Japan first Pen Pal Talking Politics

9 Takada Simoji, Fukul Atrimi-cho Atumi-gun, Aiti-ken Japan
March 16
Dear Ilona
I am really sorry that my answer was late.
Yesterday, my letter which I sent to you two months ago was sent back to me. Addressee unknown was the reason.
I mistook your address.
I am really sorry.(Name in Japanese characters)

January 29
Dear Miss Ilona
I am really sorry that I didn’t write sooner. I have been cold this week. But I am very well now.
Thank you very much for fine stamps and pictures. I am very happy.
You said that introduce a penpal for me, didn’t you?
If you do, I wish a boy about sixteen, of course, I will keep on writting to you. I studied at high school about Detroit which you live.
So I know something about it.
Atsumi-cho, which I live isn’t so famouse. Place. But here is known as a sight seeing town. I will sent a port card to you in the near future. I hope you like it.
Who are your favorite stars?
I love The Beatles, The Ventures, S. Vartan, A. Margret, Beach Boys, The Animals, France Gall etc.
I love The Beatles best of all.
I was disappointed that George got married. Who do you love best of the four?
I also love go to see the movies.
But I have no theater which shows foreign films near by house.
So I go to see the movies at a city which it takes an hour by bus.
I do love to watch at television. I see, Sunset Strip 77, The Fugitive, Hollywood a Go Go, Get smart etc
What Japanese programs do you see?
Do you like Japanese stars?
I like Ken Yamauti, The Reanuts and Yuzo. Kayama etc.
My house is a timber dealer.
It is connected with your father, isn’t it? I must consult a English-Japanese Dictionary when read you letter.
Because I don’t know English words so much. I study English at school. But I don’t like English, but I like mathematics. Do you know Japanese?
My name is here: (Japanese )
Japan is: ——-
Your country, America is here: ——–
I will be waiting for your letter.
Good-bye Hiroko
P.S I also enclosed The Beatles’ pictures. I hope you like them.

9 Takada Simoji, Fukul Atrimi-cho Atumi-gun, Aiti-ken Japan
May 31, 1966
Dear Ilona K—-
I am sorry that I didn’t write you soon.
I am busy with the middle exameination. I had it from 23th to 26th.
I studied 1:00 a.m during the examineimatian week. Do you have a middle exameimation?
I have five times them in a year.
How much do you have?
By the way, The Beatles come on to Japan.
I want to see them.
But I couldn’t get ticket of The Beatles concert.
They came on June 28. They stay here until July 2. They have three concert at Nippon Budohkan which ten thousand of people hall in enter
Ticket is six dollars.
How do you think about Mr. Johnson’ts government. How do you think about Viet-Mam war?
I am interested in world situation very much.
I don’t have good will about Johnson’t government. I hope the world peace.
There are sodier who don’t want to go to viet-Mam, aren’t they?
I feel pity for youth die in battle.
(page of Japanese alphabet characters)
I want address Swedish boy and American boy. My friend wants American girl friend.
Please introduce a girl to me.
I send a present to you, There are a post card, and ornaments.
You will get them about one or two months after.
Good bye
Hiroko Yamamoto
P.S Do you have a picture of yourself?
If you do, please send it.
If you like I’ll send you a picture of me

9 Takada Simoji, Fukul Atrimi-cho Atumi-gun, Aiti-ken Japan
August 28, 1966
Dear Ilona
I’m sorry but I didn’t always write soon.
I call you Ilona. Please calls me Hiroko.
Ilona has strong knowledge against government, hasn’t you?
Present Premier Sato belongs to the democratic party. Japan has other parties, the Socialist one, the communit one, etc.
There is Komeito party that is religious body.
But I think it is not good that religion rule government. How do you think about this?
We do same dances that you do, but Japanese kid not good at dances especially parent don’t do dances like we do.
Japanese has original dances.
I like and do these dances as much as popular dances like money, GoGo, etc.
Folk song is most popular over her.
There is many Fold songs singers and groups. Do you know “Bara go saita” (Like a Rose) by Mik Maki.
Johnny Tillotson sings it.
But Beatles is bery popular as useful.
I heard that discturbance was bade by Jone – said “We were popular than Christ”
I felt relieved that I heard their U.S.A. concerts ended in saifety.
How was their concert that you saw?
What songs they sang?
I write the songs that they samg in Japan, Rock & rool music, She’s a woman, If I needed some one, Day tripper, Baby’s in Black I feel fine, Yesterday, I wann be your man Now here man, Paperback writer, I’m down Please tell me colors of your eyes and hair.
My eyes and hair are both dark brown.
All Japanese has crak brown or black eyes and hari. Are you hair straight or wave?
My hair wave.
Thank you for stamps.
Did you get my gifts? I hope you like it. I gave the address which you write me, to my girlfriend “Youko”
Would you find a boy friend for me?
My summer vacation is from July 20 to Augst 31. The 2nd term begin from September 1.
I swam during this vacation.
I did dishwaship at golf club house for ten days.
My father goes to play golf sometimes.
How is your vacation?
Please write me soon.
Good bye

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