Aug 6 – 10

Aug 6 Karen and I set up our swimming pool. Got in for awhile.
Yesterday I got out my stilts. Karen got hers.
Didn’t do much else.

Aug 7 I finished “Submarine Wolfpack” by Hardy. Then started “Pirate Queen” by Meyer.
I went in the swimming pool. The temperature was up to 92 degrees.
Mommy’s canning cherries. For dinner we had cherrie soup. It was good.

Aug 8 I went swimming in my pool, didn’t do much else.
Beany and I watched Allan Sherman on the Tonight Show. His guest starts were Phillys Diller, Robert Stack, and a very funny hairdresser.

Aug 9 Karen stayed overnight tonight. At about 7:30 we went to the library. I stopped reading “Pirate Queen”. So I started reading “Heir of Kiloran”. Karen and I stayed up till 3;30 A.M. We slept on the couch/bed. We both got on the end and it tipped over! Funny. I threw Karen’s pillow and cover all over the basement, in the cark. It was a riot.

Aug 10 We got up at 12:00. Now I’m staying over night at Karen’s. We’re going to bed at about 3;30. Had some pizza, Faygo Rock’n’Rye, chips taters, and 1 whole ice cream cone.
We stayed up till 2;30. It was all right.

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