Nancy Fesses Up to Knowing Jean

Rt. 2 Box 160
Milbank S. Dak 57252
Oct. 22, 1963
Dear Ilona,
I am real happy that you wrote. For awhile I thought you weren’t going to write.
In my first letter I forgot to tell you what I look like. I am 5 ft. 3 in, I have blond hair, blue eyes and I weigh 105 lb.
My mother work sometimes. She sells trichem paint (in tubes.) She has parties for that. Different ladies invite people (women) to their homes.
Do you know a girl named Jean Brandt? She and I go to school together. We have Reading, Arithmetic, Language, Social Studies, Science, Spelling, art, and we are going to start civics pretty soon.
My brother was in the hospital all last week. He had his apentics out. (If I didn’t spell apentics right please excuse me).
The only instrument I play is the piano. When I get in High School I want to play the clarinet.
Do you have a roller skating riks? We do. I go the first Monday of every month.
Yours Truly
Nancy Brown

Are English Children Naturally Better Spoken

“Cross Gate”
Shute Hill,
Nr. Teignmouth
S. Devon

September, 14th
Dear Ilona,
Thank you for your beautifully typed letter. I am going back to school on September 19th, so I won’t be able to write to you so often.
After our holiday in Yorkshire I received 3 “Airmail Letters”. So I have now 3 American penfriends & 1 Swedish pen-pal including you. Do you speak of yourself as an American or a German?
It was kind of you to send me that postcard so I have enclosed this one of when we wnt to visit York (which is a city) There is a wall all the way round it and huge gates. Whilst we were there we went to York museum, which was very nice. There was an underground street off about 200 or 300 yrs. ago. In the street were 2 stuffed horses each buckled on to a carriage with a driver. There was a police station down the (which was very old), and, also there was a candle makers shop were candles which were meant to be hanging up to get dry. My brother thought they were sausages!!!!!! There was a stuffed cow with other farm things (old ploughs etc.) We were all looking at it, that we didn’t notice a man behind us. He made a terrific moo-moo that we thought it was the stuffed cow. It did give us a fright!!
Have you ever been abroad? If so, – where? I have only been to Jersey. Have you ever heard of Jersey?
It really has been wonderful weather in Devon for the past 6 days, even though it is very near winter.
I bought myself a souvenir (sorry about spelling) from Harrogate or rather Dad bought me it. As you may know I collect foreign dolls and Dad bought me a Doll to go with them, & it is very sweet.
Must close now.
P.S. Hope you will write soon.
P.P.S. Give a pat for Teddy (is that his name?) from me – please. Sorry the card had to be folded!

Poland Girl Very Formal – She Explains

Warsaw, Poland
Sept 1963
Dear Ilona.
Thank you very much for Your letter and excuse me for delay in my answer. I must tell You truth, that all my letters to You translate on English my father. But I learn English also, and I suppose that in the nearest future I will write to You without and help of my Daddy.
I have not any sister or brother in my family. My father was born in Lwow (Lemberg), my Mother in Warsaw and me in Wroclaw (Breslau). My oncle who live not in Wroclaw is a professor of German language on the Wroclaw university.
Thus You know all about my family.
Now a few words aboud my school. I am attending to fifth class and I got new scholar books. It is important because we have a new program I will learn twelve years but my friends who are in older stages will learn only eleven years.
My books are very nice with pictures in beautiful colours. I am very curious what are your books. If You agree I send you Polish book.
In my school I learn exept English also Russian. In this letter I send You a few postcards. They are from Warsaw and I don’t need give you informations because on the rear side of the cards there are English explanations.
Thank you for Your postcard. Really Detroit is very beautiful at night and I know a little Your city from books that I read.
That’s all for present. Please write to me again.
Your sincerly
Kind regards to Your parents and sister.

Ooooh Brits Always Sound Posh

August 4th
“Cross Gate”
Shute Hill,
Nr. Teignmouth
S. Devon

Dear Ilona,
I noticed your desire for a pen-pal in the Christian Science Monitor, so I wondered whether you would like to become my pen-pal.
I live in the country in a village. My pets are Flip and Flap (goldfish), Timmy and Tommy (tortoises), and Bobby our budgerigar (who is only a baby.) My interests are music, collecting foreign dolls, collecting post-cards of dogs and stamp collecting. Do you collect anything? Have you any pets?
Are you a Christian Scientist? We have quite a big garden which is a ¼ of an acre. Is your garden big? I have 2 sisters and one brother. My eldest sister is called Hazel, second eldest is me, third eldest is David, fourth eldest is Peggyanne. Have you any brothers and sisters?
Have you ever been to England? When does your vacation end? Mine ends on September 16th. I am in a senior school (I’m 13) in the 3rd year. In other words I’ve been at the senior school for nearly 3 yrs. Our school is called SANFORD ORLEIGH, which is in Newton Abott which is about 4 mls. away from our house.
Have you been or are you going anywhere for your vacation? We are going to Yorkshire which is in England, to see relations etc!
Hoping you will write soon.

Yours,                                                                                                                                                               Jennifer Dean

Michigan Training Center Pen Pal – A Reform School?

P. McAllister
Box 492
Ionia, Mich

Dear Ilona,                                                                                                                     8/18/63
This is going to be a rather hard letter for me to write, because I know very little about you, and you know nothing about me.
I guess I should start by telling you where I got your address, and why I am writting to you. I got your address out of the Christian Science Monitor mail bag.  I’m writting you because I have similar interest as yours.
I guess I should also tell you a little about my self. I am 15 years old, I’m from Detroit Mich. But at the present time I’m living in Ionia Mich., I have light brown wavy hair, deep blue eyes, I stand 5 foot 9 inches and weigh 165. My hobbies are, dancing, swimming, football, listening to new records and most of all writing short poems. My full name is Patrick Frank McAllister, but all my friends call me “Mac” and I hope you will too.
If you would be so kind, I would like to have a picture of you that I may keep.
Well Elena, I can’t think of much more to say right now, but I will write more next time. Please write soon? I will be waiting to hear from you.
Love From A Friend

P. McAllister
Box 492
Ionia, Mich
August 27, 1963

Dear Ilona,
I received your most welcome letter today and was glad you answered my letter.
You ask how many people are in my family. Well I have six sisters and three brothers. Three of my sisters are married and one of my brothers is in the Navy.
You also ask if I could send you a picture of myself. Well at the present time it is not possible. But as soon as I get one, I’ll send it to you.
No I don’t live on a farm. I’m at the Michigan Training Unit in Ionia. I live in Detroit near 7 mile and Woodward. Near The State Fair.
I’m here to learn how to cook. I plan on being a cook. Right now I can’t cook to well but I’m learning. Do you like to cook? If so what do you like to cook most of all.
I’m also on a football team up here. The name of the team is “Hells Angles” I play center. That is the guy that hikes the ball.
Please excuse my writing I just got my arm out of a cast a couple weeks ago, and it is still a little hard for me to write.
Well Ilona, I’ll close for this time hoping to hear from you again real soon.

Sincerely Yours


Warsaw Introduction

Warsaw, August 11. 1963r.

Dear Ilona,
My daddy has read in “the Christian Science Monitor” that You would like to have a pen pal anywhere in the world.
I would like also to write-to any girl abroad and I am very iglag to find Your advertisement.
I am Pole, my name is Ania Urbanowicz, I am eleven years old, and I live with my parents in Warsaw – the Polish capital.
I should like tp present my country to You it is very old In these times we Celebrate thousandth anniversary of our country.
In Warsaw they are many beautiful relics and monuments. One of the most beautiful is a palace named “Lazienki”. It was our last King August Poniatowski summer residence. In other part of our city is other palace “Wilanowski”. It was built by our Kind Jan Sobieski, who conquered in ancient times Turkish army in Vienna.
I will send You post cards with photos of these two palaces and a few cards with drawings of our national dances.
Please write to me about Your Contry and about City in which You live.

Yours very truly.


More News from Tawas – School‘s Out

Tawas City, Mich

June 5, 1963
Dear Ilona,
I’m so very sorry I didn’t write sooner. I’m just so very busy.
We get out of school Friday June 7. When do you get out. We are having half days now till Friday.
The weather is really nice up here now It’s supposed to get up to 92 today.
We can go swimming in about a week, if the lake warms up. Lots of people have been swimming though.
Does Tina Brandt still go to Houghton? If she does tell her “hi” for me.
I’m a Girl Scout now, and we are going on an overnight at Silver Valley on the last day of school. We sure are going to have fun. Well I have to go now.
Love, Cindy
P.S. I miss you so write soon! (even if I don’t)


June 20, 1963
Dear Ilona,
No, I didn’t hear about the milage. Does it go on in all Detroit schools?
The night before last we (my girl friends and I) slept in a tent. We got up about 5 o’clock in the morning.
The weather is odd here now. Yesterday it was pretty hot, and today it’s cold. Also we had tornado warrening yesterday.
No, I don’t have any pen pals. Where do you find out their addresses? If you could would you just send me the name and address of a girl, about 12, from another country?
Do you still have your dog?
Ask Lynn if received my letter.

Yours truly,
Cindy Hemphill

P.S. Don’t forget to send me one of your pictures when they’re taken.
P.S.S. I miss you.

Nancy from Stow, Mass. Writes

Stow, Mass.

May 31, 1963

Dear Ilona,
I was very happy to get your letter. Please excuse my not writing right away but I have been trying to find a picture of myself. No success. I will send one in my next letter. Would you send me one of you?
I am 5” 4” tall. Grey blue eyes, dark blonde hair etc. What do you look like?
You say that you are German. Did you ever live in Germany? If you did, what was it like over there?
Do you have very many pen pals? I have one in Japan, one in Indonesia, and 5 in the U.S. including you. Quite a few, huh? Tonight I am going to get up the nerve to write to all at once. That will be some trick, huh?
Well tell me about yourself. Please write soon.
Your Pen Pal,


Jan 29 1963

C. Hemphill
RR2 Box 45C
Tawas City, Mich

Dear Ilona,
Tina’s lucky to have her horse. Have you seen him? (or her). Do you still have your dog? What’s his name again? Do you still skate at Redford Golf Course.  Do you remember the time I lent a nickel to you to call your dad because you fell. We have a Siamese kitten. He sure bites. (playfully)
Hepatitis is a disease. The German girls name is Elvira Lepard. I think she speaks a little German. And I think she was three when she came to the United States. I think Lynn is nice. I’ve got to go

Letter from a Philippine Sanatorium

Dec. 21, 1963
Culion Sanitarium
Culion Palawan
Philippine Islands

Dear Pal Ilona,

First of all I would like to send my best regard to you and to your family. Maybe this will puzzle your mind about this letter and who this stranger happened to know you. I wish to introduce my humble self to you.

I am a lady with sickly parents, both of us were victimized by a most dreadful disease of mankind called Leprosy. My parents are both invalid, they can not work anymore. We are poor. We are only depending upon out ration, but our ration is not enough. This Culion is designed by our Government exclusively for us to live and die. This is far from my hometown. This Culion is surrounded by a water.

My sole purpose of writing you this letter is to be come a friend of yours. I think this is the only means to encounter my endless sufferings, sorrows and poverty. Yet in doing so, we can find out hearts although you are far from me.

My name is Maxima Coyangco. I was born on November 18, 1941, so I am now 22 yers of age. I have one sister, she is not married and they have one child, a baby girl.

Before I forget, I hope you will answer this humble letter of mine. I’ll pray to God that she will give a long life on this earth. I’ll promise you that you and your family, will include in my daily prayers. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless you. Hearing from you soon.

Your New Pal,
Maxima Coyanco