February 1964 – Offended by a Pen Friend


I bought a Beatle Album. Its called Meet the Beatles. I love it.


Feb 16 I overflooded the toilet. The water went all he way into the hall. It started coming through the tiles in the basement! I got really scared. Daddy said all the tiles were going to pop, so he tore one out.
The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan. I just love them. Even Ringo.


                Elena loves Beatles                                                  Beatles my true loves.

Feb 17 The tiles didn’t pop. Daddy made a mistake.

Feb 20 I not going to write to Joy Hopkins any more Her last letter was very insulting!!
I’m in 9B. My classes are:
Latin Mr. Arbogast; History Mr. Keliher; Algebra Mr. Faust; English Miss Sarin; Homemaking Mrs. Zimmerman; Health Mrs. Kiebler (Micthell)

The offending letter from Joy:
2505-27th Street,
Vernon, B.C.,
December 21st, 1963
Feb. 12/64
Dear Elena,
Thanks a million for that gorgeous T.V. guide!
I received your letter to me and thought it was crazy. That was the second last one. I didn’t want to write to you anymore. But then I got your last letter and it was much better, please try to write more interesting letters.
Yes, I love the Beatles, I really think they’re sharp! I saw them on Ed Sullivan Sunday and I nearly had cat-fits! Of those kids would’ve stopped screaming and tearing their hair out, we might have heard more of them. I just bought a record of them a few hours ago! I also got one of cliff Richard’s. All my penpals like Cliff but the Beatles…well I guess you have to be a little queer to like them anyway! The Beatle record I got was “She Loves You”. My favorite guy is Ringo Starr, the drummer!
I just love the T.V. guide you sent me! (The cover anyway)! It took me a week to get over my happiness and I’m still thrilled!
Do I have a boyfriend? That’s a hard question to answer nowadays isn’t it? Because you like a guy for one day and the next day it’s someone else! But I’m not really that type! I’m going steady with my girlfriend! I’m always thinking of Dick Chamberlain, too! So that complicates things! If that doesn’t answer your question this might. When I was in grade 4 (yep, I can still remember)! There was “puppy love” between Ronnie and me. I mean he liked me first and our families liked each other and stuff. Well to make a long story short it wore off about 2 yrs ago. He’s really shy and quite boring now. Being in the clumsy awkward stage of 15.
I’m not interested in spaghetti labels and the offer for pennants is only for U.S.A. and Puerto Rico or something, so I’m sending it back to you.
Sorry about this paper, and for writing so late.
Write an interesting letter soon or….
P.S. I can’t find the spaghetti label, but if I do I’ll send it to you. Do you want it back? JH
P.P.S – Hope you like these stamps. Write soon!

 And so ended that pen pal friendship…


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