Christmas In Australia

Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
January 6, 1965
Dear Ilona,
It didn’t take long for us to finish with ’64 did it? Thanks for your letter and card – I received them on Christmas Eve – well timed. What did you get for Christmas? We open out presents on Christmas Day, and I got a 35mm camers (Canon) from Dad, 2 silk blouses and a makeup purse from Mum, some beach clothes from Michele and from various other people. I got stockings, perfumes, handkerchiefs, scarves and a few other odds and ends. From my boyfriend, Ron (did I tell you about him?) I got a set of perfume, talc and hand lotion. Its divine.
Time sure has passed. Sorry I didn’t finish the letter sooner, but time has flown. Before I started writing this letter, I spent a week in hospital – appendicitis. However, I’m all recovered now – but it really wrecked my Christmas- New Year, as well as the rest of my holidays. As I couldn’t surf much, I went to the movies a lot. I saw – Goodbye Charlie – very very good – The Pink Panther – better than previous one – the Unsinkable Molly Brown – good – I’d Rather Be Rich – very, very good, and today I saw Good Neighbor Same with the girls from school I liked it a lot. Two more movies I want to see Get Yourself a College Girl and Bedtime Story. Have you seen any of these?
I went to the beach last Sunday, first time, and yesterday (this Sunday) I went to the Zoo with Ron, and had a very good time – but there were hardly any animals from the U.S. I went back to his place for dinner and we found out about the death of Sir Winston Churchill. Wasn’t it sad. I’ve gone back to work – and have been called upon several days to go and work.
We didn’t get to got to Melbourne this year – on account of my trip to hospital – however, we went to a resort on the north coast for the day, and also up to the mountain resort of Katoomba for another day.
Ron swam in the State Championships and on Friday week is going to Melbourne to swim in the National Championships. My girlfriends boyfriend is also going, so I’ve become quite a lot closer to she & her boyfriend.
I’ve taken a lot of photos lately – and I should send you one. I get them back tomorrow. Yes we do have Mad Magazines and books out her. I’ve read a few of them.
Nothing much else, except that I’ve got a new pen-pal. He lives in Singapore. His sister nursed me in hospital, and although I haven’t writtenyet, he looks quite nice – I’ve seen a photo of him.
I suppose I’d better close now – get this letter off before anymore delay. Write soon & till then,
Lots of love,



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