Those Australian Hormones

Elizabeth Bay Cresc, Elizabeth Bay NSW, Australia
Sept 2, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Thank you for your letter. I’m sorry I haven’t written before, but I haven’t got round to it till now. Its an honest excuse, anyhow! Actually, I’ve been very busy. We’re on holidays from school, and gosh, I can hardly write! Gee, bad luck about your tonsils. It gets awfully boring in hospital though, don’t you think? It was for me over Christmas. New Year anyway (That’s when I had my appendices out, remember?)
Lynne and Jill and I have been very busy for the past two months, and it finally paid off on Saturday night. My sister is on a committee to raise money for the Blind Society of NSW, and she hit on the idea of having a discotheque night. Like a fool, I put my foot in my mouth by offering out services for our dancing abilities. Jill dances on T.V. and we used her routines. We did 3 dances, every hour in front of about 150 people. The music was all wrong in the beginning and it was most embarrassing! To top it all, I wasn’t feeling very well at all, with the ___ going around Sydney. However, we got through it, and would do it again, I’m sure.
Enough of my stage appearance! Now to my appearance. I must get a photo for you, ‘cause the one you’ve got, I have a feeling is fairly old. The only trouble is it takes me months to finish one reel of film (Ther’re 36 snaps on each!) but to get back to the toic – its rather funny, when I was real fat (about 81/2 stone – 120 lbs) I couldn’t get slim. Now I’m down to 7 ½ stone – 105 lbs. I can’t stop all my clothes are just hanging on my. But summer is coming, and so are new bikinis, so I don’t really mind! Poor Lynne, whose only 4ft 11” can’t lose any weight no matter how many diets she goes on. Wish I knew my own secret.
I rather like the Young London look. Not the way out stuff. Actually, you know, we have the same fashions as you – you just don’t know it. I’m sure half you Americans think we live in half wilderness! We don’t, we’re just as modern as you, if not more so.
I’ve been working quite a lot a t Woolies – we didn’t go away (sob) – but I didn’t get paid last week ‘cause I was sick on Saturday morning. Just have to wait till next Sat. Lynne and I are working all next week. Worse luck yesterday was officially spring here – fall in your land!
I do hope you’ll excuse the writing, but its been simply ages since I’ve written any thing much. Next time, (my last ever!) we’re getting a new mistress – Science. She’s pretty terrible from what I here, but I didn’t meet her when she came.
17 October 1962
At last I’m back Sorry it took me so long. Again, lots have happened. After we went back to school, we did out Trial School certificate Exam I passes everything except Maths and Science I failed science by 3 marks! However, I got 2 A’s and 2 B’s – French & English, History & Geography.
The weather down here is pathetic on Friday it was 92 , and today, Sunday, we couldn’t even make 55 , and today, Sunday, we couldn’t even make 55 , and today, Sunday, we couldn’t even make 55 !
The same old story again – Michele’s getting married. This is about the 3rd time I’ve said it I think. This time, however, I think she may get to the altar, I hope! He’s quite nice, but lots older, 7 years.
We do out final exams on November 12, 15 &16. Then we get a week off school to recuperate! I’m going to live on the beach, and when I have to go back afterwards, I’ll take days off here & there because it won’t be necessary really as I’m leaving, anyhow.
In the holidays, Dad & I are going to Melbourne for a couple of weeks, cause Michele doesn’t want to go, & Mum’s going to be doing voluntary work for the 3 weeks of Dad’s holidays.
During the long weekend of three weeks ago, Dad arranged to bring to Melbourne football teams up from south, and I went out early in the morning with my little cousin. The boys from on team, Richmond, sat next to us, and I got on quite well with two of them. In particular, whose at school in Melbourne still. I’m very busy with letter, which is why I suddenly remembered all my overseas pen friends waiting. The other boy works with an airline, and he said he’d get me in as an air hostess when I’m old enough!
Next year, I hope to do Advanced French & German at night school, so I have more chance of being an air hostess on an overseas line.
I received your post card. I do hope you had a good weekend.
On Friday night, we got four baby kittens – Chicken Little, Kit, Tina, and Kim. They’re all girls, & Chicken Little hasn’t got a tail. Geee, they’re cute & real little and bundles of mischief. I’ve been taking lots of photos so next letter, I’ll send you one. Please remind me, eh?
I’ve been madly making clothes & buying them. I got a new bikini – briefer than last years & prettier. I’m going to a formal dinner dance on November 20 and I have to get a long dress. I’m getting a pale blue silk shantung. Its lovely.
I saw “Cat Ballou”, “The Sound of Music”, and want to see “My Fair Lady”. Cat Ballou was a scream. Lee Marvin was tremendous.
Actually, I’m running out of paper, this is the last page, so I’ll have to finish up. Thanks for being so patient, have a good holiday, etc,
Lots of love,

Elizabeth Bay Cresc, Elizabeth Bay NSW, Australia
2nd December 1965
Dear Ilona,
How are you going? Life’s treating me pretty well actually. I’ve been out with 3 different boys in one weekend; the exams are over’ vacation for summer is coming up next week and my sisters getting married next July 1 to start with. Last weekend I went to a 21st birthday party with one boy on the Friday night, on the Saturday night I went to a Sailing Club to celebrate a friend of mine’s 19th birthday with another boy and on Sunday night I went to a cricket party with another boy 0 the best. The third boy – who play cricket really well – I met the week before at a formal dinner dance. At the dance, there were 90 people and a terrific band called the Ricochets played. I wore a long straight simple aqua silk dress with a low square back. I had my hair set with it behind on ear turning under & over the other ear and turning up. I had some photos taken and next time I’ll most likely send you one – if you want one! The boys name is Russ Byrne and hes beaut. I know quite a few of his friends – not through him though. This weekend I’m only going to the movies – so far.
The final exams finished a couple of weeks ago & we get out results in January I think next week we break up for our annual 2 months summer vacation. At the moment though I don’t go on Thursday ‘cause the only decent thing we do is sport & that’s not till 2.30-4.30.
In Sydney we get several teenage shows – Shindig, Hullaballoo, Saturday Date, 90 Bandstand, Action, and Top Pop The last 5 are all Australian shows.
When the Shrimp (Jean Shrimpton) came out here for the Melbourne Cup (Nov 3) she brought lots of dresses with hems 3-6 ins above the knees, but we had already had them out here for several months. It still caused some commotion though! Most of the Australian schools have uniforms We don’t wear ordinary clothes, it makes us look forward to the weekend much more. Most of us wear blouses or shirts, ties and a tunic sort of thing over them. We wear bobby sox & shoes like boys. Most unfeminine etc. but as I said we do look forward to weekends where just about anything is “in”. Slacks & tops to casual and formal dresser.
Not only do I make money by working a Woolies, but I also baby sit occasionally for a friend of ours who has a 3 year old terror and a 3 month old darling – boy & girl resp. Dad & I are going to Melbourne from Jan 2 – Jan 18. Mum’s selling Avon as a pastime, & quite unexpectedly, we’re booked into a motel there called “Avon” by the tourist bureau.
I have also won myself two new hearts at work; so things are looking up for the summers season. Got myself a new bikini – briefer than last year, but I’m back on a diet – obvious reasons! Going to see My Fair Lady tomorrow with the school. Should be good. Got to go – love to all
P.S. I’ll be a bridesmaid I hope to my sis. In July next year (hope!)

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