Cross Gate England Catches Up

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, S. Devon, ENGLAND
Sunday 24th Jan 1965
Dear Ilona,
Thank you very much for your Christmas card. It was kind of you. I hope you had a nice Christmas. We went up to my sister’s home for Christmas & had a lovely time – even thought we were snowed up there! I expect you have had some snow in Detroit. It is raining here at the moment! Theres good old English weather for you!!
We heard on the news this morning that Sir Winston Churchhill had passed on. I was very sorry about it as I admired him very much. I expect that in America you heard that he was ill.
We started back at school last Tuesday worst luck & I have just this minute finished my homework. We didn’t get very much this weekend. Thank goodness!
Oh well I must go now so hope to hear from you soon.
Love from, Jennie xxx
P.S. My hair is “no longer long” for I have had it all cut off (nearly!)
Head drawing Me now (nearly)

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, S. Devon, ENGLAND
Sunday February 28th
Dear Ilona,
Thank you for your letter. Did you get any Valentine cards on St. Valentines Day? I got two.
We have a programme every Saturday on television called “The Rogues” – which I think is an American film Do you see it in America? It stars Charles Boyer, Gig Young, Gladys Cooper, David Niven and Robert Coote. We all enjoy it immensely. We also see another programme which is called “Bewitched” – starring Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York and Agnes Moorhead – I think it’s very good indeed.
How are you pets! Ours are fine. Did I tell you that last summer one of out tortoises got chewed up by the dog. Poor little thing- it died about a week afterwards. I gave Tammy (our dog) such a —- – but as he was a puppy then he didn’t really know what he was doing – he thought it was something to play with.
My little sister got a dolls pram for her birthday and this morning we put Tammy in it & let her push him around the room. He did look sweet and he didn’t mind until she tipped him up! Then he jumped out & retired to his basket!!
I think thats all the news.
Love from, Jennie
P.S. Hope to hear from you soon. Excuse my scrawl.

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, S. Devon, ENGLAND
June 25th
Dear Ilona,
Sorry I have not written sooner but have been very busy lately. I am afraid I’ve neglected all my penpals lately.
Mum brought me home a new dress which looks like this (drawing) pale blue (not a good drawing)
July 12th
Hello again,
I went out with Norman last Saturday and he is very nice. We saw a film today at school taken by the games master. It was when some boys from our school went to Gilbralter.
We had 3 exams today Geography, Maths and History. Norman finished his G.C.E. last Monday. Please excuse me writing in this colour but I haven’t any other because my pen ran out. I am absolutely crazy over the Birds record “Mr. Tambourine Man.” Its great & its no. 5 in our Hit parade.
Have you heard the Hollies record which is top of our hit parade? Its great. It’s called “I’m Alive”.
Do you like the Walker Brothers? I think they are great. Some of the girls of our school are crazy about their latest record & play it every opportunity the have.
At dinner break if it is raining we are allowed to have records in the main hall. We had them today& heard the Walker brothers, The Hollies, The Ivy League, (have you heard their latest its great). Of course the boys are not allowed to join in.
I must close now for I have my hair to wash and some Science to learn up.
Sorry I haven’t written for ages.
Love from
P.S. I got in an awful temper this evening because I rang up one of my friends and   letter ends

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