More News from The Frigid Great Plains

N. Brown, Rt 2 Box 160, Milbank S.D.
Dec 23,, 1963
Dear Ilona,
There are 9 pupils in our school, and 1 teacher. We have half hour recess an 45 minutes at noon.
The temperature has gotten to 20 below. One Sunday it was snowing so hard, it was like a blizzard.
Last Friday we had our Christmas Party at school. I got a black & white stretch headband.
Tonight we opened gifts at our place I got this stationery from my my great grandmother, I got other things from different people. Tommorrow night we open more gifts and then more Christmas morning.
Do you have and Great Grandparents? I have 2 Great Grandmother’s & 1 Great Grandfather. I have 2 grandfathers and 2 grandmothers.
A week ago last Thursday I got glasses. I only have to wear them for reading and studing. Do you wear glasses?
If you want to know why my writing is so jigglely my brother got a model boat and he’s working on it at the same time that I’m writing and at the same table. If I spell words wrong it’s probably because its 9:40p.m.
Are you having Christmas dinner at your house? We are not we are going to the neighbors.
Love Nancy


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