to get a shot. I didn’t get it in my arm, but somewhere else.
This Sunday I’m going to the Shrine Circus in Saginaw. Six kids get to go from fifth and sixth grade. The kids in my class voted for the “good citizens”, and I was one of them!
Will you ask Lynn if she recently got a letter from me? I’m not sure if my mom mailed it. Well I have to go.
Afeederzane,                                                                                                                                                                     Cindy

P.S. Write Soon.
P.P.S. What’s Lynn’s new address

You Have Mail – Pen Pal from Poland!

Anna Urbanowicz
Ul. Swierczewskiego 64 m 102.
PolandDecember 19, 1963

Dear Ilona,

Thank You very much for Your letter and beautiful postcards. They enjoyed me and I am glad, that we may write one to another.

In this month (January) you are your birthday and of cause I wish You many happy returns of the day, good luck and (god) good health. With this letter I send You a little keepsake It is a little wooden doll in our national dress and Polish chocolate to taste.

About two month ago I have receive from my friend-girl a little white mouse. Her name is “Gryzunia”. (that means “to bite” or “to gnaw”) She is very funny. When she is anger she hits with her tail on floor and when she is excited than her tail stays straight or whole length. She gnaw all on her way. You asme when is my birthday. I was born on January 4, that is, on the same month as you. I was in all those places which are on the postcards that you got from me.

On the end of my letter I will tell you about the death of Your President Mr. Kennedy. The people of Poland was very sad and desperate. In Warsaw, in our cathedral church there was a mass for his soul. There were a great crowds before the church, because there was no place within. It is a damage that such a great man is dead

That’s all
Yours very truly

PS. Kind regards to Your parents and sister.