July 23 – 29 More summer reading and pool time

Jelly 23 My blisters went down. I started peal some skin off, but it got to sore.
I finished “Midshipman Quinn” by Styles, started “Born the Proud” by Polland. “Midshipman Quinn” is a good book.

July 24 I went to the Redford with Karen Bernice and Christine. We saw Curse of the faceless man & The Last Days of Pompie. Bernice started crying at the first movie. The second one, I thought was rather funny.
I finished “Born the Proud” and started “Three Golden Nobles” by Price

July 25 Karen stayed overnight. We slept in the basement. Went to bed at about 12.30. Started watching a movie then went to the basement to read. This morning I was at Dials and played in their pool

July 26 I finished “Three golden Nobles” by Christine Price. I then started “The Sword of Ganelon” by Parker. Karen and I were in the pool. We each had a hat, book, sunglasses, and pop. We sat in an innertube. After a while we got out. The kids were splashing to much.

July 27 Todays Christine Julians birthday. She got a frog and a compass. she got some other things to.

July 28 I went to church with Beany. I wore my good shoes and got a blister on each of my little toes.

July 29 I went to the library today with Karen. I got eight books and three Vogue magazines.
Karens going to get a library card.
I watched Steve Alan. Peter Paul and Mary were on. They sang Puff, the magic dragon, and If I had a hammer.



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