Nancy Fesses Up to Knowing Jean

Rt. 2 Box 160
Milbank S. Dak 57252
Oct. 22, 1963
Dear Ilona,
I am real happy that you wrote. For awhile I thought you weren’t going to write.
In my first letter I forgot to tell you what I look like. I am 5 ft. 3 in, I have blond hair, blue eyes and I weigh 105 lb.
My mother work sometimes. She sells trichem paint (in tubes.) She has parties for that. Different ladies invite people (women) to their homes.
Do you know a girl named Jean Brandt? She and I go to school together. We have Reading, Arithmetic, Language, Social Studies, Science, Spelling, art, and we are going to start civics pretty soon.
My brother was in the hospital all last week. He had his apentics out. (If I didn’t spell apentics right please excuse me).
The only instrument I play is the piano. When I get in High School I want to play the clarinet.
Do you have a roller skating riks? We do. I go the first Monday of every month.
Yours Truly
Nancy Brown

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