Aug 17 – Aug 29 Summer Ends with a Book

Aug 17 I finished “Burma Rifles”. I thought it would be nice if I read “Little Men”. So I did.

Aug 18 todays Beany’s birthday. She got a record, Andy Williams, and $10 from Aunt Herta and Uncle Vladas.

Aug 22 Karen made a tent in her yard. We going. to sleep in it tonight. Played a game, rather part of a game, of Monopoly. Stayed up till about 1;30 a.m.

Aug 23 We got up about 10:00.
I finished “Little Men” and started “Triumph Clear” by Beim.

Aug 24 I stayed up last night till about 2:00.Ddurning that time I finished “Triumph Clear” and started “Castle on the Border” by Benary Isbert. Its a German book.

Aug 28 today Beany Sally and I went downtown to see Cleopatia. We had intended  to see how the west was one, but we couldn’t get 2 seats together. Cleopatra is 4 hours long. Starring is Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, Rex Harrison and Rowdy McDowall

Aug 27 today Karen and I rode down to 7 mile. While we were there we went to Schultz’s. Then we went to Evergreen, took Evergreen to 6 mile, went up a side street to Grand River, and drove home.

Aug 29 Karen and I rode to Aunt Marie’s. Nobody was home we we rode back home.
Finished “Castle on the border”. then started reading “Jo’s boys” by Alcott.

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