Girls and Dogs – Oh yes and the Beatles Dec 1963 & Mar 1964

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, Bishopsteignton Nr. Teignmouth S. Devon ENGLAND.
Dec 8th 1963
Dear Ilona,
Thank you awfully for your card. I didn’t send them off in time which was very inconsiderable of me.
Anyway I hope you have a happy Christmas. What did you get?
Mummy has recently got a dog & we have called him “Tammy”. He is a West Highland Terrier. Have you ever heard of them. Tammy is about 4 mths old.
This morning David & I had to go to the Dentist! (ugh) But we didn’t have much done to our teeth (thank goodness)
Bobby (our budgie) is talking away in his cage. He can say quite a lot now. Must close now got to get tea ready. Happy New Year.
Jenny xx

Cross Gate, Bishopsteignton, Devon
March 5th, 1964
Dear Ilona,
Thanks for you letter. I have got 3 of the “Beaatles” records at home including, “I Want to Hold Your Hand. I’ve enclosed a picture of the Beatles (the best I’ve got.) We can get books on the Beatles in England can you in America? Which of the Beatles do you like best? I like Paul. Ringo plays the drums, George is lead guitat, & Paul & John both sing.
My birthday was on January 19th. When is yours? I wrote to my Swedish penpal & the letter was returned saying that none lived at that address so I didn’t write anymore. My other two penpals are American. Would you like to write to them?
On a television Programme lately we saw a but if Detroit from film cameras in America. It was about the traffic problem!!
Must close now,
Write soon, Jenny
P.S. Thanks so much for the lovely photograph. I’ll try & send you one of me. I think Teddy is lovely.


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