May 2 & 17 Church Confirmation

May 2 Today Mommy, Beany, Mrs. Schulz, and I went to Hudsons. I got material for my confirmation dress. I also got my heels. Mommy is collecting the money for the conf. My shoes have stacked heels. They’re comfirtable.
I got in trouble last nigh. Daddy almost belted me one.
I belong to the Bob Green Fan club. I sent the money for the Beatle Fan Club.
I have about 140 Beatle cards.
Hinkles dog had puppies. They are just carling. They’re so furry. Kids in my homeroom class:
Terri Brown, Debbie Cochrane, Sandra Cruse, Carolyn Dulanney, Judy Fagerland, Charlene Gibbons, Darlene Kos, Debbit Meadows, Kathy Millard, Sally Tumakuski, Valeria Smith, Carol Neil, Bill Dewey, Bill Hover, John Harrison, Riley Mahar, Bruce Wright, Lenny Miller, David Miller, Ronald Meyer, Bob Lauriela, Alan Verley, Ken Yessey, Bob Anderson, Larry Green, Ken Portis, Melvin McIntosh (Negro), Chuck Prater, Chris Barlett, Duane Swan

May 17 This is a big day in my life. I was confirmed, at Redford Lutheran Church by Pastor Edward Westcott. Mommy said the pastor smiled the time Rebbecca W. came up and the time I came up for my blessings and certificate. I almost triped once. I took my first communion. I had a light blue dress.

It was grand.

Last entry of 1964


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