July 16-22 At Least a Beach Trip

16       Went to the library with Lynn Deidrich. I stopped at Hinkles and got some mixed green yarn for a shawl. Nattie has to have a special order made for her yarn.

17       I finished the Three Mussketeers by Dumas. I then started Turn around twice by Oglivie. The shaw I’m making is 30 stiches long. I do one row knit & one row pearl. Nattie finished the back to her sweater.
I think that I am started to get my days.

18       I finished the book Turn around twice by Oglive. I then started Midshipman Quinn.
Karen came home from her vacation.

19       Karen and I went to the Mai Kai to see the longest day. It was good. I might buy a recording of the theme song.
Later about 7:00 o’clock I got my things and went to Dails to spend the night there. We went to be about one o’clock
Karen has this paint like pen in red and green and with it we painted this on pillow cases

20       We got up about 10:30. We went up Redford to loft around. We each had a cake. Today there was an eclipse. I missed it.
Todays Diane Hauptmann’s birthday Barbara took some chocolate out of my purse. Steal. Nattie got Diane a pair of pants & blouse and sheap ring.

21       Today we went to Point Pelee. Daddy, Mommy Nattie, me and Beany’s firlfriend Sally. Dillners, Hauptmans and Misumers were there. I got a very bad sunburn. We played ball, floated on rafts. After we got home we each had corn. Mom Dad Nattie and I. Two ears each

22       I getting blisters on my face. I hope it doesn’t get serious.
Karen and I went up Redford to see up the Record Shop had the record The Longest Day. They didn’t have it. We went to Woolworth’s and had a milk shake. 30 cents + tax 31 cents

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