Very Busy in Vernon, British Colombia

2505 -27 St.
Vernon, B.C.
Thur. Aug.29

Dear Ilona,
Thank you so very much for your letter. I like people that write interesting, lenghthy letters. I am beginning to think that I write to too many people, because I can’t remember what I’ve said already, in my letters. So please excuse me if I ask the same questions. Now I have a system of carbon copy imprints and hope it won’t happen again. I write to about five older couples, many cousins, aunts and uncles, and numerous penpals and close friends that I have met.
I am very happy that you enjoy music. I was born musical., I think, and have much to tell you about my musical background.

P.S.      We are getting company for dinner to night so I have to help Moms.

Sat. Aug. 31
Hi! From a two day break! Yesterday I went to see Walt disney’s show the Miracle of the white Stallians. Have you seen it? I didn’t think it was as good as others – like “In search of the Castaways”. Or “Pollyanna”, Parent Trap” & “Swiss Family Robinson.”
Now back to music. Yes I do play lots of instruments – er-not very good though! I play piano at home; in elementary school – the flutophone, autoharp. Now at Junior High – I take band. I am in the percussion section, which includes a great variety of rhythmetic things. Here are some of them. Drums – (snare, tenor, bass, timpani), glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba. I’ll tell you more later. I got to go again! Too busy!

Mon. Sept 1/63!

Boy am I ever busy! Yesterday we had a farewell party at O.K. Lake for one of our square dancers. It was lots of fun and lots of kids! This morning I went horse back riding at a friend’s. He’s a real “duck,” but he’s pretty nice once you get to know him. I love horses. Do you? That adds number 4 to my lists of things that I love. Boys, babies, dogs & horses! Have you got any foreign stamps? I have started a collection, but it’s not much to speak of! I also caollect pennants from different cities I’ve been to. I sure am looking forward to be going to school tomorrow, (grade 9). New teachers & all. I am telling you, you just about die of suspense to find out who is in your class! What kind of dog is Teddy? I bet he’s cute! I’ll have to sent you a picture of Penny. I took a few snaps of her but they’re still in the camera!
Yes my parents were born in Canada. Dad in Victoria, and Mom is Manitoba (near Winnipeg). I was born in Vernon in 1948. Dec. 14 to be exact. When is your birthday?
No brothers and sisters. I wish Richard Chamberlain was my big brother. I just flip when I see him play Dr. Kildare. He plays his part so well. Don’t you think? I would like to tradepictures of your favorite stars with uou, would you? I have lots of “Dick”. I like movie books better than comic books!
My Dad is an assistant accountant for a Ford Motor Company in Vernon.
What church do you go to?
I am quite German myself, you know. I can speak a little bit but not write. My maternal grandparents were born around there, too, and my grandmother lied with us till two years ago. ) She died.) My other grandparents and grandfather died before I was born. My full name is Joy Mary Anne Hopkins. My mother’s is Gerda and my father’s is Eric John! My dog’s is Sunnyvale’s Gold Penny, and my cat is Puffy!
I will be more “busier” when school comes but I write letters in study periods. So ‘bye for now.

All my love, Joy

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