Quite a Chatty Beatle Fan in England

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, Bishopsteignton, S. Devon ENGLAND.
Tuesday 28th April
Dear Ilona,
Thanks for your letter. We went up to Gloucester for our Easter hols. My brother & I stayed at Hazel’s (my sister) we took our puppy with us too.
I have got pictures of ‘Beatles’ on the back of my bedroom door. I have also got pictures of other various groups on my wall. It is at the wall behind my door, (it is behind the door when my door is open) so if dad arrives & comes in my bedroom he can’t see them!!!
Just lately I have been reading some very exciting books. The author of them is AGATHA CHRISTIE, (have you ever heard of her?) Her stories are about detectives & murders. The one I am reading at the moment is called “Death in the Clouds.” The story features Mousier Pierot who is one of AGATHA CHRISTIE’S fiction detectives. It is about these people in an aeroplane & suddenly one of them is murdered. The question is – WHO DID IT??!! But I haven’t found that out yet!
In our hit parade in England the Beatles’ have dropped down third. Here is a copy of who is at the top!

  1. World Without Love – Peter & Gordon
  2. I Believe – The Bachelors.
  3. Can’t Buy me Love – ‘The Beatles’
  4. ——–
  5. ———-The Applejacks

I don’t know what is No. 4 yet, & I have forgotten the title of the Applejack’s record, but its fab
What do you play at games at your school?? In the winter we play:-
Hocky, Netball & the Boys play Rugby, football & do cross country. In the summer we play:-
Rounders, tennis & go swimming & the boys play tennis, do long jump etc., go swimming & play archery.
The Records I have are:-
Twist & shout – The Beatles (E.P)
I want to lold your hand – the Beatles
She loves you – the Beatles.
How do you do it – Gerry & the Pacemakers
Summer Hop – Cliff Richards
Matador from Trinidad – Russ Conway
Top Hat – Fred Astaire (E.P.)
At school recently (last term) I made a lamp shade (out of Reaffis & a frame) We (the other girls & I) made them in the Art lesson. Mine is pale Bule (the real colour is called CE BLUE.) this Term (in Art) I am going to MOSAIC. With pieces of coloured paper.
My little sister Peggyanne is now growing up very fast. She is now 1yr. 3mths. Old & walks up & down the stiars & runs in & out of the rooms. She can now say, Mumma, dada, ra,ra, gone, doggy, wuff, wuff, miew, moo, baa & cluck!!! She loves our puppy (who if now about 7 mths. Old) and hugs him. How is your dog? How is your turtle?
I have just returned from the bathroom & have been watching Peggyanny having a bath. By the way I forgot to mention to you that she also says, ssh! & tickle, tickle.
On Sunday I took a super shot of Tammy (pup) & of Peggyanne on her rocking horse. (on my camera)
Do you have your G.C.E. in America? In a few years I will be taking it, so I’m swoting hard. I hope to take (in my G.C.E.) English, French, Domestic Science, History, Geography & perhaps Latin.
Must close now for I have got to get my Prep. Done.
P.S. Hope you write soon.

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, Bishopsteignton, S. Devon ENGLAND.
Dear Ilona,
Thanks for your letter. You lucky thing having the Beatles in Detroit. As you might know the Beatles live in Liverpool which is miles away from here & they have been through Newton Abbot (the town in which I got to school – 4 miles away from Bishop.) & that was when I was at school. I enjoyed the film when I went to see it. Who do you think was the best actor? I thought Ringo. How about Paul’s screen grandfather – played by Wilfred Brambell? He is in ‘Steptoe & Son’ – a comedy programme on T.V.
I must close now – mum has told me to get my bath.
S’cuse the scribble.

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, Bishopsteignton, S. Devon ENGLAND.
Dear Ilona,
I have forgotten who’s turn it is to write! Anyway hope you are well.
We have just been on holiday to N. Wales. Have you heard of it? Did I tell you I have a new pen-pal as well as you? She is from Norway & is very sweet.
Have you seen the BEATLES film – “IT’S A HARD DAYS NIGHT”? I have & its very funny – I think Ringo is the best actor & the funniest in it.
We are having a lovely vacation & the weather here is fab.
I am writing this letter in bed (I’m supposed to be asleep) – so bye for now.
P.S. Please write soon.

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