It was a Simpler Time for Girls Feb & Mar 1964

Rt 2 Box 160
Milbank, S.D.
Feb. 17, 1964
Dear Elena,
Do you baby-sit? I do. I baby-sit with my cousin who is 3 ½ months old, who lives 1/10 of a mile south of us. My cousin’s name is Joey. I also baby-sit with LeAnne Aden who is a year & 3 months, old.
Do you have a TV? We do. I’m watching it right now. Andy Griffith is on.
I’m making a “Keep South Dakota Green” Do you have to make posters or anything. We have to enter them March 1.
We have a spelling contest Feb. 28. Do you have a spelling contest? We have racing, broad jump & ball throw in the spring. Last year I won in broad jump by jumping 12’1”. The first jump I made this year was 10’4” 12’1” was my last jump last year.
Do you know anyone who would write to my sister Loretta? She would like to write to a penpal. She is 10 years old & is a very nice girl. She likes school just like I do. She is in fifth grade.
I hope you like the birthday card I’m enclosing. I’m sorry I didn’t get it sent on your birthday because I was waiting for you letter. My birthday is July 1st. I will be 13. How old are you now.
If you think my writing is awful it’s because I’ve got lotion on my hands and they are slippery.
Try and write sooner because I want to know a lot about you.
Love Nancy
P.S. I am going to send you another picture of me pretty soon, because my brother just took it today.

Rt 2 Box 160
Milbank, S.D.
March 16, 1964                                                   (typed letter with some little problems)
Dear Elena,
I,m sorry I,din’t write sooner but I’ve been so busy I justforgot about it.
Today wewere over to Herb Johnsons, some of or best friends Their eighth grade girl Audrey was confirmed today. My Grandma Grandpa Skaarer were there and also Audreys grandpa. Audrey has 2 sisters and a brother.
Have you found out ifKathy McGlue will write to my sister? Could you please disscribe Kathy in you next letter? How old is Kathy?
The way is sounds you must like the Beatles! I like their music, but every time we listen to it my mom says something bad about them. I saw a Beatles magazine. A friend of mine had one. My cousin on California hathe record”He Loves You”. They are coming here this summer so we can listen to it. My mom doesn’t want me to ask though.
Do you have a birth stone ring? I do . I just got one yesterday. It cost me $2.35.
To you like to bake and sew? I do . I’m making my Easter out-fit. It is a black and white dress with a black jacket. The dress has a figured top and a plain bottom.My mother is going to line the jacket. I have also made3 skirts, 2 nightgowns 2 blouses,2 aprons,and 1 jumper. Last night I made 2 loaves of banana bread.
How much allowance do you get for a week? I get 50¢ a week. My brother ,who the way it sounds is the same age as you gets 75¢ a week.
Mom. Morning-
I couldn’t get your letter finished last night so I will finish it now.
Some of my favorite things are food, sewing , sports reading, and playing the piano.Don’t forget to name some of your favorite.I have to go to school so I will finish this after school.
Well I think I can finish this.I just got home school about 1 ½ hours ago. I just got done doing the dishes.
Do you have a camera? I have a brownie starflex. I got it for my birthday 1962. I just love to take pictures .I think it is very interesting.
Please explain what you mean by T.V. guides of our cities.
Your friend,

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