July 10-15 Summer Fun?

10       I got up at 8:00 o’clock to go cherry picking with friends. No cherrys. Came back home. At 12:00 oclock Kathy McGlue and I went to the movie to see A gathering of eagles with Rock Hudson and Rod Taylor. Also Mystery Submarine. I have to pay adult price – 90 cents.
They were lousy Lynn & Barb Laforest Martha Shurmers and Dede Laphem were there. Every time Kathy and I went up or down the isle Dede whistled at us. I gave them the thumbs down with you. Later I played with Ronnie & Kathy. Pottsie was over. She had supper with us.

11       Visited Hinkles – Dusty & Pepper. Played monopoly with Karen. Ronnie went home this morning.
Finished The Mutineers, started Shadows on the Moor.

12       Today, they are fixing the sidewalks on Beaverland. We have 3 ½ pieces. By mistake they broke another piece. They are doing that one free
Went and saw Dusty.
Later about 6:00 o’clock Karen and I went up Redford to Hinkles. I got to skeins of yarn and a pair of knitting needles.

13       Mommy and daddy went away today. Renee went to see Bye Bye Birde with Dennis. I got to stay home. So Karen came over. Earlier today, We, Karen and I went to Hinkles to get some yarn. We knitted, have some pop. We had a blast.
I finished Shadows on the Moor by McLelland.

14       Yesterday I started reading The three Musketeers by Dumas.
Today we planned to go to Point Pelee. It rained. So we just stayed home. Kathy and Karen came over.
Renee and Sally went to see Mutiny on the Bounty. Boy am I mad at her. She knew that I really wanted to see it and just forgets about trying to get me in.

15       I went to Hinkles with Karen and got a one ounce skein of yarn. I decided to make it a pillow case. I finished it this evening. Karen finished her shaw. Its ok. Renees going to knit her self a sweater. The color is a sort of dark red.

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