Nine Pupils in South Dakota School

Milbank, S. Dak.
Nov 26, 1963
Dear Ilona,
I am in school now. I am done with my school work, so I decided to write you a letter. It is about 3:00. We get out of school at 3:30. What time do you get out?
The school nurse has her office in town and then she comes to our country schools and checks us. She has just been out here. There are only nine pupils in our school, so it doesn’t take long. How many are their in your school? How many are there in your class?
What grades do you get in school? I get mostly “A’ & “b”. What is your teacher’s name? Mine is Mrs. Selma Moldenhaurer. She is a grandmother. She has about 7 grandchildren.
No, I do not have any other penpals, but my mother thought it would be nice if I got some more penpals.
My birthday is July 1. How old will you be on your birthday, you know of course that I will be 13.
Yesterday we had a lot of fun we went ice skating on our creek.
We only have 2 days this week of school. We get Thanksgiving off, and we had Monday off because of the funeral of President Kennedy. We also get the Friday after Thanksgiving off. How many days do you have off this week?
When do you get your pictures taken? We don’t get ours taken this year. Please do try to send a picture. I am anxious to see your picture.
What subjects to you like best in school? My favorites are spelling & arithmetic.
What sports to you like best? My favorites is softball,
In school we take turns fixing up a bulletin board with current events. When I was putting my things up this morning I poked a tack way in my knee, the top was even with my slacks and it really did hurt.
Please try to write as soon as possible, because I enjoy getting letters.
Your friend, Nancy
P.S. I had to use different paper because I started it at school & I finished it at home. And I don’t have the exact paper at home.
I have the letter folded in disorder, so you can figure it out by the numbers at the top of each page.


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