Australia Beckons with 80°

Miss L. Stephens, Beverley Hall, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, Australia
October 26, 1963 & November 15, 1963
Dear Ilona,
My parents & I have just arrived home from visiting some friends. The weather here has been fantastic lately. Today it was 80°. Just right for surfing. Do you get much swimming up in your neck of the woods? We do, that explains my enthusiasm.
Do you have any boy-friends? How many other pen-pals have you? I have 3. One in Canada, one in England and one in you named it – Indonesia.
This letter I am in an inquisitive mood! I presume you ice skate. Am I right. Also, are your great aunt & uncle German?
Our exams start tomorrow week so I’m studying madly. Well, since I wrote that sentence, about 2 weeks have passed! I hope you’ll forgive me. The exams were O.K. – not bad, but not good either.
At the moment I am sitting in a lounge chair at an apartment that we own in Northwood, a suburb of Sydney on the North Shore. It has a beautiful view over the Lane Cover River. Tomorrow (Sunday 16th Nov.) I hope to go swimming in the pool here, but since I started the letter the temperature has been steadily decreasing. I only hope it is fine. This season, I am going all out for swimming and plan to train every possible moment, because last season I hardly did any.
I went to a fantastic party the other night. It was a riot! And do my legs know it! We were dancing almost non-stop from about 5pm till 10pm. It mightn’t sound long, but you try it after you have swam 20 laps of an Olympic pool! Wow.
Nothing much has been happening down here, although I hope to go sailing tomorrow. Its very handy living near a river. I suppose I should explain. I live at Elizabeth Bay (which is on the water) but my family and I spend the week-ends here at Northwood which I explained before was on a river. Have you got it? Good.
Do you like music. I do At the moment I am listening to the radio so if the pen goes up and down, I do hope you understand.
This year has simply flown, here it is just 5 weeks to Christmas. Imagine it, shops hectic with Christmas shoppers. Have you any brothers & sisters> I have – one sister older & two brothers younger. Any pets? We have two cats.
I seem to have run out of things to say, so I’ll say goo bye & look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours Truly,
Linda Stephens
P.S. If some questions you asked are not answered, its because I haven’t your letter with me, but I will answer them next time.
P.P.S. Please send a photo, soon

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