Quite a Chatty Beatle Fan in England

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, Bishopsteignton, S. Devon ENGLAND.
Tuesday 28th April
Dear Ilona,
Thanks for your letter. We went up to Gloucester for our Easter hols. My brother & I stayed at Hazel’s (my sister) we took our puppy with us too.
I have got pictures of ‘Beatles’ on the back of my bedroom door. I have also got pictures of other various groups on my wall. It is at the wall behind my door, (it is behind the door when my door is open) so if dad arrives & comes in my bedroom he can’t see them!!!
Just lately I have been reading some very exciting books. The author of them is AGATHA CHRISTIE, (have you ever heard of her?) Her stories are about detectives & murders. The one I am reading at the moment is called “Death in the Clouds.” The story features Mousier Pierot who is one of AGATHA CHRISTIE’S fiction detectives. It is about these people in an aeroplane & suddenly one of them is murdered. The question is – WHO DID IT??!! But I haven’t found that out yet!
In our hit parade in England the Beatles’ have dropped down third. Here is a copy of who is at the top!

  1. World Without Love – Peter & Gordon
  2. I Believe – The Bachelors.
  3. Can’t Buy me Love – ‘The Beatles’
  4. ——–
  5. ———-The Applejacks

I don’t know what is No. 4 yet, & I have forgotten the title of the Applejack’s record, but its fab
What do you play at games at your school?? In the winter we play:-
Hocky, Netball & the Boys play Rugby, football & do cross country. In the summer we play:-
Rounders, tennis & go swimming & the boys play tennis, do long jump etc., go swimming & play archery.
The Records I have are:-
Twist & shout – The Beatles (E.P)
I want to lold your hand – the Beatles
She loves you – the Beatles.
How do you do it – Gerry & the Pacemakers
Summer Hop – Cliff Richards
Matador from Trinidad – Russ Conway
Top Hat – Fred Astaire (E.P.)
At school recently (last term) I made a lamp shade (out of Reaffis & a frame) We (the other girls & I) made them in the Art lesson. Mine is pale Bule (the real colour is called CE BLUE.) this Term (in Art) I am going to MOSAIC. With pieces of coloured paper.
My little sister Peggyanne is now growing up very fast. She is now 1yr. 3mths. Old & walks up & down the stiars & runs in & out of the rooms. She can now say, Mumma, dada, ra,ra, gone, doggy, wuff, wuff, miew, moo, baa & cluck!!! She loves our puppy (who if now about 7 mths. Old) and hugs him. How is your dog? How is your turtle?
I have just returned from the bathroom & have been watching Peggyanny having a bath. By the way I forgot to mention to you that she also says, ssh! & tickle, tickle.
On Sunday I took a super shot of Tammy (pup) & of Peggyanne on her rocking horse. (on my camera)
Do you have your G.C.E. in America? In a few years I will be taking it, so I’m swoting hard. I hope to take (in my G.C.E.) English, French, Domestic Science, History, Geography & perhaps Latin.
Must close now for I have got to get my Prep. Done.
P.S. Hope you write soon.

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, Bishopsteignton, S. Devon ENGLAND.
Dear Ilona,
Thanks for your letter. You lucky thing having the Beatles in Detroit. As you might know the Beatles live in Liverpool which is miles away from here & they have been through Newton Abbot (the town in which I got to school – 4 miles away from Bishop.) & that was when I was at school. I enjoyed the film when I went to see it. Who do you think was the best actor? I thought Ringo. How about Paul’s screen grandfather – played by Wilfred Brambell? He is in ‘Steptoe & Son’ – a comedy programme on T.V.
I must close now – mum has told me to get my bath.
S’cuse the scribble.

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, Bishopsteignton, S. Devon ENGLAND.
Dear Ilona,
I have forgotten who’s turn it is to write! Anyway hope you are well.
We have just been on holiday to N. Wales. Have you heard of it? Did I tell you I have a new pen-pal as well as you? She is from Norway & is very sweet.
Have you seen the BEATLES film – “IT’S A HARD DAYS NIGHT”? I have & its very funny – I think Ringo is the best actor & the funniest in it.
We are having a lovely vacation & the weather here is fab.
I am writing this letter in bed (I’m supposed to be asleep) – so bye for now.
P.S. Please write soon.

1964 Chain Letter – Horrors!

Box 182
Woodstock, Vermont
Aug 1964
Dear Ilona,

Since you would like to have a pen pal, I have sent you this legal, really work-ing chain letter. I tried it and it got me a whole lot of new pen pals (England, Virginia, Conn., Ohio, Calif., New Jersey, New Hampshire, and a few other states), so please don’t break it.
Chain letter
Please send a picture postcard of your state (or a letter0 to the first person on this list wintin 5 days. Copy this letter 6 times, leaving off the top name and adding you name at the bottom; and send the copies to 6 friends. In 90 days you will receive 140 cards from all over the U.S. and different countries. Please do not break this chain. It is legal, and allowed by the Post Office. We are counting on you, so PLEASE try.

7 names and addresses listed

Curious – no name given!

Different Cultures – Understanding Indonesia and Nigeria

Idjen 45 – Phone 4544
MALANG (Indonesia)
Malang, April 22, 1964
My dear Ilona,
How glad to received your first letter, and honestly you are the first pen pal of mine. I live in Malang of East Java, it is a mountain 444 meters high about the level of the sea. Malang is a small town but we can get everything we wanted, such as schools, movies, swimming pools, shops and sightseeing places and the climate is always cool.
I have 3 small sister named Fei Ling, Siu Ling and Han Ling, they are 8, 6 years and 3 month old, and don’t forget my lovely dog, named Lessie with white fur.
I send 2 photos to you which I hope to get your family photos later on. I collect many stamps especially overseas stamp all over the world. Don’t you like stamps?
My father have a modern home-furniture industry. Which he draw and produce it in the town, sometime I shall send you some lovely photos of it kind. Now, Ilona, my name is AyLing not ay Hing as what you write on your first letter, please remind it. Thanks to you for your kindness and greeting to your sister and parents.
Sincerely yours
Go Ay Ling

T.A.B. Owoyele, 2, Inasa court, Lagos, Nigeria
September 1964
Dearest Ilona
I am very suprice when I saw your letter on Monday, and I had in the letter that you have wrote it since APRIL 18th 1964.
Please don’t think that am a poor or lazzy pen-pal I don’t know that you wrote a letter to me. I have passed out my first school leving Certificate in 1963. But know I am Eletrical, so if you have any book in Eletricen please sen it to me. Know I am 15 year old. The meaning of T.A.B. is TAJUDEEN ALANI BHBATUNDE My father had died but my grandfather is a DROMER.
Please if you have more pen-pal send it to me
Thank your faithfully TAB Owoyele


May 2 & 17 Church Confirmation

May 2 Today Mommy, Beany, Mrs. Schulz, and I went to Hudsons. I got material for my confirmation dress. I also got my heels. Mommy is collecting the money for the conf. My shoes have stacked heels. They’re comfirtable.
I got in trouble last nigh. Daddy almost belted me one.
I belong to the Bob Green Fan club. I sent the money for the Beatle Fan Club.
I have about 140 Beatle cards.
Hinkles dog had puppies. They are just carling. They’re so furry. Kids in my homeroom class:
Terri Brown, Debbie Cochrane, Sandra Cruse, Carolyn Dulanney, Judy Fagerland, Charlene Gibbons, Darlene Kos, Debbit Meadows, Kathy Millard, Sally Tumakuski, Valeria Smith, Carol Neil, Bill Dewey, Bill Hover, John Harrison, Riley Mahar, Bruce Wright, Lenny Miller, David Miller, Ronald Meyer, Bob Lauriela, Alan Verley, Ken Yessey, Bob Anderson, Larry Green, Ken Portis, Melvin McIntosh (Negro), Chuck Prater, Chris Barlett, Duane Swan

May 17 This is a big day in my life. I was confirmed, at Redford Lutheran Church by Pastor Edward Westcott. Mommy said the pastor smiled the time Rebbecca W. came up and the time I came up for my blessings and certificate. I almost triped once. I took my first communion. I had a light blue dress.

It was grand.

Last entry of 1964


Life Sounds Good on the South Dakota Prairie

Rt 2 Box 160
Milbank, S.D. 57252
April 5, 1964
Dear Ilona,
I got your letter yesterday. I was glad to get it and so was my sister because she was wondering if Kathy would write to her. She was glad to hear that she would. When Loretta found out when her birthday was she started to laugh because my sister will also be 11 April 22.
Today we were at my Grandma & Grandpa Skaaress for dinner. Then about 2:00 we wnet skating with our second cousins who are 6 & 7 ½ years old. We are also going skating tomorrow night. When we got home my Grandpa Brown came over and said my Great Grandpa Dragt had died this morning.
In school I was the Y.C.L. Delegate. I had to write a speech and give it to the superintendent. It was picked for one of the top seven. I gave it Monday and I got 2nd place. Now I get to go to the capital of our state Pierre for 3 days. There are 3 others going besides me 2 more boys and 1 more girl. I am going May 4,5,& 6. My mother made me dress already and is going to make me one one more dress & a pair of pajamas to take along. Yesterday when we were cleaning I stuck my had out the upstairs window to shake a rug and the window fell on it. My fingers weren’t broken but just got black & blue.
What church to you got to? We go to the American Lutheran Church. We have our service at 10:45 and Sunday School at 9:30.
My mother s birthday is tomorrow the 6th. For her birthday we got her a charcoal suitcase. We are going to have a surprise birthday party Tuesday night, but she thinks we forgot all about her birthday.
I can’t think of any more so will quit. I have to hurry and get this in the envelope so my mother won’t read about her birthday.
Write soon
P.S. Please send me some Beatle cards.

Rt 2 Box 160
Milbank, S.D. 57252
May 12, 1964
Dear Ilona,
Jean is fine and so are most of my fiends.Today in school she broke her glasses.They broke off right near the lens.
We have one day of school left,but we have to go to school on Thursday for our picnic.After the picnic we are going bowling.Then on Friday we have to go to school for about five minutes to get our report cards.
Yes,my sister did have a happy birthday.The girls from out school and the teacher came over after school for her party.
Yes, I would like a bookcover from your school.
I like the”Beatle” cards.Ia ma always going to take them to school and show them to Jean.My favorites Beatle is John Who is your Favorite?
To explain my trip and tell about it would take to long.I will send you a copy of my report in my next letter.
Yes,I have heard of Watertown.In fact we live so close we sometimes go shopping there. Its about forty miles from here.
Would you please send me a picture of yourself? I am very anxious to see what you look like.
I have to got to bed now because we have tests tomorrow so I will quit.
Your friend,
P.S. My brother said he would get a bookcover from Milbank High School. I will send it in my next letter.
Was the tornado in Michigan near Detroit?

Rt 2 Box 160
Milbank, S.D. 57252
June 9, 1964
Dear Ilona,
I got your letter yesterday so I decided to write right away because I didn’t have anything else to do.
Yes, I got the bookcover. I think it is real nice.
I would very much like to have one of your comfirmation,because I am anxious to see what you look like.I haven’teven started comfirmation yet,but I will start this fall.I have to go to comfirmation for two years before I get confirmed . I will be a freshman when I get confirmed.
I have found a girl who will write to shelly.Her name is connie dragt.She is my seond cousin.Her address is just Twin Brooks,South Dakota.
Do you think you will have a hard time to find something to do when you get out of school.I sure do now that school is out.I get the dishes done up along with my sister and then I go watch T.V. until it’s time to getva meal again.We have to straighten up the house of course,but that doesn’t take long.
My sister finally wrote a letter to Kathy.She lost Kathy’s address so she sent it to your address,so if you have gotten a letter addressed with Kathy’s name on it give it her if you haven’t already done so.
Do you know how to swim?I don’t really but I am learning from seeing other people swim .Id o Know how to do some of the float On the last or second to the last Tuesday of every June we have a Dragt family reunion in Minnesota. The place we go to has a swimming pool,so you see we get to go swimming in a swimming pool once a year.
I can’t think of much more so I guess this will be all.Please write soon.
Yours truly,
Nancy Ann Brown
P.S. Yes,I do like stamp collecting. I have an album to put them in . I am enclosing a stamp for you.

Rt 2 Box 160
Milbank, S.D. 57252
Aug. 4, 1964
Dear Ilona,
I’m very sorry I didn’t write sooner, but I have been real busy and everything’s in a mess right now. We are building a bathroom and a livingroom. Our old living is real small. The carpenters started a week ago yesterday. It will be all done a week from today.
I don’t know what the top hits are but my favorite siners are 4 Seasons & the Beach Boys
Sunday I went to the show Beach Party that was real good! Two weeks ago Sunday I went to Advance to the Rear. That sure was good. Last night I went roller skating.
On the 4th of July we had a picnic with some relatives at the Milbank park.
I am watching T.V. and I can’t think of anything else so I’ll quit
Love, Nancy

Indonesia and Nigeria – English is not their First Language

Miss: Go Ay hing
Djl Idjen 4
Malang Indonesia
Dear Ilona,
Some days ago I got your address from my cousin.
She says that you are looking for a pen friend and I will be glad to write you.
My name is Ay Ling I am ten years old and I am in the fifth class of the elementary school of the sisters I am a girl.
My hobbies are drawing, collecting stamps, souvenirs and pictures
I like christmas cards and pictures Jesus and Mary
Where do you go to school? In which class are you?
Where do you live in big or small town?How many season has your town? I live in Malanga cold town in eastern Java.
We have two seasons a day and a rainy season
Now we are in the rainy seasons.
How many sisters are you? And
How many brother are you?
I have three sisters Her name is Elfe, Sive hing, Han hing
I think I have written enough.
Will you write me soon?
Ay hing

T.A.B. Owoyele
2, Inasa court
Lagos, Nigeria
April 1964
Dearest Ilona,
I am very surprised when I see your letter and the greatting card which you put in the letter, and I got it on the 5th of april 1964 and as soon I got the letter and —? To post office to buy Airmail to reply it. I hope that you are in good condition of health. Hope your work is going on well
Please when you want to reply this letter send me some name of yor friend and your picture as quickly as possible.
Tank You
I am you faithfully