Beatles Discovered

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, Bishopsteignton Nr. Teignmouth S. Devon ENGLAND.
Nov 1963
Dear Ilona,
I’m so sorry I haven’t written sooner. I would like to exchange postcard with you very much.
Have you heard of the “BEATLES”? I think their fabulous. At the moment they are in America. Have you seen them? I have got one of their records! I’m playing it at the moment and its absolutely fab. I would like to trade stamps with you but I’ll have to sort them out first.
On Tuesday I’m going babysitting with one of my girlfriends. There are 4 kids so I am wondering whether they will set her any booby traps!! She says they are very good (she hopes). I’m going to stay the night with her too.
Jersey is a little island off England. It is only 60 mls, round. I hope you will have a smashing time in the airplane.
Isn’t it awful about Mr. Kennedy? I really still can’t believe it, can you? Nobody else in England can believe is either!
We can pick our classes when we are older. Do you learn Latin? We do and I can’t stand it. We also learn French, too. Do you?
I can’t think of anything else to say.
Write soon, Jenny
P.S. Hope you see the “BEATLES”, their fabulous!!

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