1964 Chain Letter – Horrors!

Box 182
Woodstock, Vermont
Aug 1964
Dear Ilona,

Since you would like to have a pen pal, I have sent you this legal, really work-ing chain letter. I tried it and it got me a whole lot of new pen pals (England, Virginia, Conn., Ohio, Calif., New Jersey, New Hampshire, and a few other states), so please don’t break it.
Chain letter
Please send a picture postcard of your state (or a letter0 to the first person on this list wintin 5 days. Copy this letter 6 times, leaving off the top name and adding you name at the bottom; and send the copies to 6 friends. In 90 days you will receive 140 cards from all over the U.S. and different countries. Please do not break this chain. It is legal, and allowed by the Post Office. We are counting on you, so PLEASE try.

7 names and addresses listed

Curious – no name given!

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