Is Linda’s Life in Australia Typical?

Miss L. Stephens Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
June 24, 1964
Dear Ilona,
I just received you letter today, so I thought I’d send you one straight away. Thank you very much for the birthday card, it was a wonderful surprise. The Beatles have just left our shores (last Sunday) but they’re returning on July 1. I didn’t see any of their concerts, but I believe they were terrific. Our half yearly exams started last Friday but they finish day after tomorrow (Thurs.) thank goodness So far we’ve had Scripture, (Fri) English (yesterday) Science and Geography (today) French (tomorrow) and History and Maths (on Thurs). What class are you in? I’m in 3rd year at high school, but that’s in a different system. We do 9 years (including kindergarten – 5 year olds) in Primary school and then start high school for 6 years. They’ve just changed the system out here, we used to do only 5 years in high school, but now there are 6. Worse luck!
Last Friday we got a little kitten – although we don’t know if he’s here for sure. Mummy, Michele, and I want it, but Daddy’s against it. “One’s enough’ to quote, however I think we might keep it. It’s blak and white and we call it Willie. He has a black tail with just one white spot on the very end. He’s absolutely adorable and loves every one you only have to sit down and he’s on your lap in no time. I shall buy some postcards of Sydney and send them to you this letter I hope. And at Christmas when I’m in Melbourne (Victoria) or Queensland or both, I’ll get some more and sent. If your out of your home state, could you do that too? Pictures you say – of me? Well, I’ll try to enclose one, but most times I have on taken, I break the camera! No, just lately (last March) I put a film inmy camera, and as I haven’t finished it yet, I will send one I hope of the Bridge & suburbs, one’s of Bondi Beach one’s of the Teronga Park Zoo & one’s of the Town Hall. Hope you like them.
I had a very good birthday, even if it was early last month. I got a new suit, a new coat, a pair of ice skates, money, perfume and the inevitable but welcome underwear (blush! Blush!) from my grand mother.
The last movie I saw was ‘The thrill of it All” with doris Day & James Garner. The Cardinal is out present, but I don’t know that I’d like it.
Tell me – do you have any boyfriends or is it a silly question? Looking through another letter, I see I’ve already asked you, well in that case, I shall answer the question you asked me – do I? Yes and no. Yes that I know quite a lot of boys and I’ve been out with most of them and no because I haven’t a steady one. You know, not a steady but one I go out with always. Ice skating has started here again, but it took me a while to get my feet back. Now I’m up to par. We go to a different ice rink now and its amazing the number of people we (sorry, a girlfriend & I) have got to know in the first week of skating. Its been on for a month & a bit now.
I’d better finish now, I’ve just about run out of paper. Write soon.
Love Linda
P.S. The photo enclosed is not a good one of my head, (I don’t think) but I’ll send a better one later. Linda x

Miss L. Stephens Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
August 10, 1964
Dear Ilona,
HaHa! Laugh you may about me at school while you lay on some beach, but I’ve just spent two weeks (again) at surfers’ Paradise. And, mind you, in three days time, I shall be on vacation – this time legally. Before, I took a couple of weeks off school. We – Mum Michele & me – had a mighty time – water skiing, aqua-planing, surfing, swimming bowling and squash-ing! Wonderful holiday. Hope you had a good time on the 4th. By the way, thank you for you letter and postcards. They were very appreciated.
I also saw ‘Advance to the Rear” – & I agree it was a riot. Another movie of late was “Honeymoon Hotel” with Robert Goule & Nancy Kwan. Really good. On Friday I’m seeing “A Hard Day’s Night” with the Fabulous 4.I’ve seen lots of preview of it – its going to be riotous. Zulu is here & so “The Fall of the roman Empire’ I’ve read the latter, but should be good.
Top here is A Hard Days Night – natch but I couldn’t tell you until later what are the following four. Later in the letter. I will if I can get a chart in time.
Cherry picking sound fun! And I do pity your mother when on our holiday, Mum didn’t do any work, but when she came home, she had to do more than ever. 21st September Since I last put pen to paper, lots have happened. To start with we’ve had out August-September holidays and have come back to school. During the holidays, I had a mighty time. With the skating Season in full swing, I went skating most days and towards the end of the holidays – when my girlfriend went away – I went by myself everyday,, and met a boy – but then my girlfriend came back! However, I still went skating with this boy – much to her annoyance, and when school went back. We went after school. At the moment, the ice skating season has finished, so no more skating for 8 or 9 months, unless I go to an indoor one.
I’ve been to a few movies lately, namely “What a Way to Go” and as I said before – “A Hard Days Night.” You’ve most likely seen the latter, but just in case, go see it. Isn’t it fantastic. The first one I saw twice, and could go back again. Shirley MacLaine is wonderful.
Michele’s boyfriend from the country came down last weekend and we had a good time. He told us all about his properties out north-west and Dad was particularly interested. He’s very nice.
On Saturday night, I went to see the Omsk Siberian Company of Musicians, Singers and Dancers. They were really wonderful, even if they did sing in Russian. Last Tuesday night, we went to see The Australian Ballet Company perform “The Display.” A ballet choreographed by Robert Helpman, an Australian. If it ever is played in Michigan, go and see it please. You’ll like it.
I got some new penpals, I think, one in Canada and one in the U.S. I answered a letter in the Monitor, and haven’t heard from them since I’m waiting.
Top here isn’t “A hard Day’s Night’ any more. The top 5 are:


There’s not much more to say, so I think before any more time elapses, I think I’ll close and post this off, Write Soon
P.S. Do you think that you could send your letter AIRMAIL. It takes so long by sea?


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