Aha! South Dakota Jean Knows Nancy

R1-Box 109
Twin Brooks, So. Dak.
Oct. 1963
last week new
Dear Ilona,
I am fine. The magazinis I by ar family Circle and womans Day. The both have delishes dishes in them.
I don’t have any classes rooms just stay in one room all Day. And I don’t have any choice in subjects until I am in firth year of High school be cause I go to a country school. But I take Art on Fridays Lang evey day of the week history So. So, reading science everyday of the week. I don’t get it when are you going in to the ninth grade don’t you you go in to it next fall?
I WENT ON MY VACTION LAST SUMMER TO MY AUNT AND UNCLE THREE DOWN BY THE Minn. Border and I went and stayed with some friends
I don’t go to many moves because I live so far away only about 15 miles, I went to girls, girls, girls and I thought it was pretty great.
Oh be fore I forget it yes I know Nancy Brown.
I rode my Bike three miles to school this week that is just one way 6 miles all to geather.
Mom sent form soom bakey sweaters one gold and one white a plade dress and a coot and a slip I love them all there piety. Do you have a record player? I have.
When do you gradnat? Do you go to school year round?
Our tV. Doesn’t wook we got our R.h. back a few day ago
When is your birthday?
Yours truly
today Oct 5, 1963
I’m fine. I hope you are fine. Do you have School year round?
I mixed up cookies and cake this morning. It is a little windy hear. The leaves have turned color.
No. I don’t get to pick my on subjects I am required Art., Science, Socil Sutdes, Art, reading, history.
Yes Nancy Brown is My girlfriend. If you can write would you She is expecting you to write.
Do you have a record player?
No I don’t go to many moves I was the only one to go on some vadions.
I’ll send a picture in my next picture Sorry I cant make this little long but I’m so busy this morning
I’ll make up for it in my next letter
Yours truly
P.S. Do you listen to the ridio very much? Hope to here from you soon.

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