Can’t Surf in Detroit, Unlike Australia

Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
Wednesday, 18 November 1964
Dear Ilona,
Thanks for you postcard. I must admit that I was beginning to wonder if I did owe you a letter! Quite a few things have happened since we last exchanged words. First of all – we have just finished our Yearly Exams., They were pretty awful, but I only failed one of them and then only by 6 marks which didn’t pull my percent down to far. I did honors in all my subjects, except Biology.
Did I tell you that I have a job on Saturday mornings? Well I do. I work at Woolworths (do they have them in the U.S.- they’re chainstores?) and earn about £1 each morning (aboutS2:50) and I enjoy evry moment of it. In the school vacations, which start in about 2 weeks time, I’m working there full time for a few weeks before Christmas. After Christmas, I’m going down to Melbourne for 2 weeks for a holiday (did I tell you?). I should have a good time, what with surfing and all!
I got a new pen-pal the other day. She lives in Santa-Barbara and seems quite nice- I’ve only had 1 letter from her. I also wrote to another girl in Canada whose first name is Linda and whose surname starts with “S”! I haven’t hear from her yet, butt I’m still waiting
I went skating at a new indoor ice rink a few weeks ago and again last week. It is really loverly and I plan to go during the summer when I don’t go surfing. My girlfriend got herself a surfboard last Saturday! Tt’s a terrific one. The surfing season is just coming on in full swing with the approach of summer, and it should be fantastic at the beach again this year. Last year was an all time record for me- I went every day that I didn’t have anything else on like school. My cousins are in training already, but I’m giving it up this year because I have too much schoolwork to do. Did I tell you that my girlfriend went to Tokyo? Well, she did, and although she didn’t come anywhere in the race, she swam her fastest time. She was in the 440 Individual Medley. Americe did very well for itself, but Australia did quite well, considering it only has 10 Milloin to America’s 170mill. Dawn Fraser is hoping to go to Mexico city for the 1968 Games. So is my cousin, I think. Just quietly I think he might make it too.
Enough for that subject. To find another is the big question, though. Congratulations to President Johnson! I’m so glad he got elected. It must be a big boost, knowing that he was elected and did not just succeed to the job. Who did your people vote for?
The Beatles are coming back next year! Thank goodness. The Rolling Stones are coming out in January, but I don’t like them very much, do you? Louis Armstrong and Trini Lopez arrive here in about 2 weeks, but this doesn’t affect me much as I’m not wrapped in either of them. Are You?
Do you play any musical instruments? I used to learn the piano but I got sick of it after a few years and have now almost completely lost the touch.
I don’t seem to be using much paper, but I sure am going through the words. I met a new guy when I started working at Woolworths – known here on in as Woolies – and his name is Tony McQuillen. He’s very nice- a lot better than the last one I had. My sister, Michele, also has a new boyfriend. He’s very nice, too.
Are you going away over Christmas? I am over New Year, but I already told you that. Here doesn’t seem much more to say, but I’m sure that if I sit and think for a minute, something will come. Oh, yes! As you most likely know, National Service has just been introduced In Australia. In Times this issue, Australia was deacribed as being completely unprepared for an attack against Indonesia or any other south-East Asian country. Well, I completely agree, but I think that Australia has a lot more University graduates than any of these counties. However, in the world as it is today, Australia does need a good defense, especially as it is so close to Indonesia. Well, to get back to National Service, It is different to your idea and the boys have to go in when thay are 20, and they stay for 2 years If they are married or go to Uni., they don’t go in. ANYWAY, I suppose this is pretty boring, so we shall try to find another subject for discussion….
About a week ago now, William Willis arrived in Australia on his raft-Age Unlimited. The raft was moored just outside out house and is now on show in the park just across the water. I have spoken to him on several occasions, and he is a very nice and interesting person. If you ever get a chance to see him or the raft, do because it is very interesting to see what he came over the Pacific in.
Top of the hit-parade heresis She’s Not there, by the Zombies. I like it a lot, along with You’ve Really Got Me Going, by the Kinks. What’s top over in your part of the world- the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
Anyhow, I’d better go now. I’ve just about talked myself out, and this time, do send a letter. I’ll tell you, it’s terribly difficult to write a letter if you haven’t got one to answer. Get what I mean, and I’m terribly sorry that I can’t give you memory lessons.
Write soon(and I mean it!)
Yours Truly Love

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