Poland Girl Very Formal – She Explains

Warsaw, Poland
Sept 1963
Dear Ilona.
Thank you very much for Your letter and excuse me for delay in my answer. I must tell You truth, that all my letters to You translate on English my father. But I learn English also, and I suppose that in the nearest future I will write to You without and help of my Daddy.
I have not any sister or brother in my family. My father was born in Lwow (Lemberg), my Mother in Warsaw and me in Wroclaw (Breslau). My oncle who live not in Wroclaw is a professor of German language on the Wroclaw university.
Thus You know all about my family.
Now a few words aboud my school. I am attending to fifth class and I got new scholar books. It is important because we have a new program I will learn twelve years but my friends who are in older stages will learn only eleven years.
My books are very nice with pictures in beautiful colours. I am very curious what are your books. If You agree I send you Polish book.
In my school I learn exept English also Russian. In this letter I send You a few postcards. They are from Warsaw and I don’t need give you informations because on the rear side of the cards there are English explanations.
Thank you for Your postcard. Really Detroit is very beautiful at night and I know a little Your city from books that I read.
That’s all for present. Please write to me again.
Your sincerly
Kind regards to Your parents and sister.

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