Tortoise Pet in Devon?

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, S. Devon, ENGLAND
July, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Please forgive me for not writing sooner, but I have been very busy lately with school examinations. We have now a vacation of about 9 wks. Are you on vacation?
Today I took Tammy to be stripped, and I am collecting him this evening at about 8 o’clock. My grandma’s sister is coming to stay with us for about a fortnight. She has been living in Canada nearly all her life and her accent does seem funny.
I took Peggyanne up to the shops this morning and bought her a toy iron. She is very proud of it and at the moment she is “ironing” her clothes.
Are you going away this vacation? We are having our kitchen modernized and are going up to Hazel’s (my elder sister) while it is being done. We will be there for about a fortnight.
We have just acquired two more tortoises called Lisa and Tisa (Peggyanne named them) I found on of them in the compost heap yesterday. Honestly what a place to crawl about in with decaying vegetables & grass.
Before we left school some of the 5th form boys were leaving took some photographs of us 4th form girls. Norman took a photograph of me just about to slap Hicky across the face. I always hit him when I am in a temper so they took a photo to remember it by. They also took a photo of my hair ringing wet.
Every one was rather sad when they left.
Anyway I must close now. I hope you can read my writing.

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, S. Devon, ENGLAND
Nov 1965
Dear Ilona,
Sorry I haven’t written sooner. I have gone off the Beatles & am crazy over the Rolling Stones. I like Brian best, then Mick, then Keith. I have got their latest release “Get off of my Cloud. Have you seen Mick’s girlfriend Chrissie Shrimpton? Do you like her? She’s a model – her sister’s Jean Shrimpton. They are in America (the Stones) at the moment for 2 moths (sob, sob) you lucky things. Brian was born in Cheltenham & he lived there when we did & he must have been 14 then. My sister’s husband knows Brian’s parents & my friend’s father had his parents round for the evening & Brian’s Dad said he’d disowned him. Mick’s parents have disowned him too.
I think their tops & have got tons of information about them.
Whose your favorite group. I think the Stones are more popular than the Beatles in England.
Must close no, got some more letter to write now so must close.
Mum & Dad have recently been to a little island off Spain called Ibieza (its spelled wrong) & the Stones Mick & Charlie have been there too!!

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