Are English Children Naturally Better Spoken

“Cross Gate”
Shute Hill,
Nr. Teignmouth
S. Devon

September, 14th
Dear Ilona,
Thank you for your beautifully typed letter. I am going back to school on September 19th, so I won’t be able to write to you so often.
After our holiday in Yorkshire I received 3 “Airmail Letters”. So I have now 3 American penfriends & 1 Swedish pen-pal including you. Do you speak of yourself as an American or a German?
It was kind of you to send me that postcard so I have enclosed this one of when we wnt to visit York (which is a city) There is a wall all the way round it and huge gates. Whilst we were there we went to York museum, which was very nice. There was an underground street off about 200 or 300 yrs. ago. In the street were 2 stuffed horses each buckled on to a carriage with a driver. There was a police station down the (which was very old), and, also there was a candle makers shop were candles which were meant to be hanging up to get dry. My brother thought they were sausages!!!!!! There was a stuffed cow with other farm things (old ploughs etc.) We were all looking at it, that we didn’t notice a man behind us. He made a terrific moo-moo that we thought it was the stuffed cow. It did give us a fright!!
Have you ever been abroad? If so, – where? I have only been to Jersey. Have you ever heard of Jersey?
It really has been wonderful weather in Devon for the past 6 days, even though it is very near winter.
I bought myself a souvenir (sorry about spelling) from Harrogate or rather Dad bought me it. As you may know I collect foreign dolls and Dad bought me a Doll to go with them, & it is very sweet.
Must close now.
P.S. Hope you will write soon.
P.P.S. Give a pat for Teddy (is that his name?) from me – please. Sorry the card had to be folded!

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