Journal 1965 Starts – Feb 19 to Mar 17

That little kid who wrote diary entries in 1963 has changed – adolescence has hit, perhaps?

Feb 19 Here we go. My starting entry. Those who don’t like the sound of vulgar language stop here. This contains a lot of hot air.
Today I go to the dentist, I’m missing ’bout 3 fillings! I’m not too sure I want to go.
Beany’s a little bitch. She had to go and bring up the subject of my Latin test. I got a D on it. Another lecture. At times I hate her so much I could – (we’ll leave that part out).

March 6 I had so many ideas ‘cept I fotgot them all.
School isn’t goint to good. Mommy and I had an argument. I’m scared I wont make it too good.
Shelly becoming cheap. She’s oing to those dances at Hubert. All the greases go. She says she didn’t see not greases, but if the kids in her class went they were greases there. We had fun before we had the argument.
Gotta go

March 17 They put Dusty to sleep. I knew something was wrong. A dog doesn’t limp for two months if everything is OK! God damn Hinkles. The seem so high and mighty since they’ve moved to the house across the street. They didn’t care one damn thing bout that dog. Then they go and say how they much they love dusty. Any bastard could tell something was wrong with Dusty. I just hate to think of the pain. Dusty had cancer. The doctor said if she had gone any longer, the leg would of crumbled. I hope Hinkles are satisfied. Every since that night I felt the bumb on Dusty’s back Iknew something was wrong. I hope HInkles love themselves for the suffering they made dusy go through! I hope they never forget it! I used to like Hinkles, but now as far as I’m concerned they can go to hell!

March 17 Next time Mrs Hinkle calls me up to babysit I’m gonna say “Isn’t Shelly home?” And if she asks me to come over I’ll say “My parents won’t let me.” Kristen was baptized last Sunday. They spent most the day away. Without the baby! Who did they get for a babysitter! Not the babysitter who “is so good” and who “they could never do without”, but that asshole shelly?
I hope they never forget how Dusty suffered!

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