Aug 11 – 16 Movies and Readings, More

We went to the German day. I won a orchad colored hat. Their were a lot to travel agencies there, so Beany and I collected a lot of folders on Germany. I had two hot dogs and three bottles of pop.

Daddy gave Beany and 2 dollars to spend. I spend 95¢ on a pen. somehow I spent 3 dollars.

Aug 12 Yesterday I finished “Heir of Kiloran” and started “Spy for the Confederacy by Nolan.

Aslo yesterday we saw Vera Cruz on sunday night movie. Starring in it was Burt Lancaster, & Gary Copper. Very Good. Tonight on Monday night at the movies we saw April Love with Pat Boone. Lousy.

Aug 13 I finished my book, and started a new one, “War beneath the sea” by Frank Bonham.

I’m teaching Chrisy and Burnice to walk on stils.

Aug 14 I finished “War beneath the sea”. It was a vey good book about world War II in the Pacific. I have another book by Bonham, “Burma Rifles”. I started that one today.

I wrote on scratch paper a letter to Jennifer Dean.

Aug 15 Tonight Beany Sally Karen and I went to the Redford to see The Thrill of it all with Doris Day & James Gardner also The Miracle Worker with Patty Duke.

Aug 16 Karen stayed overnight. This after noon we buildt a tent. We stayed up and watched shock.


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