Australia Linda, Enough about Your Long Hair

Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
March 5, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Thanks for your letter. I received it a couple of days ago, & haven’t had time to answer it ‘till now.
Things have been busy here lately. I’ve been going out with Ron a lot. I’ll have been going steady with him for 3 months on Monday. That’s a long time for me, too. He’s been swimming in a lot of carnivals & I’ve been to most of them. He’s playing water-polo tomorrow, but I’ll be working so I can’t see him. On Sunday week I’m going to a christening – a friend of his family’s baby. I’ve got to wear a hat, though, Oh well!
Today, Lynne & I went into town to see about the course we’ll be doing at business college next year. We had the day off from school because of the Annual Swimming Carnival. Out school one, that is. Our house won, as usual, because a girl in it went to the Olympic Games We’re lucky.
Tomorrow I think I’m going to see Doris Day & Rock Hudson in “Send Me No Flowers”. Should be good. By the way, its Friday at present.
Skating starts in a couple of months. I’ll have to get me some new skates very soon.
For our English Literature class this year we’re doing “Typhoon & Youth”. Pretty boring I think. Haven’t read any of it yet. We’re finishing one off from last year “The Moonstone”. That one was very good.
It doesn’t look like I’ll be a bridesmaid after all. Michele doesn’t think she’ll marry the boy who proposed. I wish she would – not that I want to get rid of her or anything….
Isn’t the Beatles new album great. I’ve got it, too.
I went to Summer School during the last week of the holidays. Did I mention it – most likely. It was quite good – French & Science. Interesting.
I’m having quite a full weekend – only free time is tomorrow night. The one I usually go out on. Ron came over for dinner, but has gone home now. It’s now 10.20 pm, & I’m quite exhausted. Boy it was hot in the city.
I’m growing my hair long, again. I can put it up now, but I’m wanting it very long. It looks much more feminine, & I’m tired of having short hair. Lynne’s hair is really long. I think I’m a bit envious. I’ve just got over the “awkward stage”. So this time next year, I should have fairly long hair.
I think I’ve said about all I can, although I haven’t really said much. Could you send a photo next letter. You said you would! Gee, my writing’s quite illegible. Sorry I’ll try to improve on it.
Till I hear from you,
Lots of Love, Linda xxx

Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
Tuesday 6 April, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Thanks for your letter. I got it this afternoon. The swimming season has ended – & the skating season is just beginning! I’m glad you saw some of our surf. Malibar is one of our best surfing beaches & they hold lots of carnivals there. There are quite a lot of “cute lifeguards” as you call them. We call them lifesavers ) like the candy with the whole in the middle). But they’re a little bit old – 20 or so on. You can join Life Saving Clubs from about 12 on (boys) my cousin belongs to Bondi, & you learn all about surf, life saving, etc. Its quite fun.
Your not the only one with Mids We just had ours – Last Wednesday & today – but they weren’t bad I’m sick of school – I’ve just got to finish this year – about 8 ½ more months – & then I have – I hope. In a way I want to go on for an extra 2 years to get a different exam – if I pass it with honors etc I can go to Uni – not that I would, but its nice to know!
Our English play this year is Richard of Bordeaux. We started it last week & I’ve finished it already. Its simply mighty. I won’t mind going through it again with the rest of the class.
I saw “Taras Bulba” when it was on at the movies. It was good, but scary when they jumped the gorge, wasn’t it? I want to go & see Goldfinger next weekend. By the way – I’m still going with Ron – the royal Easter Show starts on Friday for a couple of weeks & we break up on Wednesday. I sroin Ron ‘cause I’m going to see Goldfinger & to the Show next weekend with him.
While you flood etc. were in the midst of our worst drought for ages. Autumn has come & with it temperature in the 90’s & 100’s. There have been water restrictions in the outer suburbs of Sydney & your not allowed to hose your garden after between 9PM-6AM in Sydney.
Have you heard any records by Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs (Somewhere Over the Rainbow) or Ray Browne & the Whispers (20 miles & Devoted to You). They were released over there a couple of weeks ago. The are about the 2 best & most popular groups in Australia. Also making a name for himself around the world is Australia’s Rolf Harris. He’s been to England & America a number of times (& just gone out over to the US & has had quite a few hits. Let me know if you hear much of any of them.
I’m growing my hair – again. Its quite long & I can’t wait till I can wear it up with out too much trouble putting it up.
We have a new T.V. station – Channel 10. It opened last night & promises to be quite good. We now have 4 stations in Sydney.
I suppose I had better close now & let you rest your eyes Write soon,
Lots of Love Linda.
P.S. I hear Australia’s Rex Harrison won an Academy Award. Congratulations to him & the others who won others too. I want to see “My Fair Lady” too! Its in Melbourne & coming to Sydney next week I think. Linda

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