Those Wild and Crazy Indonesians Keep Coming!!!

Rianti Ojafsi Hadji Ball 40 Mahassar, Indonesia
Mahassar September 30, 65’
Dear Ilona
I have your letter dated September 29, very glad to read your letter.
And thank you very much, you gave me stamps. The name of my sister Nuraimi 15 years of age. And the names of my brothers Hasfad 23 years old, number one, Abdul Malik 21 years , number two, Mansjur 20 years, number three, Farid 19 years, number four, and Surapati 13 years of age, number seven. And number five.
Now we are having weather between summer and rainy season.
The weather in my country its very hot and dry. My other pen-pals in Japan, New York, Vietnam, Portugal, German, Italy, Philipina, New-Zealand.
I like to exchange pen-pals.
And yes, I like to exchange stamps with you. And I also to exchange postcards with my pen-pals in the over-seas.
And I will send you some pictures.
My brothers number one, two and threes go to school in the university.
And I have enclosed you a few stamps.
Hoping you letter.
And good. Bye and will meet again in the next letter
To go after the some pictures.
Sincerely Yours,


Miss Joke Marlissa, 12 Bontomaranu, Makasar, Indonesia
16th December ‘65
Dear Ilona,
First thanks a lot for your kindly letter and I’m very glad by receiving you letter, dated 2nd July ’65.
Reason delayed to answer your letter, why you never answer my letter.
I’ve writing toyou on 15th August ’65 that is the first letter and the second on 20th Oct ’65, maybe the letter have lost on the way.
I heard from Miss Salmah, that you have send her a letter, until I try to write you once more, and I hope that you will received my letter, I wait for your next letter don’t forget me to write please!
Now I would introduce myself: I’m 18 years old, and my birthday on April 14th. I have two brothers, one older tha I, the second is younger and one older sister is Flora
My father is the Chief of the Telegraph office at Mahassar – I’m studing in the top class of the high school – and you?
What are you grade now? Do you know I have also two dogs, Tobby and Bello. I have many pen-pal – in Japan, Portugal and Germany.
You ask me, about collecting stamps, I am so sorry is not my hobby, but I shall send to you next time from my countrie and another My younger brother like so much, please will be to kind send me some stamp with the next opportunity.
I like so much for music, movies, reading and correspondence and I can’t play any instruments. This letter is writing in a hurry, I get only 15 minuete to finish it, because Miss Salmah will go to post office and post my letter too.
If possible would you send me a picture of you, or your family.
I promise to send my picture next time. Thanks
Good bye untile I hear from you very soon.
Sincerely yours Joke
Merry Christmas Happy New Year for you and for your Country!!!

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