Nov 20 – 22 Pen Friends and Kennedy Died

Nov 20 We have a cat. Having trouble with Biddle and Juilians. So far it seems to be ours. It gets along with Teddy just fine.

Nov 21 7 pen-pals –
Canada – Joy Hopkins
England – Jenny Dean
Poland – Anna Ur.
Nigeria – ??(Not sure)
Aus – Linda Stevens
South Dakota – Jean Brandt, Nancy Brown
Indonesia – Ay hi —-

Nov 22 The President, John Fritzgerld Kennedy died. He was shot in the head and someplace else. (See Scrapbook)
I was in Math when it was announced on the P.A. Many girls were crying. It was in gym that they said he was dead. I just can’t believe it. It seems like a dream; not true. Mommy cried, or almost did. I didn’t cry cause it didn’t seem true.

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