Feb 1965 Is This the Last South Dakota Letter?

N. Brown Rt. 2 Millbank S.D. 57252
Feb 18, 1965
Dear Ilona,
I am sitting in school waiting for school to be let out & I don’t have anything to do so I better write you a letter.
We had six weeks test this week. We have them every six weeks. We have twelve weeks of school to go.
Do you babysit? I do every Thursday might & then sometimes on other nights. The people I babysit for bowl on a league every Thursday night. My mom & dad bowl on the same league.
Do you have any girl friends that would like to write to me? I would like a couple more penpals.
What kind of weather have you been having? We have had srewrvy weather. One day its nice. The next day its cold & windy.
When is your birthday? I lost the letter you told when it was.
School is going to be let out now so I better quite. Please try & send me a picture of yourself.

Love Nancy

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