May 5-8 Grade Problems


May May 5

May 6 I didn’t pass William Tell because I didn’t play it fast enough. Mommy might get me a arithmetic book so I can check my work and get higher scores.

We played password in art. I gave two words Compose and Dalmatiam.

May 7 I’m getting rattie marks on my report card. Mommy isn’t exactly proud.

Mommy says I’m going to have to quite glee club and stop taking playroom duty. I’m done with Girls girls girls.

Now I’m reading Mrs. Darlings Daughter

May 8 Todays the day. I got my first D. Of all things, I got it in reading. We take test. I was absent for one and got 52% on the other I will problay get kicked out of College Prep club.

Finished Mrs Darlings Daughter Started Nattie Has a Sercet Life by Weber.

May 1-4 Pen Pal -Sweden

1st Nattie takes the Christian Science Monitor for school. In it I found a 14 year old boy who lives in Malmo Sweden who wants a pen pal. Sounds interesting.

2nd I left for school at 8:15. Today is the day College Prep goes to Northville State Hospital. It was worth missing half a day of school. We got back at 12:30. Ate lunch, then Patrice and I took Playroom duty, then went for our violin lesson I wore my easter suit and nylons.

Finished Minnetonka Summer.

3rd In homemaking I sewed my first pocket on. Now I have the other pocket to do. It was almost perfect.

Mommy made Nattie a wraparound skirt. I liked it, so Mommy is going to make me one of blue material, and a blue and white checked blouse.

4th Haupt….’s had to go to a wedding, and couldn’t take Monica. So, they bought Monica over here. I baby-sitted her. I went to the mail box with her to mail my letter to Björn. Later we went down to the river to pick violets. Mr. Haupt…. gave me a dollar for baby-sitting her.

I went to the library. Now I’m reading Girls, girls, by Ferris.

April 29 & 30 Mumu

29 I got a 76% on a test in Social Studies.

I drew a monogram. Its something like this

I got a EC in English. I got the E ‘cause I forgot to hand in a paper, the C I got on my one week diary.

30 In homemaking I sewed the seams on my mumu.

I went to glee club. Tonight I asked Mommy If I could stay in glee club if the was a meeting while I was in homeroom I wouldn’t go. She said yes. Yipee!

I started reading A Minnetonka Summer by Dahl.

April 26, 27, 28

26 The College Prep club is going to Northville State Hoslipal next Thursday.

In Gym we the class did one 50 yard dash. My time was 7.5, Pat was 7.9, Lynn L. was 8.0!

In science Mr. Emerson got some calfs hearts from Food Fair already cut in half. At our table, the heart was cut the rest by John H. & Lenard M. I was in the middle of the two. The heart in front of me.

27 I finished Treasure Island. I am now reading The House of the Filers by Cavdill. Seams good.

Teddy made poo on Cro……. lawn. Nattie might get a job at Dr. Ze… office. The violets are really starting to bloom.

I finished my poster for the T. HOUGHTEN FAIR MAY 10 6:00-9:30

28 Nattie and I went to church. Pastor Wes….. Jr. preached. The choir goofed. They all started out flat.

Pastor Stre.. was there. He wanted Mommy & Daddy to plega on something. Mommy & Daddy knew this so they purposely left before he came.

Haupt….s gave us some whiskey filled candies.

April 23, 24, 25

23 I stay-stiched my mumu in homemaking. Friday I am going to sew the two pieces together.

In catechism I said I first part to the Scrament of Holy Baptism. I was baptism on Mommys wedding day, or anniversary, April 4, in 1951.

24 We picked teams for baseball today. Tina B. is captain, I’m assisant Marie G. is my assisant. Martha S. , Patrice T., Bonnie H., Nancy L. are on our team also.

25 We took playroom dirt outside. They, the kids, were pretty good today.

There was a College Prep meeting the same time Patrice, Charmin and I had to go to volin. So I wrote I’m on the board for Mr. Ritter Charmin, Payrice & I had to go to a College Prep meeting. We will be back at about 2:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

You great volinist,

April 20, 21, 22

20 Kathy McG. stayed for lunch. She was over here almost all day. We saw Hinkles puppies. They are really frisky.

Kathy and Janet spent most of yesterday and a little of today cleaning off the oil spots on Mrs. Dies driveway. She paid them each 15cents.

Bought ice-cream from Gordie.

21 We, Mommy daddy and I went to Heckyville to look for a truck. I think we are going to buy a ranchero.

I called up Lynn L. and she said that Barbara broke her right arm today.

School tomorrow

22 Went to orchestra. almost couldn’t go because Lynn and Dry D and I, didn’t have anybody to pick us up. Mrs. D. finally got their neighbor Mrs. Derry.

The piece of white hair is from Teddys tail.

April 15-19

15 I told Doug C. that if he lays his head on Natties lap again I do what Daddy told me to do. Squirt him with the hose.

16 Nothing happen today. Nattie and I took a walk in the cemetery, we wanted to see where the trucks are dumping their dirt. One graves date of death was 1928.

I finished reading the Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson.

17 I started Famous Mysteries of the Sea by Lauber. I also finished it today.

Hinkle’s, or Dusty’s puppies can see, smell, hear, bark and walk. One person has requested for one of the puppies.

18 Went to the library. I’m now reading Treasure Island, by Stevenson.

I’ve got to go to the dentists. I have a tooth with a cavitie, which my tounge catches on. I put a little piece of cotton in the hole. Feels a little better.

19 The people, across the street, moved in today.

Kathy McG. and Janet R. are going to make a beach dress.

Gordie the icecream man came by. I bought some.