At Least Nigeria Writes Brief Letters (compared to Australia girl)

T.A.B. Owoyele 2, Inasa court, Lagos, Nigeria
February 1965
Dearest Ilona
Don’t think that am a poor or lazzy Pen-Pal I have no time to write to you because I went to Ibadan to visit my brother, and I think that you school is going on well and you are in good condition & health as am here today.
Ilona if I want to by good and lastable camera from your country how much it will cost me.
Please don’t forget to send me one of your picture and send me more pen-pal I will sent my picture as quickly as possible.
Please don’t forget me about the book. Wish I told.
Thank you
TAB Owoyele

Sometime in 1965
Tajudeen Owoyee,2, Inasa court, Lagos, Nigeria
Dearest Ilona,
Don’t think that am a poor pen-pal, the reason why you don’t see my letter is that, I went to IBADAN to take Examination of Trade Centre because I want to go to Secondary School. Please don’t forget about that Camera which I ask you to find out for me, and me more about your Country. The music that I like best is Twist record. I am very happy to tell you that I want to celebrate my birthday Ceremony wich is on 8th of December.
I stop here – you faithfully


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